Book Review - The Science of Superheroes (may contain spoilers)

In terms of science 9 years is a lot.  If you think back 9 years ago and think of things which weren't discovered or invented yet you would be surprised by how much is missing.  In terms of comic book science 9 years is nothing, especially in terms of what real world science has to catch up to.  After all in the 1940s Starman had invented the cosmic rod, and AirWave was using roller skates which would allow him to skate along power lines at the speed of electricity.  So while most books on science from a decade ago may seem like quaint tomes filled with obsolete anecdotes, "The Science of Superheroes" has some lasting power because it is not so much trying to explain the present but the future.   
The book deals with a lot of relevant scientific topics and ones which are often still in debate today - questions about evolution and cloning, whether we are alone in the universe and even time travel.  Some possible real world solutions to heroes are presented, including one about a theoretical white hole (the opposite of a black hole) which has never actually been documented or observed.  Some heroes are completely debunked, they just simply defy what to expect from the real world.  I was pleased to see once (I believe it was an issue of Ultimate Avengers) where Hank Pym actually makes mention of the Squared Cubed Law, as though the writer had read this book.  The real world comic book character that gets it right the most?  I won't tell you (if you are really interested you could PM me I guess) but suffice to say I don't think you would ever guess, but after reading the explanation you might be tempted to go pick up some volumes you might not have seen since your childhood (its not Archie Jughead,, Betty or Veronica by the way.)   

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"Also on an unrelated note, at the moment the exhaustive database which is ComicVine at the moment doesn't accommodate books about comics.  If you feel this should change send your favourite moderator a PM to let them know.   "

Please don't.  Believe it or not, we humble Moderators don't have the final word in what is & isn't allowable.  So spamming us with PMs wont help your cause. 
As it is, I personally wouldn't object to books about comics being allowable.  It would be interesting to see more members reactions & reviews to books like 'The Science Of The X-Men'.  That way other members can decide on whether to buy it or not based on the feedback of others.
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@xerox-kitty: Ok I removed that part from the blog post.  Anyone better to talk to about this?  Or some all powerful individual who can make a change?