Blue Legs

It should not really come as a surprise to anyone that I am a fan of tights and pantyhose.  Most of the people that I talk to online here get this fact out of me eventually, plus there is the fact that I do occasionally blog about the representation of these in comics (having done so previously about an hour ago.)  To say that I am a fan though is not entirely correct, I like wearing what would be known as fashion tights, that being pantyhose or tights with interesting patterns or different colours than what one would expect.  Generally speaking the wearing of regular black pantyhose has gone somewhat out of style, or at least become far less regular than it used to be (that is to say that I still still women walking around with black on their legs, just not nearly as often as apparently used to be popular.)  What caught my eye though was when I was reading old romance issues this past weekend (including some Lois Lane) where it seems as though every female character is wearing a light blue colour of pantyhose.  I am aware that even light blue used to be a popular colour for pantyhose at one point, but never as popular as what these issues would indicate.  It eventually occurred to me that in fact this colour is meant to be black.  After when wearing black pantyhose over white coloured skin, the end result is not really black anymore, and there is a blueish element to it.  In terms of representing this on a woman though it must have been easier to simply go for a matter blue look and assume that the readers knew the difference.  As something of an anachronism both in terms of fashion and colouring it took me a few issues to figure that out, but now that I have, it is an interesting though small bit of comic history especially as to how comic relate to popular culture.   

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