Bleez and Fatality - Best Friends Forever?

As a female reader of comics, I am naturally drawn more towards female characters as they give me far more to relate to than male characters do.  In terms of the cosmic setting, I feel that it gives me a sense of escapism that is above that of regular comics, as it is a place which is out of the reach of modern day humans and thus the possibilities for stories exist far beyond that what we can observe in the universe.  Both of these factors led me to love the pre-new 52 Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, as they featured a revitalized Carol Ferris and Soranik Natu, in addition to a lot of other not as prominent female character like Miri Riam, Fatality, Bleez, Arisia and Iolande.  Since the reboot (and I know I have bemoaned this before) this female presence is all but gone.  Thus far we have seen Carol as a Star Sapphire for about three panels after which she disappeared and Soranik, Arisia, Miri Riam and Iolande have been no shows.  This leaves mostly Fatality and Bleez as the most prominent members of the space based DC adventures.  To be sure Bleez has been getting more of the spotlight as she is featured in two series whereas Fatality is featured only in one.  What I think is the problem though is that the writers of these series don't know how to properly deal with the female characters in the respective series (which is surprisingly true even of Johns, though he seems to be deep into his own plots with Sinestro and Hal.)  In the most recent Red Lanterns Fatality is in the process seemingly of converting Bleez to a Star Sapphire, but is this somewhat of a natural endpoint given the secondary role that female characters have been given in the new 52 cosmic stories after having been front and center before?  That the only two female characters end up on the same side and mostly marginalized?  
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Posted by jrock85

It looks like Carol and Atrocitus will replace Bleez and Fatality in New Guardians this September. If so, then I probably won't be buying this title anymore. During that altercation in Red Lanterns #11, it appeared that Bleez and Fatality developed a mutual sympathy and understanding after sharing their life stories with each other. Really interested in seeing how this plays out.

Posted by RazzaTazz
@jrock85: Carol and Atrocitus sounds pretty good to me.  At least the Carol part.  
Posted by jrock85

@RazzaTazz said:

@jrock85: Carol and Atrocitus sounds pretty good to me. At least the Carol part.

I don't like it. :(

Posted by Joygirl

I will probably have a tough time struggling through this title with Bleez gone, she is why I read it.

As for her and Fatality... there is so much les yay between those two it is crazy.