Black Friday Shoe Shopping Guide for Comic Book Women

Well, we don't get Black Friday in Canada, but I thought I might highlight this because I thought it was so ridiculous.  It is from a panel in the most recent Invincible Iron Man in which a woman wears some clothing to make her more attractive to passing Tony Stark.  It is a common enough ploy in fiction so it is not strange to see.  What was strange to see was the height of her high heels:  

The one on her right foot is partially obscured, but the one on her left foot is pretty visible.  Of course there is no frame of reference really for the height of that heel, but based on an average foot size, that heel is about around 8 inches I would say.  I don't mean to insert too much science into this argument (mostly because physics is not my strong point) but based on simple geometry, the height of the heel increases the angle of the hypotenuse (because for these purposes a high heel can be considered to be a right triangle.)  this would all go to create a situation in which she would not be able to stand.   
But she is able to stand, in almost the next panel she is shown standing up and actually quite comfortably.  I am not an expert on high heels, but I do wear them, and I know how I look in them, and from the next panel I can say that she would be wearing something more like a 3 or maybe 4 inch heel.  Of course there is some aspect of being a comic here, that of course comics highlight certain features, including male features as much as female features.  On the other hand we don't usually see this in their fashion choices and having such a radical change from panel to panel.  What this pretty much represents is the artist's attempt to draw as an attractive a woman as he could between two panels even though the woman in question is in completely different poses and thus needs to have two different types of footwear, but both of which highlight her sexiness as much as possible.  And aside from the practical aspect like walking or even standing I wouldn't want to try driving wearing such things, that would also be nearly impossible.   
So long story short if you are out there today fighting the masses for a great holiday bargain, and if that special comic someone is on your list, just make sure to buy her the shoes which would never actually be possible.  

Cute article. I had a bit of a giggle at the Captain Obvious statement coming from the car driver as well (I read this issue but can't remember it).

Nothing silly to add from me on this one, it pretty much has it all. Thank you for the creative and unique article to make me smile.

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I enjoyed this blog.  
I agree with CATPANEXE about the driver, that was pretty funny. 

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I can't believe Tony would fall for that outfit ;)

Great blog as always Razz.

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I'm from Canada too, cool beans :)

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Sorry you have to live in Canada.

Pffft, you just need to be better at wearing high heels. Impossible? Practice.

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On a film one time I sent the production coordinator on an emergency run for "the highest heels you can find" - I shouldn't have said that - he came back with a pair that looks a lot like that first pic - the toes would have to point almost straight down. Needless to say, the actress ended up doing the scene barefoot... but such shoes do exist.

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@etragedy: Yes of course but as you say they are not functional
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heels that size would arch the foot dramatically and possibly cause tendon hurting, to counter-balance such she or he if they like to wear heels too would need a platform to make the shoe more walkable :-)

also, how does tony know thats a genetic female and not a very convincing male-to-female transsexual or sexy-ass drag queen/transvestite? huh huh? lol