Battle of the Thigh-Highs

It has been a while since I have run my own battle between inanimate objects and I thought that maybe it was time again.  The majority of these have focused on fashion I suppose (chokers, fishnets) and so will this one.  This is being influenced somewhat by my some of those in my choice of reading this past week, namely Franknstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and Demon Knights.  When DC relaunched itself into the new 52 there was a rumour going around that Jim Lee was more interested in covering up the female characters and thus giving a touch more of reality.  This was implemented to varying degrees, it worked well with Black Canary or Fire for instance, but not so much with Starfire.  Beforehand Starfire was at the heart of the debate but more so was Wonder Woman, who fans were wondering if she would have her pants from the post-issue 600 redesign or if she would go back to something more like the original costume.  It is of course now obvious which way they went, but in the choices for the Bride and the Horsewoman they instead went with thigh high boots (though to be fair with the Horsewoman these are my part of her riding paraphernalia).  These have been around for a long time, going back at least as far as some of Emma Frost's earliest appearances (and later as part of one of Catwoman's costumes)  but it seems to me as if they are becoming more popular as something to draw onto women.  It is not only there but also for instance in Carol Ferris's redesigned Star Sapphire uniform (though this does go back to before the new 52.)   While the look does cover up a lot more it still leaves less to the imagination at times as well, but I wonder if it is something will continue or just another fad.  
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Bleez rocks thigh-highs like nobody else.

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Thigh Highs: They look good on powerful heroine! They don't look good on anyone else....


Its that thing were when more skin is covered on a female, its sexier.