Battle of the Patchworks

I meant to touch on this last week as it pertained to last week’s releases and not this week’s, but I kept pushing to further and further back to the point where this week’s issues will take precedence over any discussions.   I am also not very good at battles, my previous two (battle of the fishnets and battle of the strip clubs) failed to produce an obvious winner.   Here though I thought I would touch on the same theme looked at from very different lenses in reference to last week’s issues of Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. and Detective Comics.   In both cases the story revolves around a patchwork like creature, but in reality the characters are somewhat different.   The first is Frankenstein, either the actual Mary Shelley character, or a related version thereof, a creation built off of galvanism and artificial life.   The other is the Dollmaker, who creates a living patchwork on his victims by removing parts of their bodies (seemingly including accomplices Orifice and Matilda.)   Really in comparing the two all that is left is the common link of horror, both from a different era.   In terms of horror though it is evident how much of a change there has been in context since the early days of horror.   Really the most telling change has been what is shown on screen to what is shown off screen.   The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, considered by most to be the first horror movie relied on tense atmosphere and strange settings.   Later the Bride of Frankenstein relied on the concept of technological horror (and funny hair) to terrorize audiences.   With the advent in the 1980s of basically showing everything which is happening in terms of gore has invariably led to films such as Saw where the more complex horror is seen as the hallmark of success.   In terms of these two patchworks they therefore represent horror aspects from two different time frames.   In terms of context I like my horror off screen and to rest in my mind where it is much more terrifying than anything I see.   As such I am prone to side with Frankenstein here, even if the context of his series is a lot lighter.      

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Posted by SC

Hey, your great with battles. No definitive, or obvious winner doesn't necessarily mean lack of quality, in fact the opposite can be true. *grin*  
I like patchwork characters. I agree with your taste in horror and what is terrifying. Imagination is a powerful tool How its applied is various. I also side with Frank. Cool blog.