An unexpected intersection of my weird wiki projects

Pretty much ever since day one on this site I have been involved in some weird wiki projects. Weird is maybe not the best word, but it is accurate enough. One of the first big ones that I worked on was Wonder Women of History, the backup feature which ran in early Wonder Woman comics and which detailed the amazing lives of real life women. Later after I finished that I moved on to Giants of the Telescope, a similar feature in Mystery in Space detailing the accomplishments of astronomers. I am not usually one to blog about wiki editing, because I think it works better as edited material as opposed to talking about it, but I did reach a weird intersection today with these two. One of the projects that I had always been meaning to do was to document the issues which Roy Lichtenstein had used to get inspiration for his paintings. After searching google images today for pictures of lipstick (another weird wiki project) I ran across some of Lichtenstein inspired lipstick paintings and I figured the time was now! I didn't expect though that Roy Lichtenstein might have borrowed material from issues where there were features for Wonder Women of History or Giants of the Telescope, but he had. They were Wonder Woman #25 and Mystery in Space #55. There is a bit of confusion as Lichtenstein never actually gave credit to those that he copied (or emulated depending on the perspective) and the list I have of Lichtenstein related issues comes from an art historian, but it is interesting to see two separate streams of comic history intersect like that.

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Posted by Delphic

Interesting, you learn something new everyday