Alanna Strange, Warrior of Rann

I was reading through a bit of old DC comics on the weekend (Mystery in Space) as well as some newer Dejah Thoris comics, then I noticed a thread in the forums asking what people's opinions are for the next wave of the new 52.  It occurred to me as it has in the past that a lot of what DC has been doing is to cover off lost genres which have not really been touched upon recently, as well as maybe copying some other popular genres as of late (as Sword of Sorcery might be copying the premise of Wonderland even though Amethyst is older.)  Anyway the combination of it all kind of gave me the idea of a potential future world of reinventing the Strange (Adam and Alanna) except in a more gritty Burroughs like  setting, as opposed to the somewhat blank slate that they have generally had on Rann.  This is purely speculative, but it would be nice to see the return of DC to a cosmic setting, and although the success of Dejah Thoris (or John Carter) is nothing to aspire to perhaps, the two series are still doing relatively well despite being independent titles.  Anyway it was just a thought, as one of DC's silver age damsels-in-distress could be brought back in a much more obvious role.  

Posted by Delphic

That would be kind of interesting. To have something cosmic related in DC that is not tied in with any of the lanterns.

Posted by RazzaTazz
@Delphic: There used to be a lot more, it would be good to incorporate more in, though Hawkman seems to be going the cosmic route, as did Voodoo before they canceled it.  
Posted by JSH92

I wouldn't be surprised if they showed up in the upcoming New 52 Threshold title. It's about cosmic/sci-fi heroes and villains.

Posted by cosmo111687

I'm in favour. :)