A Foreign Corps Member for 2814

For those of you reading Red Lanterns there was the final expected moment at the end of issue 5 where John Moore finally succumbs to his rage and becomes a Red Lantern (by the name of Rancorr.)  This has been alluded to since pretty much the first issue, but his acceptance of a power ring (even a red one) is a strange enough event.  I have written before about the green power rings in sector 2814 having something against female members, even while other sectors do not.  In reality though there is another pretty big discrepancy as well.  It has been mentioned before (during Blackest Night) about why there never were Green Lanterns from Earth previously and then all of a sudden there are four (it had to do with ancient prophecies) but even with this as a decent working explanation for why the power rings never chose representatives from Earth until recently, it does not really cover another  sort of glaring oversight - that power rings accept only people from the USA.  This has been the case with all four contemporary Green Lanterns, as well as with Carol Ferris, the Queen of the Star Sapphires (or the purple lanterns) and Nicole Morrison, the girl chosen as a representative for the Blue Lanterns.  So first the first time ever a ring has chosen a representative from somewhere else on Earth, this time from the "very different" country known as England.  Of course, there is the conflict between real world and comic world, where business decisions tell comic book editors that an American is much more interesting than a foreigner (though some characters don't bear this out) but anyway it is nice to see, if not a little overdue, to see the rings finally looking a little past the borders of the most self-serving location for a bearer.  
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I didn't realize that guy was from England.

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@War Killer: Nicole Morrison kind of was a Blue Lantern
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This guy should have been from Scotland 

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Why not a foreigner? He's still from the right sector.

As to why all previous Green Lanterns from this sector (hell, planet!) have all been from the U.S.?

The answer is obvious.

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England is boring and I only see first world problems coming from this guy. Why can't the ring choose someone with morerage? Like a former soldier of a bloody civil war in Africa or something. We have enough British superheroes.

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@Shotgun: England's not boring and most people only see it that way because of how it's portrayed in American TV and comics ( which is mostly lies )

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I've been wondering about the name change as well. As far as I know, no one else in any other corps changed their name when accepting a ring. Seems like it was an attempt to make him seem cool.

Actually I guess Dex Starr had his name changed from Dexter.

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@htb106 but it's still a pretty mundane setting. Danger and violence in the UK is pretty scarce.

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hang around Camden late on a Saturday night.

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@bennyq: Yes, but I can find the same thing in any other downtown area in any American city, if what you mean is drunken brawling, thugs, petty robberies at knife-point or gun-point, rape, drive-by-shootings...etc. If I wanted thugs, I'll go read Batman and the sh!t that goes down in Gotham.

Now Mexico, that there is a scary place. You can be butchered in the light of day in certain areas and no one can do anything for fear of the cartels.