A couple of romantic scenarios

Just as a followup to my last post, I can show just how easy it is it would be to come up with adult type of relationships and still keep them relevant to the comics.

1. Replay the Persephone myth except with Wonder Woman in place of Persephone. This is sort of a rip-off of my super bio, but it has Hades in his domain, desperate to move on from his position of lord of the underworld. He had chosen a successor, Theseus, who though still living, has been imprisoned on a stone chair in the underworld since ancient times. Theseus' tortured mind will agree to anything to free him of his bonds, and thus becomes the new ruler of the underworld. But just like any man in history who has spent a long time imprisoned, the first thing he wants is to find so female companionship.

Theseus, a one time demi-god and now a fully fledged god, finds Diana to be the most enchanting, with her god given beauty and godlike status. Despite the role he has accepted to play, he is not a malevolent ruler of the underworld, but instead retains the morals and principles which made him a king and a hero.

The two eventually marry, but the two can only be together for short times as mortals are not allowed in the underworld, and the ruler of the underworld is not allowed for long outside either. This would be sort of like a version of the Elizabeth-Will love story from Pirates of the or in a different sense the Rogue-Gambit romance (which is another rare and excellent handling of a relationship which makes the comic better.) This would be a good story arc for a couple of reasons, it could explain why Diana is never interested in men, because she actually is interested in men, one specifically but one she can't be close to. It would also be something of an update on the Greek myths and pantheons, which I feel are too static especially in the DCU. Are we really supposed to believe that these immortals had all this fun around the time of the ancient Greeks but then just stopped trying and just sat in waiting for cable television to be invented?

No of course not, mankind is their cable television and so the infighting and the squabbles will continue among gods, and to show some change would be interesting.

It has also been hinted at in the past that Hades is Diana's father (though this isn't hinted at very often.) Still would be interesting to kind of put a twist on the old rumour.

2. Batman and Catwoman finally make things work, but with unexpected consequences. Batman and Catwoman make up and apologize to one another for having children with other people and everything goes fine until Selena gets pregnant. The baby is healthy but then one day disappears, and not disappears like "we will just get Zatanna to say 'Dnif eht tab ybab!'" or for Superman to use his X-ray vision to scan the entire planet, I mean COMPLETELY GONE! Like no traces whatsoever, through the entire multiverse and throughout all time. Someone knows what the baby represents and who the parents are and wants it for whatever reason. Who has it? Amanda Waller? Chronos? The Anti-Monitor? It doesn't matter because Bruce and Selena are pissed and will do anything to find their child. Dick can keep the cowl for now, Bruce and Selena set off on a worldwide manhunt (err ... babyhunt?). Bruce, whose life goal was to avenge his parents, now wants nothing but to find his child, and his deteriorating physical skills don't matter because it is now more his mind which is important, and it is sharper than ever. This would be a great way to go, and to sort of evolve Batman Inc. which I don't think will last anyway. It would be a combination of the X-Files and The Fugitive, with a little bit of real life Lindbergh baby thrown in.

Kissing with eyes closed means its love, not just attraction
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Thats a rather nifty idea you have for Selina and Bruce, I would really enjoy reading a book like that, however I can't really see DC making a story out of such a concept, well at least not in its main continuity, plus its Batman, people might be annoyed if he doesn't solve this problem within a few days, and another writer will probably bring an future reality version of their child back to the present as an adult. I do genuinely enjoy when his intelligence isn't just hinted at and is demonstrated skillfully by a writer and the plot you present I think would allow many opportune moments to grant such demonstration. I like the twist with allowing his physical body to lose its edge but keeping his mind sharp.  
lol @ the baby kidnapper nominees.  
One last thought, I can't help but think the writer may lack writing Cat Woman well in this type of story. Maybe I lack faith in writers. 

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What comic is that

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You mean the one the images are from?  Catwoman (1st series) #72 and 77, from the No Mans land arc.  
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 I think it would be an excellent evolution of their characters, but you're probably right it would never happen.   Writing Catwoman wouldnt be so hard either, she would not be so much of a pissed of superhero, but a pissed off mother who happens to be a superhero.  She has got to be a pretty decent detective as well, to pull off all the heists she has.    
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@RazzaTazz: Thanks ^_^