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When Razor was born his parents and pack were killed. The porches sold Razor to the Zoo in Queens. 2 months later Razor was very scared when being transported. But on that day a high speed car chase was happening and the criminal slammed into the truck transporting Razor. Razor cage was broken and the doors to the back of the truck were open. Razor escaped and ran away. For 3 nights Razor wandered the streets all alone. Razor was weak and hungry. He finally collapsed while a boy was walking down the ally. That boy name was James. He was secretly the hero named Copy. Razor lay there and Copy ran up to him and hope he was okay. Copy grabbed the pup and took him home with him. The next morning Razor woke up in a strange room. He was no longer outside and he was sleeping next to some person. It was James he was sleeping next too. James woke up and notice the pup still weak and tired. James brought him to one of his Mom's friends at the vet. Richard was a close friend of the family and would keep our secrets. James brought him and Richard examine him and stated that he was sick and needed food and medicine. Richard bought the medicine for him and the food. When James got home, he fed and Gave the pup everything it needed.