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Date: 2012

I'm finding less and less reasons to come here… I only like talking to certain people and not a whole group full of ignorant morons. The 8 users who chose to follow me, 4 of them only did so because they were doing that with everyone they came across. The other 4… one of them I hate and I think the other 2 actually liked and agreed with what I’ve said here... well, I can only hope.

Date: 2014

The only reason to stay here is to edit pages, to correct spelling errors, putting in spaces to get rid of run-on sentences that are a mess of words and deleting incorrect info.

I have to say that I was honored to have been banned from such a poor excuse of a website like giantbomb.com. It's sad that more and more website administers get so easily offended when someone simple has a different opinion and speaks out against them. Since April of 2014, Comic Book Resources.com has zero tolerance for anyone.

John Stossel - Squelching Student Speech

John Stossel - Offensive Speech

Twitter: Criticize Anita... you're GONE!

This has truly become an overly sensitive and easily offended generation who are completely incapable of having any grit, unable to man up, lacking a backbone or growing a pair of balls.