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@G-Man said:

@davidearlhutchinson: Where do you get an idea he's a hater? If you watched that video, you know he brought up several good points. The Death of Superman was not executed in the best way.

Honestly I think he has a fair point, there is very little constructive criticism in any of what has done or said. It is very easy to point out the faults in someone else's work nearly two decades after the event; it's something entirely different when you're working with the assistance of hindsight and can see the project as a whole. Plus the shear language he used, half of the interview was swearing, altogether he came off as a childish young man trying to use shock tactics and trolling other people's work. Let's hope that twenty years down the line the same man can take the criticisms of his work being flawed and outdated.

Although I quite enjoyed Chronicle

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Kevin Smith talked about it in Mallrats in 1995 and Frank Miller in The Dark Knight Returns. It makes sense and I would love to see their offspring to return.

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PLease god no Dick Grayson TV show, Birds of Prey was bad enough

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Great article by G-Man, however I feel he touched on a good point but trailed off. Comics are printed either monthly or bi-monthly (fortnightly for us Brits), main characters like Batman and Superman also has more than one title (maybe 2 or more at a time). If the title was monthly then 300 (600 for bi-monthly) comics were printed over twenty-five years, in five years their are 1825 days (I'm not including leap years). Even if a hero had four running for twenty-five years straight, it still would only reach 1200 comics within that time frame.

This means that all the comics in the past twenty five years can comfortably fit within the five year gap (with some creative admin behind it), for example some story arc’s continue on into the next issue and most are set in the same day or at least the close as (next day or same week). If you take a logical approach and think of every comics more like a daily diary of the heroes lives and affect less by the real time publications.

Yes this format wont fit everything, but it's not as jarring as most perceive it as, because a comic years back catalogue doesn't necessarily share the same time frame as the real world.

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@KainScion said:

shotty design, poor chaftsmanship and i dont recall hathaway having such a big a$$.

It's shoddy not shotty but I agree wholeheartedly

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Hated this because of the graphical style, it was ok but angled shots were so wrong (esspically Clark/Superman's chin which is bigger on one side which nearly twice that of the other). Please go back to the Superman/Batman or the Justice League styles at least those were good enough to pay money for.

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Thank you very much for your help, it's was what I had found out too.

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Hi there guys after some personal problems of late, I've been give an extension of three months for my final academic piece which has been a source of joy and the bane of my life. In this academic piece I've analysed the comic book medium for its sociological insights, one major part of my piece is about Superman (due to him being a progenitor to the modern superhero genre). One piece of information that I'm a little fuzzy on is the publisher of Action Comic no. 1 (April 18th 1938) and Superman No. 1 (May 18th 1939), I know that DC Comics was once National Allied Publication's and I believe this happened 1937, however I have also read contradictory sources and would like clarification from a knowledgeable person or provided source.

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Thanks again for the reply, I eventually got there and sold the items to a collector.

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It's Batman Vs. Nite Owl from the Watchmen