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@g_man: hey, where on the site can I ask you guys questions for the podcast?

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Hey Guys,

I am a HUGE Nightwing fan and I am deeply mourning the fact that his series is being canceled. I just broke into comics last year (I'm 14)and I feel like I have not gotten enough of the book. Is There any other Dick Grayson material that you would reccomend, similar to the new 52 run.

Also, Red Hood and the Outlaws was the series that introduced me to comics, I specifically loved it because of Kenneth Rocafort's art. If you had to pick 5 different Artists for your 5 favourite books who would they be mine would be:

1. Kenneth Rocafort

2. Francis Manapul

3. Brett Booth

4. Eddy Barrows

5. Greg Capullo


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This is an obvious choice for me. Dick Grayson as Robin complimented what Batman was as a character better than every Robin that followed him. He was the world's first impression of a sidekick and a Robin. If Dick never was successful in the 40's than i guarantee Damian or Tim would have never gotten a second glance. The reactions would simply be, "Oh, another Robin, Whoopty Dooo!!!". But that is not what we see today. What made him the best robin was the fact that he did his job the way it was intended and by not getting killed.*cough*Jason, Damian*cough*. And just let me throw it in there, he was successful as Robin, Nightwing, and Batman.....BATMAN!

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You can't tell me not every fan wants this Nightwing skin.

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Young justice

1. It was Hilarious.

2. The last 2.


4. When Robin was leader for a mission.

5. Superboy/Robin vs. Superman/Batman. (episode26)

6."Why isn't anybody ever just 'whelmed'?" -Robin episode01

7. (Black Canary Beats Kid Flash)

BlackCanary- Now did anybody see what Wally did wrong?

Robin- OH OH! He hit on the teacher and got served!

Me- Ha, the boy wonder strikes again!

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Doomsday's special is going to get really annoying really fast.

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Red Hood 18 says REQUIEM on the cover, but how do you think they're going to fit that in considering the latest events of the series?

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Kenneth Rocafort's art is something you're proud that you bought because it's so well drawn. Timothy Green on the other hand... let's just say I can't wait untill Mico Suayan takes over.

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I hate that the "Red Hood And The Outlaws" creative team is being changed. So far I think the art is terrible. Kenneth Rocafort was the best. T. Green draws Red Hood's helmet like a bowl. no shape to it or anything. I'm certainly glad he's not the permanent penciler.

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Do you think there should me more Batman and Nightwing teamups, or do you think the Nightwing character attracts more as a solo hero.