Reading Comics Makes You a Better Employee

Reading Comics have made me a better worker, a better person, and a better comic nerd.  This blog is a more about the first thing not the other things. I honesty believe that reading comic books can make you a better employee. Regardless of what you do, where you work, or who you work for, comics can teach you a lot. 

The Power of Diversity

  Now that is a Diverse Work Force
From The Avengers to The Power Rangers comics can teach us that one of the greatest powers is diversity. Comics show the importance of including different kinds of people.  Working a crappy job sucks, it sucks more when it's made up of the same kind of people. Not only superheroes books, lots of  indie comics show that diversity is a key in the door of opportunity. The B.P.R.D or SHIELD is would not be a functional government agencies without the diverse workforces. As a member of your team at work, you should try and create diversity at work. Comics show that including different races, genders, economic levels, religions, sexual orientation, power level, species (maybe not so much in our world), make for a better world. Comics make me try and include more people in my workspace . Try to invite someone new to lunch ( He might get angry and green if you don't) .   

Everyone Needs Synergy

Everyone needs a helping hand everyone once in awhile, and when people work together they get more done. Comics have  always feature partners, supporting
 Synergy At Its Finest.
characters/friends, and awesome butlers. Having a people you can work with can make you and them better workers. If your job is saving the streets of Manhattan, you want to find a Kung-Fu Billionare or perhaps a hero for hire. Understand that not one person can do everything, comic books show us that utilizing everyone's unique skill set allows us to overcome obstacles. Trainers, aunts, best friends, bosses, all help us do our jobs better if we make use of them. Working together allow us to get more done, and everyone gets the glory and the respect.
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This is true, to some extent. 

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 Interesting....have you consider putting this in a magazine article?

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I think so. My english got better because of comics.",)
In my elementary years, I already know what teleportation is, intangibility , absorption, etc. 
then incinerate, incarcerate,  etc.

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now this is interesting