Villainous Versions of Heroic Characters

Evil Twins! Alien Imposters! Robotic Duplicates! Alternate Universe Doppelgangers!

Part of a continuing exploration of the comic book trope of the spin-off character, this list presents the many evil counterparts of well-known characters. Each is listed with the name of their heroic other.

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Posted by RawhideKid

Awesome; thank you for the suggestions!

I've added Kestrel and Black Hornet; the others are already on the list.

Posted by Zeraphyne

Hi, Rawhide!
I wanted to know if I could include your list into my "Successors"-list. Essentially a list about characters that only exist as some form of a copy of another character. 
It would help a lot!

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There's also Cyber-cat (Catwoman), Shadowstorm (Firestorm), Nightcreeper (Prowler), Kryptonoid (Superman), and Superior 5 (Inferior 5). I don't know how to make em links, so just search for em. 
Posted by RawhideKid

The Superior 5!  How could I have forgotten them?! 
Thanks for the suggestions.  I'm a bit torn on including Cyber-Cat (isn't she technically a hero-turned-villain based on a villain-turned-hero?!), but I've added the rest.

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Axis Amerika (the original lineup) (JLA), Dr. Nemesis (Hank Pym), Big Man (Hank Pym), Sabbac (Captain Marvel), Captain Nazi (Captain Marvel).
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Arrow (Green Arrow), Lantern (Green Lantern), Cobalt Man (Iron Man), Crimson Dynamo (Iron Man), Titanium Man (Iron Man), Osiris (Captain Marvel Jr.), Nuclear Man (Superman), Private HIVE (Guardian).
Posted by sladewilson30

what about the wendigo, he's like a villain version of sasquatch
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Adrenazon (She-Hulk), Blackball (Speedball), Ravage (Hulk), Flux (Hulk),  Bizarro All-Star (All-Star), Deathstorm (Firestorm), Ezekiel Stane (Iron Man), Borgo (Silver Surfer), Belinda Zee (Supergirl), Death Mayhew (Blackhawk), Redeemer (Spawn), Anti-Green Lantern Corps (Green Lantern Corps), Power Master (Luke Cage), Randall Spector (Moon Knight), Dragonfist (Iron Fist), Kluh (Hulk),Black Flash (Flash), Hellverine (Wolverine), Ion Man (Iron Man), Overhawk (Darkhawk), Super-Menace (Superman), Spider-X (Spider-Man), Death Metal Men (Metal Men), Necrom (Feron & Phoenix Force), New Conglomerate (a team featuring villainous versions of Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Ice, Fire, Metamorpho, Elongated Man, and Flash), the Thanosi (a team featuring villainous versions of Dr. Strange, Iron Man, Gladiator, and Professor X. It also had a Galactus analog), Metal Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog), Suppression Squad (Freedom Fighters), Evil Ryu (Ryu), Megaman DarkSoul (Megaman), Nightmare (Siegfried) (from Soul Calibur), Anti-Claus (Santa Claus), Mechagodzilla (Godzilla), Ash-It (Ash), Evil Ash (Ash).
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Calcium, Barium, Aluminum, Zirconium, Plutonium, and Sodium (collectively known as the "Robots of Terror", though no team page has been created yet) have their own pages. They are evil counterparts of the Metal Men. Their profiles don't have pictures yet, so...
Posted by The Qu

Spider-Man Doppleganger definently deserves to be on the list. The Captain America doppelganger, Malice, the Invisible Woman doppelganger, Moonshade, the Moon Knight Doppelganger  and Hellspawn, the Daredevil Doppelganger, deserve to be on it too, but aren't as well known.  Possibly the Three Ghosts of Batman, Josef Muller, Branca and Michael Lane, if the first two have pages.
Dr. Impossible and his gang qualify too. There is a Barracuda on the Anti-Matter Earth that is an evil aquaman. Hope some of these fit this great and comprehensive list!
Also, man! That's a lot of evil Caps!

Posted by RawhideKid

Thanks for the comments and suggestions! 
I've added Dr. Impossible (a glaring omission).  Doppelganger was already on there, as was Hellspawn.  Unfortunately the other characters you suggested don't have profile pages (yet). 

Posted by Zeraphyne

Hi, Rawhide!

First of all, thanks again for letting me use your list to better my own.

Second: I think I have some suggestions for your list. Kestrel, Condor and Swan are opposite versions of Hawk and Dove! I dont remember them being in your list. If they are: I´m sorry. If not: There you go :)

Posted by RawhideKid


Thanks so much for the suggestions; I had Kestrel but I've added Condor and Swan. Much obliged!

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Posted by GR2Blackout

Dont forget Abominatrix (She-Hulk) I mean, a male version Abomination is evil version of Hulk, female version of Abomination should be the evil version of She-Hulk.

Posted by shuurin

Sailor Galaxia is not an evil version of Sailor Moon, she's just an evil sailor senshi. There is no connection between the two of them beyond their both being senshi. Galaxia wasn't even the first evil sailor scout... If you're looking for evil dopplegangers in the Sailor Moon universe, Black Lady is the evil version of Chibi-Usa and Mistress 9 is kind of the evil version of Sailor Saturn

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Also, aside from the name, Man-Bat has just about nothing to do with Batman.

Posted by Azrael11

DC's Lord Havok and the Extremists - (villians Dr. Doom, Magneto, Sabertooth ,Doc Ock etc)

In Loeb's run on Superman/Batman, the duo face a team meant to spoof the Avengers, the Maximums

Posted by ScottyHawkeye

to bad their isn't a Preator Shinzon page he'd go perfect on this list he's an evil Jean Luc-Picard