Teen and Kid Versions of Adult Characters

X-Babies! Kid Deadpool! The infamous Wonder Tot! This list explores the comic book trope of the youthful spin-off character. Just shave off a few years, add a “Junior”, “Kid”, or “Young”, and voila!

Rather than a list of superhero progeny (of which several excellent examples already exist), this list is devoted to directly derivative, youthful spin-offs of adult characters. The name of the character’s adult counterpart is included with each entry.

List items

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Posted by Leliel

Great idea here

Posted by RawhideKid

Thanks (sorry for the belated response)!

Posted by Zeraphyne

What about Red Arrow and Kid Gladiator? I think they do more than qualify for your list, don´t they?

Posted by RawhideKid

Thanks for the suggestions! I've added Kid Gladiator; as for Red Arrow he would definitely qualify in his role as Speedy, but now he's really an adult in current continuity so I'm leaving him off (along with the other adult Titans).

Posted by NyxEquitis

Unique, interesting list.

Posted by doomsilver

This is a really nice list.

Posted by Starheart

Awesome job, this is a really good concept for a list, and you executed it nicely. :)

Posted by RawhideKid

Thanks so much!

Posted by JROCK72

Great list, love the idea of teen versions.

Posted by cameron83

Wow. So all you have to do is put "kid" in front of an already popular heroes name.

Kid Batman.