Combo Characters

A long-held trope dating back to Composite Superman is the combination of two (or more) popular characters into a single spin-off.  It could be argued that the trend reached its nadir with the Amalgam line of comics or the uninspired "Combo Man" (see below), but it continues strong to this day, most often in the form of the progeny of two well-known characters.

The names of the original characters used to form the combo are included.

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Doomsboy (Doomsday + Superboy)
Doomstroke (Doomsday + Deathstroke) 
Justice Titans (Justice League + Teen Titans)  
Lex Joker (Lex Luthor + Joker)
Metallex (Lex Luthor + Metallo) 
Mo-Skull (MODOK + Red Skull)  
Mud-Thing (Sandman + Hydro-Man)
Skaar (Hulk + Caiera the Oldstrong)

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Thanks once again Classified for uncovering some great additions to the list!  Mo-Skull is especially amusing...

Posted by JLInternational

Doesn't nadir mean lowest point

does that mean whoever created this list doesn't like them