Characters with Disabilities

In the wake of Barbara Gordon's controversial new status quo, it's a good time to explore one of the major comic book tropes: that of the disabled superhero/heroine (or villain/villainess). Each character is listed along with a short description of their disability. It seems blindness is the most common disability among comic book characters.

In general I'm not counting mutations (unless they result in a physical disability, such as with Blindfold), and I'm also excluding characters with mental disorders, as that's well-covered in other lists. I did throw in a few characters with learning disabilities, simply because I find them of interest

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Posted by tsl3161991

I noticed a few errors with your list.

1. Count Vertigo isn't partially deaf, he has chronic vertigo and uses an implant to control it.

2. Cyclops isn't partially blind without his visor. He can see without his visor, he just can't control his powers without it.

3. Mole Man isn't partially blind, he's extremely near-sighted.

4. Deathstroke isn't blind in one eye, he's missing one eye.

Posted by willqraham

Just as an addition, Hawkeye was deaf for a period of time

Posted by shroudofsorrow

A few others that you missed:

  • Hawkeye: Deaf, as noted by the comment above
  • Darth Vader/Anakin: Amputee
  • Magneto: Paraplegic in Days of Future Past reality
  • Roy Harper: Amputee for a time
  • Bucky Barnes: Amputee
Posted by ookaookaooka

Does Deadpool count? He's disfigured to the point where people run away from him when he takes off his mask, and he has chronic pain and maybe schizophrenia.