20 Most Smartest Beings in the Universe

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Posted by batmannflash

nice list but gonna have to disagree.

Brainiac 5 has a 12th level intellect, smarter than Reed. Luthor is known as the smartest human on Earth, so he should be above Batman. I think Professor X should be below Ray Palmer.

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@batmannflash: Well, hasn't Batman been able to outsmart Superman in some cases? And given that Superman's greatest villain is Lex Luthor who he has defeated before, it was only right to have listed him above Luthor.

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@raw_material: that is correct logic. There are different types of intellect. Batman has more creativity, intuition and prepping skills. But I assumed that this was going by general intelligence. Lex loses to Superman through his ego and is too cocky, making some of his prep sloppy and less meticulous. Also, both Batman and Luthor have outsmarted Superman plenty of times. But you can't compare the two's success. Batman's goal at the moment is only to avoid Superman and hold him off. Lex's goals are to kill Superman once and for all. Killing a Kryptonian is extremely tough. Luthor is better in the science department, engineering, innovative ideas, business. He has cured multiple diseases of Earth. As much as I like Batman (he's my favorite hero) and even though Batman has plenty of insane intelligence feats, most of his intelligence comes from his intuition and detective skills. Outside of those aspects, Bruce isn't as good as Luthor. Plus, Luthor has his fair share of amazing prep skills as well. Lex has been said many times to be the smartest human in the DC universe.