Snake Eyes Feats

Snake Eyes was a former commando and Master Sergeant, acquiring great hand-to-hand combat skills and enhanced abilities such as his stealth, agility, reflex, strategic tactics, and other senses. As commando, he completed many missions, specifically the one he went on with Stalker and Storm Shadow into Vietnam which he depicted great willpower, stamina and durability. After obtaining his abilities, he then ventured off to find study ninja arts with Storm Shadow and the Arashikage Clan, where he learned multiple martial art styles from many masters and became a full-fledged master (becoming a member of the G.I. Joe's and training the team combat skills soon afterwards). He is considered to be Storm Shadow's equal.

Here's a scene where Snake Eyes fights off trained ninjas and escaping from Storm Shadow and his ninjas displaying his H2H combat skills, stealthy approach, and tactical strategies.

Snake Eyes sword-fighting blind folded and defeating his opponent showing his enhanced senses and abilities.

Snake Eyes taking on a group of highly trained ninjas wielding maces, katanas, and other weaponry with just a pocket knife.

Here are scans depicting Snake Eyes' enhanced senses and abilities as well as his combat skills. He is able to single handedly take on Slice and Dice who were both meta-humans.

Here are really impressive feats of his enhanced senses as he is shown blitzing through three men, catching an arrow in the third and displaying his enhanced senses, and deflecting multiple bullets with his swords which elaborates on his extremely enhanced reflexes.

Snake Eyes taking on Starstorm (although this is non-canon). I mean, not any normal human would do that, but instead run for their lives like Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox mostly were doing in the Transformer movies.

Anyone else have any scans of Snake Eyes in comics, post here for everyone else could see!

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