It's....Shark Week!

If you don't know yesterday was the start of 'Shark Week' on Discovery Channel and I felt that it necessary to post the cover of Deadpool #9 where he is assigned to kill Artie (an Aquaman impersonator of the Marvel Universe) who's a victim on Vetis' list in order to save his new friend's life. I don't want to spoil it more than I already did, but let's just say he has a brief encounter with animals that aren't not too friendly in the water (can you guess what?). If you have read this issue before, what's your thoughts on it? Are you guys liking the Marvel NOW! series of Deadpool, like I am? What about Shark Week?

(0|0) - It's.... Deadpool! Jus wanted to let you guys know I'm still alive!!!

Ohh, did I spoil it more for you guys??


Ask Raw Some Questions

Seems like everyone has one of these nowadays and thought it would be a good idea to post an 'Ask Me' thread up on the forums too. Ask me anything and I'll try to answer it as honest as I can.

- Raw Material


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You Vs NYPD: What Would You Do?


  • You've just destroyed and robbed a bank, considerably life sentence.
  • Think of a plan and tell me how you would stay from out of plain sight and away from the NYPD.
  • Then let's assume you have to enter H2H with one of the cops. Could you beat him/her?
  • Last, the NYPD is outside of your house with guns, cars, and bazookas. What do you do?

Here's my Plan of Action

I'll have a few underground hideouts in sewers like the TMNT and Bane from "TDKR" and set up surveillance cameras all around the sewers with automatic silenced sensors alerting when trespassers enter the sewers. I'll have couple hideouts, one being the main cabin with all my necessities where the money is, another one similar to my first hideout, and couple other little bunkers set up very secretively around the sewers. I'll also have booby traps set up all around so that no one would be able to walk around and search for me. However, there's also an on-and-off switch for these security services that is located in my main hideout which I usually keep on for safety cautions. I'll have very nice setups, above satisfaction level as to a humane and clean living environement. I also have A/C rooms, my own indoor hydroponic garden, bed comforters, TV and cable, my comics, and all I could get - clean water. Along with my security cameras, I have 2 doors to get through in both my main hideouts that are made from 10 inch thick admantium metals sealing the outside to the next door. It also has an eye and hand scanner so that no one could breach in without my consent. My hideouts also have backdoor exits, only able to exit out and not in, and leads to other caverns along the sewers.

If one day, I supposedly come out of my nest and a cop spots me to be a wanted man and we get into a fight; I will end him!!! Lol, it's either life, prison, or death and I'm not so fond for the last two. I'll probably fight for my life, steal the cops gun from his holster and shoot him. The end for mr. cop.

Last one, they wouldn't be able to break my admantium doors down, no way jose! If they do make it past the security cameras and booby traps that is. They're gonna have to not only get past the surveillance and traps, but also break through 2 indestructible doors. By this time I will be out of there into another one of my hideouts.

So, what's yours?


Snake Eyes Feats

Snake Eyes was a former commando and Master Sergeant, acquiring great hand-to-hand combat skills and enhanced abilities such as his stealth, agility, reflex, strategic tactics, and other senses. As commando, he completed many missions, specifically the one he went on with Stalker and Storm Shadow into Vietnam which he depicted great willpower, stamina and durability. After obtaining his abilities, he then ventured off to find study ninja arts with Storm Shadow and the Arashikage Clan, where he learned multiple martial art styles from many masters and became a full-fledged master (becoming a member of the G.I. Joe's and training the team combat skills soon afterwards). He is considered to be Storm Shadow's equal.

Here's a scene where Snake Eyes fights off trained ninjas and escaping from Storm Shadow and his ninjas displaying his H2H combat skills, stealthy approach, and tactical strategies.

Snake Eyes sword-fighting blind folded and defeating his opponent showing his enhanced senses and abilities.

Snake Eyes taking on a group of highly trained ninjas wielding maces, katanas, and other weaponry with just a pocket knife.

Here are scans depicting Snake Eyes' enhanced senses and abilities as well as his combat skills. He is able to single handedly take on Slice and Dice who were both meta-humans.

Here are really impressive feats of his enhanced senses as he is shown blitzing through three men, catching an arrow in the third and displaying his enhanced senses, and deflecting multiple bullets with his swords which elaborates on his extremely enhanced reflexes.

Snake Eyes taking on Starstorm (although this is non-canon). I mean, not any normal human would do that, but instead run for their lives like Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox mostly were doing in the Transformer movies.

Anyone else have any scans of Snake Eyes in comics, post here for everyone else could see!

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Samurai Jack Stomping The Battle Forums

Recently, I've been posting up Samurai Jack battles against very reasonable opponents that possess meta-human abilities such as Deathstroke, superhuman strength such as the Hulk, and unparalleled martial arts and hand to hand combat skills such as Batman. Now, I've been trying to find his greatest adversary and counterpart by matching him up with quite a few top-tier superheroes; although, some may think these are all stomps/mismatches in agreement that "Kung-fu" Jack is far more superior than those that he has already challenged in the CV Battle Forums. However, I do apply the rules and settings in which it is somewhat of an evenly matched bout; but still get the same opinions and feedback. Is this due to his popularity or the fact that Samurai Jack is simply just far more skillful than his opponents, because it seems like its been just one-sided debates.

Check out these Battle Discussions for examples of what I'm trying to point out.

Deathstroke vs Samurai Jack

Batman vs Samurai Jack


Short Biography of Myself

Some of favorite hobbies are surfing and collecting comics, particularly DC Comic's Aquaman and Marvel's one and only, Hulk. My favorite era is of the Silver Age, more specifically the rebirth of Hal Jordan, evidently one of the most important member of the Green Lantern Corps. The title was written by Geoff Johns who worked alongside artists, Ethan Van Sciver and Ivan Reis in creating the project for DC Comic's Green Lantern during the start of 2005, collaborating on the soon-to-be masterpiece. I believe this on-going series from Geoff Johns contains some of the best stories in comic book history, some including events like the Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, & Brightest Day. On my spare time, I really enjoy reviewing the newest and current comic issues of my choice. You can go ahead and read some of my work in the review section of my homepage where you'll stumble upon write-ups on the newest (and maybe oldest) issues of titles from both mainstream and indie comics. Some of the well-known critics coming from Comic Vine and CBR were some of the few that got me to love the sensation of reviewing comics and giving it a say, helping others choose their comic of choice that specific week and/or month. I really don't take joy in criticizing those comics that gives the general audience no fix attention into picking up the next issue, especially if that specific issue has no conclusion/cliffhanger giving a viewer somewhat of a curiosity to patiently wait for the future issues. My reviews are from the newest issues today, sometimes I'll review essential back issues, but again, you'll hardly see reviews of mine rated "3 stars" or less, except if that issue was hyped up by the franchise and public viewers on becoming one that everyone can anticipate. Check out my reviews and don't forget to recommend it to others!

Check Out My Character!

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New 52 Aquaman Montage MUST WATCH!

Hey what's up viners, if you're an Aqua fan like myself you definitely wanna check out this video my good friend I met on Comic Vine, @fernando072295reborn somehow had the time to put together. It's by far one of the sickest Aquaman tribute I've ever seen and I am more than happy that he made it. Hope you guys are as psyched as I was on this and like the video!

Also, check out my Aquaman 'Respect The King' Blog Post for more cool stuff on the character. Thanks again, @fernando072295reborn for the badass Aquaman video! Check out his Youtube Channel for more battle and tribute videos of the world's greatest heroes!

Fernando072295 Official Youtube Channel


Aquaman "Death of a King", Chapter One Review

The Weapons Dealer

The Good

In this issue, Aquaman and the Atlantean army are reclaiming and disposing of all the lost Atantean firearms around the seven seas, the ones that haven't made it to the surface yet to be specific. Knowing that there are air-breathing pirates stealing the Atlantean weaponry and selling them at the highest prices possible to meet their personal satisfactions, Arthur will have to act fast before the firearms fall into the wrong hands. However, the weapons dealer is already distributing them to the wrong kinds of people and thus making the surface world more of a dangerous threat to not only Atlantis and the open seas, but also to themselves. In order to receive direct intel on an idea to whom might the treasure hunting pirates be, Aquaman has been convinced to get advice from Vulko, who practically knows about every activity that goes on in the underwater world having once been a loyal and trustworthy advisor to the throne of Atlantis. Now, it's up to King Arthur and his army to track down the air-breathing pirates before things get a lot worse for the two separated worlds.

Geoff Johns introduces quite a few characters from Atlantis into the New 52 series as well as already established characters in Aquaman mythos (couple in particular that are from the Golden Age of Aquaman.. literally). One of the characters I was very eager to see more of in this series was Tula. Tula is depicted of being Orm's sister and the leader of a militia in the Atlantean army called the Drift; she's also given a whole new cool (and sexy) look in theNew 52! Murk also appears in this issue, and still is trying to figure out why Aquaman seems to take interest in the people of the surface world. However, I really liked how Aquaman exemplifies the visa versa perspective of a child in Boston at the time of the Atlantean war, which I think Murk somewhat came to his senses..sort of. Having only surfaced couple times before, Murk's skeptical of the surface world thinking that they are only a dangerous threat to everyone else and should not be treated so lightly. I believe Murk is a great representative that characterizes the "Army values" (honor, loyalty, integrity, courage, etc) that the Altanteans preserve as well as their army's brute force. Although he seems to be doing his best to protect the seven seas, it's not the way Aquaman would want him nor Atlantis to be portrayed as and wishes to act as a respectful (...humane) and civilized nation. Johns also dives further in depth with Scavenger and his whole reason of being seen strapped up in his diving suit roaming around the ocean floor in Aquaman #17. We see more of Peter Mortimer rather than the normal Scavenger in his blue shark diving suit, which in fact is quite intriguing to see. Johns elaborates more on his field of interests and definitely sheds some light on the once-forgotten character who hasn't really been given any attention of being a major Aquaman villain. By bringing about these new and old aquatic characters, I believe it's a great idea to rebuild the foundation of a more underwater perspective so that Johns has room to expand on the Aquaman mythos in New 52. Vulko's trial is also mentioned in this issue as Aquaman is confronted by Urn, the keeper of the prisons who tells Arthur of the time when the missiles were launched towards Atlantis that three of his guards perished and would want to know that the day of judgement is to be forthcoming. In contrary to the underwater world, Mera is seen still trying to live a normal life in Amnesty Bay, but authority doesn't always seem to be in her favor and gets a little life lesson from the words of Officer Watson, one of Arthur's old classmates, about cooperating within the laws to be associated among the rest of the society. There's also something that happens in the very beginning which will pretty much foreshadow the ending page, considerably the one and only intense part of the story (can't spoil it....I won't!).

Now, moving onto the aspect where I thought made this issue so incredible; the artistic POV. The cover is absolutely remarkable. I believe penciler, Paul Pelletier did a phenomenal job drawing out the individual characters as well as the overview of Atlantis, and seems that he's getting very comfortable working on this title. With Pelletier's complex, yet classy sketches, it give's room for Rod Reis to work his magic (no puns intended) and approaches the panels with the MOST rich and deepest coloring on the sheets of material used. I believe both artists did a remarkable job opening up their creative minds, more so Paul Pelletier who established very unique and distinctively new designs for the various characters, which corresponds great to the Atlantean "appearance". They are now coming to their senses as to what they vision the title of being portrayed as and believe it's the right angle to follow. From their armory and clothing to the Atlantean weaponry and city of Atlantis, they're truly depicting a real civilization and believe that they're doing a fantastic work expanding on the culture of Atlantis. The last page of this issue is presented with most intriguing artwork in the entire series so far and is a great cliffhanger (writing and art-wise) leading into the next issue of "Death of a King". The end product of this issue is extraordinarily perfected.

The Bad

This issue is more storytelling and a filler to the next issue. However, even though there were only a few intense panels, I was absolutely captivated by the artwork Paul Pelletier and Rod Reis had done.

The Verdict

I rated this a 5 star as it is a great introduction to the underwater nation and a wonderful start to the plot (and/or sub-plot) of the story. Although this issue tends to be more conversational and mellow, Johns does a phenomenal work with moving the pace of the story bits-by-bits and extracts as much as he possibly could without getting the pages clustered up; which I believe he did an exceptional job doing. Again, this issue is more of an installment to lead to the main events in this story arc. If you are really intrigued by comic book designs and art, then I highly suggest to pick up this issue! It also seems like this will be an overall great story line. Even though there were hardly any intense scenes (which I love the most), I was truly was amazed by the artwork.

Aquaman Death of a King, Chapter One Recommendation Page

If you liked what you've read, check out my profile page where you could see more aquatic heroics and villains on my list, blogs, and forums as I'm always cruising around the Aquaman homepage. Please check out my other reviews as well where you can also read more reviews from various titles including Indestructible Hulk, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Deadpool, Avengers, and issues of great value (events, first appearances, battles etc).

Thanks again for taking the time to read the review, hope I didn't spoil too much!


CVnU Character Creation: Reef


Reef is a hybrid Atlantean from a Royal lineage of the Idyllists. Born in the deepest city of Atlantis, he is very strong and adaptable to all tempertures and conditions. Idyll is considered a very powerful and striving city of the nation of Atlantis. Receiving his birth name from the constructs that form the city of Idyll, his blood runs deep in the strong Royal family and comes from the same bloodline as Tempest. Since birth, his people knew that one day Reef will be the next heir to the throne of Idyll and was trained since a child by the greatest warriors of the seven seas, becoming one of the strongest beings of his generation. However, a few may think otherwise and growing up he had many enemies due to his birthright; one family in particular possesses depraved hatred towards the Royal family thinking that they'll one day take the throne of Idyll and rule over Atlantis with an iron fist. As the rightful heir to the throne of Idyll, Reef leads a frontline militia in the Atlantean army called The Current, branched as a sub-division of loyal Idyllists. Being trained to be a warrior at a very young age, he has been the leader of his militia since a teen. Some of his followers being loyal soldiers since his first year as leader and are considered the strongest force in the entire army with Tempest as first-in-command. Reef, a respected leader in the Atlantean army, wields the trident of Idyll at his side which was passed down through generations of the greatest warriors of the city. As leader of a strong frontline militia, Reef is an expert tactician; and although he relies more on his brute strength, he believes his trident is the one thing that will save them from the greatest cataclysmic events and stop the destruction of the world. When in battle, he wields not only the strength of his steel fists and the trident of Idyll, but also the intellectual mind and strategical tactics needed to take his army into victory when faced up against all odds. Throughout Reef's wartime, he fought countless battles amongst the oceans brutal forces and defeated all of them, some in the most tense situations. After the series of water wars, he settled down and met a beautiful princess of Idyll, named Coral. Both grew very intimate with each other and soon afterwards fell into a loving relationship. Unlike his sea-dwelling peers, he is able to live underwater as well as on land indefinitely and does wish to one day live a life on the surface world. Reefer does know that his true calling is to protect the place he currently calls home and that one day his people will need a savior.


Super Name: Reef

Known Aliases: Reef, rightful heir to the throne of Idyll

Place of Birth: Idyll, Atlantis

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 325

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Black

Identity: Public

Super Power Origin: Being a hybrid and one of strongest bloodlines in the underwater world, it makes him immensely stronger and intellectual in all ways that are of all other Atlanteans. Born in the deepest city of the powerful nation of Atlantis, he is considered one of the strongest being underwater. In Atlantean legends, it is known that purple eyes are a sign of magic manipulating powers (sorcery).



The Uprising

One day after journeying back home from a meeting amongst the greatest leaders of all the warriors of the seas down to the deepest parts of the open waters, Reef arrived to Idyll in complete ruins and saw that Tempest and a few of his soldiers were at its side, weeping for the death of the people and destruction of their birthplace. Reef let out so much agony and pain for that his soon-to-be Queen has perished with the once thriving city of Idyll. Soon afterwards, most of the soldiers departed, setting sight to their new homes in various cities of Atlantis. Though, both Reef and Tempest could not bear to witness and mourned for days on end, seemingly living out their last crying breaths in the now-forgotten city which they once called home. As time went by, they came to realize that they could not just live their lives in sorrow and would have to take revenge on the mass murderers who killed their people; so both Reef and Tempest went off to join forces with Aquaman, Mera, and the Others who were more than happy to help them hunt down the killers that commanded the genocidal attack. During the mission to find his family's slaughters, Reef has had many confrontations with some of Aquaman's greatest villains and has saved multiple lives, small cities and villages along the way; thus bringing about the heroism of Reef... However, he also keeps in mind that the real war has yet to come.

Powers & Abilities

Superhuman Strength

Being of a strong Royal bloodline, Reef has the strength to lift heavy objects weighing up to 100 tons underwater including submerged tanks, submarines and ships. Born underneath the ocean depth and with the additional ten thousand tons of the oceans depths, on the surface, Reef has the strength to lift massive objects such as aircrafts, trains, and building and considered to be listed amongst those Class 100.


Reef has the ability to control vast bodies of water even being able to change it to extreme temperatures, create large hard-water constructs and heavy current whirlpools, and remove water molecules from the beings.

Superhuman Durability

Born in the most deepest cities of Atlantis, Reef has phenomenal durability and almost considered to be invulnerable in most cases. He has the capability to deflect intense gunfire and withstand extreme temperatures such as heat visions and energy blasts. Reef is also able to blast through in-coming hyper-sonic submarines and missiles as well as withstand a collapsing body of reef structure.

Magic Manipulation

In Atlantean legends, it is known that being born with purple eyes is a sign of magic sorcery. Reef is known to create intense heat vision, energy blasts, and mystical water constructs. He is also able to cast a handful of magical spells such as healing abilities and sorcery, even showing potential of having intangibility.


Reef's Atlantean physiology gives him the ability to communicate to all marine life and is able to alter their minds. His powers is strong enough to read minds and communicate to others telepathically as well as having the ability to control and manipulate the minds of any being. Reef's telepathic powers is known to reach out to any person(s) he wants to contact and can go as far as he could imagine.

Super Speed

Reef is also capable of reaching a constant speed up to Mach 100 in the water and is known to be the fastest being in the ocean. His swimming prowess enables him to vibrate his body through solid objects and phase his targets while underwater. On the surface, he's capable of reaching speeds between Mach 5 and Mach 10 and is able to surpass trains making them look like statues. Having substantial speed, Reef also has enhanced meta-human reflexes and agility, increasing while underwater.

Any expert advice is much appreciated!

Wanna take the time to also thank @Pyrogram @Feral_Nova @Regal_Rumble_Man in helping me to develop my character!