Sucker Punch is AWESOME!!

Normally my "blogging" is really just me rambling about nonsense, but this time... THIS time... I have something important to say: 
It's so beyond worth seeing it in a theater where you can get the full effect of the big screen- and especially the sound system.  The movie itself is above and beyond what I expected, and while they definitely play with you a little bit over the trailers, there are some surprising plot twists and delightful little moments I wasn't expecting.  Aside from the soundtrack, which is one of my favorite things about the film, the graphics are really well done and the cinematography is incredible! 
I'll keep it short by just demanding with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns that you go see it. 
And like it. =)

New Comics... Again...

Alright...  This is ridiculous.  We ran over to the Source today and I, alone, spent just shy of $80.  There were six of us, and together we spent damn near a grand. =/  Of course, that includes a $250 statuette bust of Green Lantern one of the guys got for his apartment window.  Then we stopped at a Half-Price books and cleared out a ton of their issues too.  Thank goodness I'm not one of those collectors that is -seriously- into the hardcore comics because I would be even more broke than I already am.
So now we're taking a break from trying to be creative this weekend to read all these stacks!
Of course, starting next week we've got to start working on the new Supers idea... coming up with some sort of title might be helpful eventually... but I can't decide if coming up with some sort of title and doing some of the production/editor crap is more important or if I ought to start working on character design...  Not the drawing part, mind you, but the power profiles and junk.  Bleck.  So much work... /whines.
At least I'll have an entire week to prepare myself for that crap.  And now I've got hundreds of new pages to distract myself and let my mind procrastinate a little longer!

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Friday. Finally.

Big weekend planned, finally.  It's been awhile since we've gotten the chance for one of these. 
Tonight is shop night- first stop is the closer comic shop, then into the depths of downtown Minneapolis to scour out a few of the other shops- I am bound and determined to find missing issues of The Darkness and Witchblade, and I WANT the rest of the Anita Blakes, dangit!  I have a lot of X-Mens to catch up on too.  There are a couple regular book shops we're going to swing past as well, namely Uncle Hugo's- an entire bookstore devoted to Sci-Fi/Fantasy?  Hell yes, I'll take it!  Of course this little adventure just may end up at the Source for Friday Night Magic. 
Either way, the gathering is at my place for the weekend.  I have a feeling we're going to be watching a lot of old episodes over the course of the next three days.  The plan is to rewatch Season 1 of Chuck first, because every time I watch it I find something new... after that, unsure.  There was some chatter about Firefly, of course, and a bit more of Smallville.  Then again, we also have Castle, Bones, Lie to Me, the last two seasons of Buffy, the last like... five episodes of Angel, not to mention a crap ton of Super Hero movies yet to watch. 
Saturday is also Purim, which granted, I don't actually celebrate myself- but being less than two blocks away from a gorgeous Orthodix synagogue, I'm sure we'll hear all the graggers again this year during the service, and afterwards they do this really neat "For the Neighborhood" potluck type thing that everyone is 'invited' to.  Thankfully, I work with a couple of the members, so I don't feel guilty dropping by to snag up some of their Hamantaschen.  Delicious! 
I'm thinking we'll probably end up waiting until Sunday to do any of the major hard work on the issues.  It's supposed to be nice enough for us to set up on the roof again.  Gorgeous spot for Super Hero inspiration.    We'll have enough time on rainy Saturday to work on the outlining and rough sketching.  Plus, I need to come up with a lot of stroy line ideas... Let's hope I can find a muse! 
Happy Purim! 


Random Update.

Finally found my way back to this little blogging section, which I'd forgotten about completely, and I desire to blurt nonsense about nonsense. 
Went to another book convention and found some of the Dark X-Men comics, which is nice since they came as complete issue sets.  I also found a few more Witchblade and The Darkness comics that I didn't have, so even more awesome!  And I had the chance to meet up with some of my high school buddies who've moved into the comic book world, so I got a few signed editions of their new Shogun comics, pretty gruesome stuff but really neat all the same! 
Got through a few more of the X-Men panels... too bad my drawing is so awful, but at least it's a guideline.  I've been working with two new artists on some of the Crossover panels, so they're turning out much nicer than they might have if I'd tried doing them myself.  Oh, by the way, Johnny's been fired out of a canon into the sun since that first post there, thank goodness.  So I'm on my own mostly, aside from the new guys- Rafe and Alex.  They're both really good at this whole drawing thing, so color me impressed and more than happy!  (Plus, I can't leave out the fact that they are also both adorably handsome and very sweet.) 
Started some pre-sketches for an attempt at a Castle comic, thinking about doing the same for Chuck.  I'm also through the premiere issue of both as far as the SL goes, but we'll see how it stands up to being put on the pad. 
Alright, enough pointless rambling!  Back to work for me!!

My First CV Blog

So I haven't even thought to Blog here before since I use Livejournal, but I was looking through some of my old comic books and it reminded me that I haven't been on here in a long time anyway, so I hopped on looking through new messages and whatnot, checking up on some of my favorites and looking at who and what has changed and though, well hell, I'm a blogger, why not use this too.

I just bought some of the new Fathom comics, and went back to get the first four Kiani comics as well, since I can't resist the drawing style in those comics. Johnny's been working on some sketches based off a few of those comics as well as some of the pictures I've found here of Aspen and Kiani. I've been working on a new story line for a time-skip comic based around a few of the Fathom characters and her friends. Namely Aspen and Witchblade. Amazing storylines can be pulled with those two as main characters and tossing in a little Lara Croft always kicks it up a notch too. BAM!

We're almost done with some of the newer X-Men stories too now, although since I'm definately not an artist I've got to either kick Johnny's butt into gear to get those sketches going, or find someone who's willing to do sketches of characters I've already basically designed but can't draw much past a slightly better than average stick person. Most of the sketchers I've already talked to want free-reign to draw up the characters based on their own desires, but I've already written out a lot of plot points and a few of them are based around how the characters look, so that road is going to be less traveled. I might just have to pick up a Drawing For Dummies book and learn myself here soon. It would be nice to be able to just sketch as I go instead of writing out lengthy plots and then abandoning them because I can't draw worth a darn to get the panels in on them. At any rate, I have a few artist channels yet to check on those, and if nothing else, I can save these plots until I find someone who'll sketch, or I can get Johnny off of his own projects and onto mine... Or I learn myself, I suppose, although that last options seems fairly unlikely considering my deathly drawing skills.... Ish.

At any rate, here we go on my first CV blog, lol.

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