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Let me just begin by saying: I'm a giant Nerd.  Although Super Heroes and Villains take up a good chuck of my time, I love everything Nerd.  Gaming, reading, writing, RPing, you name it.  On the side a few friends and I are working on a bunch of different comics.  I don't have much art skill, so I've been doing most of the creative writing, along with doing stick figure panel storyboards for some of the different scenes for my boys to elaborate on later. 
I largely favor Marvel characters, as well as a few particular favorites, (The Darkness, Witchblade, Purgatori, Lady Death, etc.).  I particularly enjoy cross-overs that touch into multiple Universes.  It amuses me greatly to pit characters from different Publishers against each other and get their storylines all squished. 
I can't think of any other important little details at the moment... so if you have a question, go ahead and ask it!