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Why isn't Kevin Conroy doing more Batman animated movies as the Batman. This new guy they have doing Batman's voice is terrible and wooden. There's no flare or spirit in his voice.

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@b_tank: no I'm not. I'm talking about Dr Stephen strange. Hugo strange has always been considered a professor most of the time rather than a doctor

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@princearagorn1: very true. Her dad uses her, her brother smothers her and she is slave to her own emotions. I don't think the avengers could deal with thanos while putting up with wanda's temper tantrum. She would be better off as a threat to dr. Strange

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@ultrastarkiller: I would save the red skull as an opposing force for thanos during the infinity war. Red skull must hav learned some extraordinary and frightening things while out in space.

One could say the red skull gathers the three earthbound stones and thanos has the other three. Soul gem, moonstone (mind gem) and the heart of ka (time gem). I used to think the mind gem would be annihilius cosmic control rod but I guess he still belongs to FF and 20th century fox. So no annihilation wave movie yet :(

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@impervious: I think Daniel bruhl is gonna be playing Baron zemo or as his alter ego: citizen v. I would save taskmaster for a black widow or Hawkeye movie

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I suppose they could do a Manga movie with the return of the actual Mandarin because it would seem kinda silly to the general audience if the real Mandarin makes his presence known by killing Trevor Slattery and saying he doesn't appreciate the dishonor that Iron Man and AIM brought to him.

The last two Manga Marvel movies had the Punisher as a lead character. Maybe this time, the Mandarin is in control of the Triads and the Punisher is after him but he can't do it alone so Iron Man joins the fight. They could title the movie: The Mandarin Strikes Back.

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@amazingwebhead: God_Spawn says "I don't think rewriting a wrong that had a minimal affect on the MCU at the sacrifice of leaving out a potential new Cap villain and potentially screwing up Marvel's best handled series so far is worth it. Inserting the Mandarin in the Cap movie-verse would just seem forced to me when we know that Hydra is what Cap is dealing with."

I kinda agree. It does feel forced if mandarin is included in the civil war movie but that marvel short gave me hope for more iron man movies and now I feel like it's being taken away. Nobody likes their hopes shattered.

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@roboshark: When the Fantastic Four reboot fails, its my deepest hope that Marvel will buy back the rights soon and forget about buying back Spider-Man. With the Fantastic Four back with Marvel Studios, they can initiate Phase 4 thereby allowing Namor and Silver Surfer to appear in a movie of their own.

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@kfabz-23: I agree there is going to be a lot happening with very little room for chit chat unless its witty. When Steven disappears and goes to Wakanda with T'Challa, Bucky will become the new Cap and Falcon will be his brother in arms.