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I think superheroes need lawyers. Just check out the manhunter series with Kate spencer

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Wonder woman hands down wuz better. Superman vs the elite wuz ok but I think if they just had Manchester black with other superman rogues like atomic skull, metallo, live wire and parasite to make up the elite then it would have been more interesting especially if lex luthor made up the elite in order to protect the American people while he wuz president

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Great movie but I think certain actors and actresses were wasting their talents in playing bit roles like John C Reilly, Glenn Close and Djimon Hounsou. As for Howard the Duck, I think they should have used the original animatronic version during the post credits scene rather than making him CGI. The CGI version looked too much like a cartoon rather than an actual alien.

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@greatcaesarsghost: What I mean by clustered is there was no flow with the characters. I will give u an example of a perfect spider man movie. U hav electro, smythe, the rhino, and maybe scorpion. The plot could have been simply just electro taking over the spider slayers like rhino and scorpion and launch an invasion in new york and spider must save the day. Simple plot and it flows. No clustering

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For the justice League I would hav the original team and save cyborg for a teen titans movie with deathstroke. Bat, supes, ww, aqua, martian, gl, and flash. As for the injustice league I would only hav 5 maybe 6 members at the most. Lex luthor & joker definitely. Maybe circe or ocean master for ww & aqua to team up against. Martian man hunter fights amazo. Gl and flash fight someone like mirror master

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@dwightspitz: I sure hope darkseid doesn't make an appearance in the jl movie. The guy is like apocalypse from x-men, he can wait. There r other more interesting villains to see

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@pokeysteve: I wouldn't say that because all u really need is 7 superheroes in one justice League movie. U can probably cram a lot of secondary characters like Alfred or Lois lane. As for the villain, can we all plez ditch the darkseid idea. The Avengers already did the alien invasion thing. The justice League needs to fight the injustice league in order to rival the avengers movie or even over shadow it. Can I get amen?

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@proto3296: U raise a good point. Maybe they should bring in Mad Hatter to manipulate Superman and ruin his credibility as a hero.

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I sure hope that scarred man is the actual Shredder. If that's the case though then why didn't the actor who is playing "Eric Sachs" just play Baxter Stockman and call it a day. I like the Shredder suit but I think they went overkill on the blades.