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@shazam117: the best hulk team up would be with wolverine by far and since avengers and x-men days of Future past both star quicksilver and scarlet witch then marvel should jump on the idea in order to make a hulk sequel that people will pay to see.

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Batman: Assault on Arkham blew me away in so many ways. My blog regarding a possible plot for a Suicide Squad movie was put up a few weeks ago but I think some users could have come up with a more compelling story line. Unfortunately, no input.

I think the best plot would be squad members who have a conscience versus squad members who are just plain "evil". I would start off with Poison Ivy and Count Vertigo working together. Vertigo gives Ivy asylum in his country in exchange for her expertise in biological warfare. Her bout with the Batman left her nearly powerless because he used an experimental herbicide to stop her previous scheme. Vertigo intends to use her poisons to put a stranglehold on the entire world thus making him supreme ruler of the world. At the same time, Vertigo has the Thinker keep tabs on Ivy just in case she gets wise and tries to double cross him.

Meanwhile, Amanda Waller, General Wade Eiling and Col. Rick Flag Jr. engage in a meeting to discuss the possible threat that Vertigo and Ivy pose to the world. They decide to re-activate Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad. They recruit Deadshot, Deathstroke, Black Spider, Bronze Tiger, King Shark and Harley Quinn. Everyone is the best in the field from marksmanship to stealth but Harley Quinn has intimate knowledge and experience when dealing with Poison Ivy. She can get close to Ivy and put an end to Vertigo's scheme. Each member is coerced with a nanomite bomb attached to their cervical spine.

The team undergoes training with the Sports Master before they are deployed to Vlatava. The Thinker gets wind of the Suicide Squad being established so Vertigo hires a band of mercenaries to attack Belle Reve. The band of mercenaries includes George Harkness who has abandoned his Captain Boomerang persona for Mirror Master's but he has mixed his Boomerang garb with the Mirror Master's suit. The other mercs include Multiplex, Killer Frost and Plastique (Firestorm's rogues). After the attack on Belle Reve, the Suicide Squad is deployed with Deathstroke as the leader but Clock King serves as the tactician (eyes and ears).

Combatant roster

Harley Quinn vs Poison Ivy: Friends as well as lovers who are driven apart by their views on the world.

Deadshot vs Count Vertigo: Vertigo was Deadshot's previous mission but Vertigo's lingering effect of disorientation has left Flyod out of balance and unable to maintain his marksmanship.

Deathstroke vs Multiplex: Multiplex has humiliated Deathstroke on numerous missions and Slade intends heal his pride by ending Multiplex once and for all.

Black Spider vs Plastique: Black Spider intends to make Plastique pay for number of fatalaties that she is responsible for.

Bronze Tiger (Catman) vs Captain Boomerang (Mirror Master): Bronze Tiger eventually learns that Boomerang is responsible for the death of his pack of lions and Deadshot was set up as patsy.

King Shark vs Killer Frost: Former lovers with a grudge but there is still is a fatalistic attraction between the two.

Clock King vs Thinker: The Thinker was originally the Clock King's lawyer during his trial but the Thinker was paid even more money by Tockman's doctor who mistakenly diagnosed Tockman with a terminal illness, to let his client rot in prison rather than clear him of all charges on a technicality.

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I'm cool with this movie being cancelled. The story behind it sounds 1 dimensional anyway. The only boy left in existence surrounded by women who want him dead rather procreate. Plus the initial casting included Shia LeBoeuf. If that's still on the table then all the more reason to cancel the movie.

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It would be an awesome movie but who would be the villains. Some terrorist group like kobra or basilisk. That would get boring real quick. A better plot would be a suicide squad vs former members. U have members like deadshot or harley quinn who hav a moral center going up against former members who r just evil like black manta or count vertigo

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@nightfang: I wouldn't mind if black mask took over its been done b4 but I would rather see arkham black mask not sionis

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Why should batman stop catwoman from taking over the gotham unserworld. At least, Catwoman could bring balance to everything like carmine Falcone did but at the same time why is a free spirit like catwoman giving her freedom for a throne

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@captainmarvel4ever: excuse me if I failed to remember the name of black aqualad. My failure to remember his name should raise an obvious point that he hasn't shown up at all since brightest day. I mean he got some decent screen time on the young justice show but that's it. Plus I forgot to mention that the titans show would need the blonde wonder girl. Troia was too depressing for wonder girl

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They should mix up the teen titans roster with the young justice roster. U hav hottie like starfire, raven and miss martian mixing it up with superboy, beast boy, aqua lad (African American), nightwing, kid flash and cyborg

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It's great to see Cassandra cain in a bat girl suit again. I sure hope the new bat girl writer includes Cassandra with Barbara ' s story line. What I would like to see is a climatic conclusion to the cain family tragedy. In fact if David cain and lady shiva kill each other off than maybe Cassandra can adopt her mom's persona as a benevolent lady shiva. It would be step up for her versus calling yourself black bat

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Joker is of course alive because he left a note for his pseudo daughter after doll maker grafted joker's face to duela dent.

However, I really think the Joker should be killed off by now because from it looks like the new 52 timeline might be coming to a close. If he dies dramatically now, he can be reborn in another future without the whole face lift thing which I still don't get really.

I know he wuz severing any humanity he had left by having his face removed but then why didn't the writers simply kill him off by having him fall on some jagged rocks at the bottom of the waterfall.

If someone as iconic as two-face can be killed off then why not joker. Joker's daughter has stepped into the light and with two-face gone, the charlatan can make his debut.