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@acer51: u hav a point I would go about it the same way they did with the avengers. Introduce every league member in a single movie then the justice League movie. I can only hope the justice League movie doesn't have darkseid

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@spidey_jackson: ouch...I'm simply expressing a concern that I hav for dc comic book films and their lack of drawing in audiences. Most of them hav been let downs like Jonah hex, green lantern and catwoman and I don't want shazam to be the same. No need to say that I am asinine.

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@silverpool: a child is orphaned by black Adam and lives his life in Fawcett city like David Copperfield making friends with the homeless and prostitutes. I'd say that's pretty serious. Then he gets a chance to avenge his parents and find his long lost sister

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@eyedcyou: guardians of the galaxy did hav comedy but it wuz geared toward a mature audience and had a bit of a serious tone. Nothing campy

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The only thing I'm worried about is a previous article pertaining to the shazam speculation. The rock said the movie might become a family blockbuster film which means campy and a flop

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Sure hope Ryan Reynolds comes back as hal Jordan for the justice League movie. What they should do for the justice League movie is try to revamp the green lantern franchise with a threat that the guardians have been fighting like despero. NO DARKSEID!!!

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@deathpoolthet1000: if the aquaman movie does well then the sequel can be called king of atlantis. The first movie can be Arthur discovering who he is and going up against ocean master and siren for the throne. The sequel can hav black manta and Arthur struggling to rule atlantis

Hopefully, they introduce the flash in the shazam movie. It would make sense. Barry Allen is studying the effects of the velocity 6 drug then all of a sudden the shazam lightning bolt hits Barry ' s crime lab.

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They should cast Gerard Butler or jacek koman as kraven. Koman played the Argentinian from moulin rouge

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Joaquim phoenix would be better off playing the Joker

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They already settled this scheduling date problem about three weeks ago. BvS dawn of justice is coming first in march or April and cap will be shown in may. The only real problem is the lex luthor casting but everyone's saying just let it go.

I can't let it go because I know if this movie falls under expectations then this will set dc movies back. If superman and batman r just gonna be bickering throughout the movie and lex luthor is just a bill gates knock off then the movie will fail. We need lex in a battle suit and a batman rogue like mad hatter