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@ultrastarkiller: did u find my blog interesting or my comment to red leader interesting?

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If u say so...I personally don't mind reading about spoilers because it just makes me more ampted up to buy the game or watch the movie because the action is bound to be awesome as the story unfolds before my eyes. Some people liked to be surprised but usually surprises raise ur expectations and most of the time the surprises let u down like Iron Man 3 or Dark Knight Rises.

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@redleader1: I didn't say they got a hold of the game. I said someone posted a cover of the game on twitter which is plausible when u need to market or pitch to someone an upcoming game or movie. For all we know, the game is already done and they are doing the final touches because mass production for merchandise and the game itself will have to take place within a month or two.

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@jonny_anonymous: that's what they r saying but I think it's another media ploy to throw us off. Remember how they said in dark knight rises that the Miranda tate character is not talia when in fact she was or when they said khan was not going to be the villain for star trek into darkness but the character was going to be original. Don't let the media fool u from what u know to be true

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@black_claw: I hope kevin does the voice for batman. I just hope this short isn't corny like batman brave and the bold

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@murderpool: Couldn't agree with u more. The whole Ninja aspect is being tarnished. Splinter is the sensei who trains the Turtles and there is no mention of Splinter in the movie and Shredder is now a white guy who wants to stop crime in the Big Apple. WTF

If they want to re-explore the whole ooze thing they should have introduced Baxter Stockman working for Krang and the Foot Clan as the dominant crime syndicate of New York. The Foot Clan and the Alien/ Human collaboration would be two separate factions who come together to destroy the Turtles.

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@b_tank: a flash movie saga is possible but u would need a team up each time to keep things interesting because just having a guy who can run fast and alter time can get boring. One movie would have green lantern and flash then u would have another movie with superman and the flash and so on.

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@feartheliving: check out superhero hype. They r my main source for cbm info

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@bob808: u think the reluctant mentor of Scott lang will be a villain. I suppose that can happen since ppm has been known to have multiple personalities: yellow jacket, giant man and ant man plus he does have anger management issues but I think it's going to be an obi wan relationship. Mentor trains rookie, mentor is killed by villain and rookie avenges mentor