Man of Steel has potential

Man of Steel was fast paced. It never got boring. The dialogue was moving as well as charismatic. One potential flaw though Superman's secret identity as Clark Kent is spoiled too soon because Lois Lane does some digging around. The metaphor for Clark Kent is best described by David Carradine in Kill Bill Vol 2:

Other than that, everything was top notch despite Nolan's involvement. Still didn't like Amy Adams version of Lois Lane. Hopefully she only had a contract for one movie. Jax-Ur makes an appearance as Zod's medical officer and torturer of Superman. When you see the movie, Emil Hamilton's fate is undetermined. He could have died when the Phantom Zone reopened and closed or he is now trapped in the zone. We shall see if he returns as Superman's foe Ruin or if he will become a little wiser about Kryptonian tech. Lex Luthor's influence is briefly mentioned when Zod crashes into a oil tanker with LexCorp printed on the truck. Now with Metropolis in ruin, Luthor can step in and rebuild Metropolis. Kryptonite is mentioned but only in an atmospheric environment on Zod's ship. We shall see what Snyder comes up with next. We can only hope that Luthor will create Metallo and Parasite or join forces with Brainiac in the next film.

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