Iron Man 3 was good but unnecessary

I'm sure some users had the chance to watch the early screening of Iron Man 3. I must admit it was good but at the same time it was a unnecessary as well as a cheat. If anyone saw the animated movie version of Iron Man, they would remember the Mandarin was nothing more than a demon spirit who took possession of his female descendant. When I saw that, I felt it was a cheat because the Mandarin had no dialogue and substance. Same thing goes for this latest incarnation of the Mandarin.

Kingsley's version of the Mandarin has stirring lines but his background yet again lacks substance. I was expecting this Mandarin to be of Chinese and Middle Eastern descent when they decided to use Ben Kingsley to bring the character to life. Instead the Mandarin is just a false persona created by Aldrich Killian to distract Iron Man from AIM's efforts to steal the Extremis Virus. As for Ben Kingsley, he only plays an out of work actor/ drunkard who pretends to be the Mandarin and manipulates the terrorist group Ten Rings.

Guy Pearce gave Aldrich Killian's character more depth but I think he would have been better off playing the Controller or MODOK. Controller and MODOK were members of AIM and their utilization of Extremis would have made more sense especially Controller's involvement since he came into contact with Thanos. I also felt it was unnecessary to use henchmen who didn't really belong in the movie. Firepower is one character that could have used more screen time. I would have saved Coldblood: Eric Savin for a Deathlok movie if they can ever get it off the ground and Ellen Brandt should have been introduced when Marvel decides to reintroduce the Man-Thing.

Overall the movie was better than Iron Man 2. Not to say Mickey Rourke didn't do a good job but I sure hope Marvel casts Rourke as the Sandman in any upcoming Spider-Man movies. Sam Rockwell's version of Justin Hammer was poorly written. If anything Sam Rockwell would have been better off playing Tony Stark's evil cousin Morgan Stark. In the end, I still felt cheated as well as disappointed for the unnecessary usage of villains. Hopefully, Iron Man 4 will have a conclave of Iron Man villains led by Ezekiel Stane. I really want to see Blizzard, Beetle, Living Laser, the Maggia (Count Nefaria & Madame Masque), Ghost, Spymaster, MODOK and Fin Fang Foom.

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