Big Trouble in Little China remake?

Dwayne Johnson is attached to a remake of the cult classic Big Trouble in Little China.


I have nothing against Dwayne Johnson but the remake of an incredibly awesome movie from my favorite period in the 80's may not be a good idea. Less we forget the horrible outcome of the Total Recall remake. Hopefully, this remake doesn't fail.

At the same time, I think the newest generation of movie goers needs to be reintroduced to urban Kung Fu movies again. I'm waiting for the day when a studio will finally release a brilliant adaptation of Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Shang-Chi and Iron Fist. If this remake is successful, maybe it will pave the way for these kind of movies.

On another sad note, the production of Tron 3 has been halted. When it will begin production again remains a mystery. When I heard this news, I punched a few holes in my wall.


Is the Civil War movie clustered?

Some of my fellow users feel the Civil War movie is clustered. In some respects, they would be right because there are too many heroes, only three villains and several supporting cast members/ cameos. However, recent revelations in the Civil War production has made it clear that "death" will come sooner for some thus leaving a little breathing room for others.

It's still being speculated but its pretty certain that Frank Grillo's Crossbones has been killed off since his part in the production has ended rather prematurely. The international incident that will spark the debate of the Superhuman Registration Act will more than likely take place in Wakanda. This of course, is a calculated guess judging from the marketplace scenes between Crossbones and Captain America.

At the end of this Civil War movie, there will be a few tragic casualties. Chief of among them...Captain America. Chris Evans has confirmed that Captain America will return for the Infinity War and do battle with the Mad Titan Thanos. Its my fondest wish that if Captain America does die then I hope his soul is transported to Valhalla, the realm of fallen heroes but then he is resurrected in order to help Thor in preventing the Red Skull from bringing about Ragnarok.

Who else might be on the executioner's block? Perhaps Hawkeye or Ant-Man (depending on if the Ant-Man movie does well). Vision could be destroyed early on in the film and the Mind Stone could be used to manipulate our heroes in order to turn them against each other. At the same time, some of the Avengers may become anti-heroes like Iron Man, Black Widow and Hawkeye. Each of these Avengers was at one time a Thunderbolt member for different reasons.

Thunderbolts: Baron Zemo/ Red Hulk/ Iron Man/ Yelena Belova (Natasha Romanoff)/ Crossbones/ Trickshot (Hawkeye)

Resistance: Captain America/ Falcon/ War Machine/ Bucky Barnes/ Scarlet Witch/ Ant-Man/ SHIELD: Nick Fury/ Sharon Carter/ Maria Hill

Neutral: Vision (destroyed)/ Spider-Man (torn between heroes)/ Black Panther (politically tied up)/ Everett K. Ross: Martin Freeman (politically tied up)

What do u think?

Also take a chance to examine the proposed Thunderbolt team and understand their reasons for joining.


Black Panther's future in the MCU

Chadwick Boseman has been contracted to do four movies with Marvel Studios and sadly, Mark Ruffalo has that many movies left on his contract as well. For Chadwick, he has two movies coming up: Civil War and his own movie. Hopefully, Mark will make an appearance in the Civil War movie since General Ross will play in role.

More than likely, Chadwick will make an appearance for the Infinity War movie. The only other movie that would do the Black Panther justice would be a team up with Spider-Man. I have always envisioned a movie where the Black Panther, Spider-Man and the Hulk team up to take on the Kravinoff family, the Lizard and the Rhino.

T'Challa has an older adopted brother named Hunter who controls the Hatut Zerase, Wakanda's secret police. Smart thing for Marvel Studios to do is merge Kraven the Hunter with T'Challa's vindictive brother. The plot can be Chameleon sets up T'Challa as a murderer to ruin Wakanda's credibility and their chance for nationalization. Meanwhile, Peter's biology professor Dr. Curt Connors is kidnapped by Kraven because Kravinoff wants to hunt down animal humanoids like Spider-Man for sport.

Kraven then recruits his comrade Alexi in his revenge plot against the Black Panther. Curt Connors subjects Alexi to his genetic manipulation treatment in order to make him the Rhino. Alexi also brought Kraven a prize catch to hunt...the Hulk. Spider-Man and Black Panther must join forces to rescue Dr. Connors and Dr. Banner before Wakanda is torn apart.

Heroes: Spider-Man/ Black Panther/ Hulk/ Aloysha Kravinoff

Villains: Kraven the Hunter/ Chameleon/ Rhino/ Calypso/ Sasha Kravinoff/ Ana Kravinoff

After all is said and done though, there will probably be no sequels for Black Panther if Chadwick's contract is not renewed plus there are no other story lines of any interest for the Black Panther. As for Mark, he will more than likely leave Marvel behind right after RDJ leaves. Also Universal Studios is still playing hardball with Marvel Studios over making another Hulk sequel.

What will become of Phase 4 for the MCU other than Guardians of the Galaxy 3? Some like myself are hopeful that Kang the Conqueror will make his film debut as the last Avengers villain and perhaps we will see the Secret Wars for the first time on the silver screen. What do u think?


Deadpool movie wraps up?

It seems production on the Deadpool movie has been completed. This feels weird because it seems like a month ago we were just getting news about casting picks and a few screenshots from the upcoming movie and now everything is wrapping up. Its like Ant-Man all over again. However, the plot for Ant-Man is self-explanatory plus the remainder of the production is CGI enhanced.

Could this be the same case with Deadpool? I hope Deadpool is not another Michael Bay cough up with nothing more than explosions and heavy gunfire exchange. If that's the case then it won't be any different than watching Shoot'em Up with Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. I really hope that this movie places a heavy reference on the Morlocks, Weapon X or Alpha Flight.


Future of Conan the Barbarian

Producer Frederik Malmberg has just bought the entire rights to Robert E Howard's Hyborian Age which includes Kull the Conqueror, Red Sonja and of course, Conan. Our favorite governor Arnold will be reprising his role in Legend of Conan. However, some movie goers might be skeptical on whether or not to attend since the Conan reboot (Momoa) fell short of a success. There was even talk of Rose McGowan playing Red Sonja but that faded away just as fast.

The only way for the Hyborian Age to be successful in today's mainstream is to merge their story lines with Marvel Studios. A lot of my fellow users have complained about the lack of action and imagination that was put into the Thor movies thus far especially with Thor: Dark World. If Marvel were to do a Thor reboot without the Earth Realm element, the series might actually be a success. As for Conan, he has been known to face off against the Frost Giants of Jothunheim and has tangled with rogues like Kulan Gath who has plagued the X-Men, Spider-Man and Dr. Strange.

There can be endless possibilities with this new venture. We can only hope that Thor Ragnarok will live up to our expectations as the Thor movie we have been waiting for but at the same time this will be gentle exit for the Thunder God. RDJ will be leaving the MCU behind after the Infinity War and the rest of the Avengers may be pursuing other ventures soon after as well. CBM reboots seem to be latest fashion in the movie industry but reboots should only be utilized when the original take was lacking something whether it be special effects or critical elements from a story line. Unfortunately, that's never the case and movie goers eventually become bored or irritated by the unnecessary changes to our favorite heroes.


Crossbones is Finished!!! (Civil War film)

It has just been revealed that Frank Grillo's participation as Crossbones has come to an unfortunate end for Captain America 3. Filming for the movie only began last week and now the casting crew has one less member. Judging from the scenes that Cap and Crossbones were involved in, it seems they were having a brawl in a Wakanda marketplace.

The filming crew has now moved their production to Atlanta, Georgia while Frank Grillo bids the rest of the crew good luck. This is usually a sad sign because it could mean that Crossbones gets killed off in the beginning scenes of the movie. Its possible that Crossbones' fight with Captain America in Wakanda is the international incident that brings about collateral damage which will spark the Superhuman Registration Act.

This could also infer that T'Challa and Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) may fight for the ratification of the Superhuman Registration Act due the loss of life in the Wakanda region. Even though Cap has had a brief but cooperative history with the Black Panther during World War II, it means nothing to T'Challa who is trying to fight for the nationalization of Wakanda.

This recent news about Crossbones kinda blows my theory of a Thunderbolt team being established but I am still hopeful that General Ross and Helmut Zemo will establish their own team to combat the Avengers. Perhaps Baron Zemo, Red Hulk aka General Ross, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Trickshot aka Hawkeye will become the Thunderbolt team. However, we still need a master manipulator. Someone to twist the minds of our heroes and the public's view towards metahumans. What do u think?


Iron Man as the villain for Civil War?

Earlier articles about Captain America: Civil War depicted Tony Stark as a potential villain since he will be a proponent of the Superhuman Registration Act. This could also mean Black Widow and Hawkeye maybe siding with the Thunderbolts since they joined the team at one point or another. Black Widow posed as her recently deceased rival Yelena Belova when she joined the team and Hawkeye could do the same by imitating his brother Barney aka Trickshot who went MIA. Here’s one way the movie could get started.

HYDRA operatives led by the Fenris twins attack the people attending the grand opening of Stark International. The Fenris twins are Baron von Strucker’s children who have taken on hostages. The Fenris twins hold Tony Stark accountable for their father’s death. They demand Tony Stark’s life in exchange for the hostages. Captain America refuses to give into their demands but Tony Stark accepts his responsibility for Ultron’s atrocities.

Tony tells Steve and the Avengers to stand down. Cap and War Machine ignore Tony’s orders and devise a strategy to take out the HYDRA operatives. The incursion is executed and most of the HYDRA operatives are subdued. Crossbones takes on Captain America and Falcon while the other Avengers rescue the hostages. The Spymaster (Baron Zemo) has Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan close to him. When he learns that the Avengers have ignored the Fenris twins’ instructions, Spymaster proceeds by impaling Happy with his sword. Tony and Pepper watch in horror as the life in Happy’s eyes fades away.

War Machine gets into it with the Fenris twins. Their combined strength maims Rhodey with near fatal wounds. The Fenris twins activate detonation charges at the base of Stark International. The Avengers save as many hostages as they can. In the end, the Avengers are blamed for causing another international incident with collateral damage. Tony has Rhodey moved to Dr. Cho’s lab in South Korea and threatens Cap that "this isn’t over". Dr. Cho is able to repair the outer layer of Rhodey’s body but its Tony who implants cybernetic enhancements in Rhodey’s body so he can be functional again.

Tony goes before the UN and the World Security Council. Baron Helmut Zemo, a newly elected chairperson to the World Security Council, recognizes Tony Stark as a proponent for their idea of controlling the metahuman problem. Tony publically supports the ratification of the Superhuman Registration Act. The US government then approves a nationally sanctioned team that represents the country’s interests. The team is led by General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Ross tells Tony to give him the edge he needs to combat the Avengers. Tony gives Ross the Extremis formula. Ross then injects himself with a concoction comprised of Banner’s irradiated DNA and Extremis thus becoming the Red Hulk.

Spymaster (Baron Zemo) meets with the Fenris twins and Crossbones to discuss their next plan of attack. Zemo informs the Fenris twins that the Avengers will destroy themselves in time but he can’t allow the twins’ vendetta against Tony Stark interrupt his plans. Zemo impales Andrea von Strucker but Werner von Strucker and Crossbones decide to side with Zemo. Zemo gives them the instructions to keep the Avengers distracted by posing as a common threat. At the same time, Tony Stark and Ross get two new recruits for the Thundebolts: Agent Barney Barton (Hawkeye) from the FBI and Yelena Belova (Black Widow ) of the KGB. Hawkeye and Black Widow intend to expose the Thunderbolts as a dangerous alternative to the Avengers.


First day of shooting for Civil War

It looks like the shooting for Captain America Civil War has just begun. Anthony Mackie has his game face on as Falcon while Chris Evans is shooting the breeze while sporting some sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Frank Grillo is showing off his intimidating Crossbones costume. From the looks of it, I'd say he belongs in the Nolanverse like a henchman for Bane. There is probably no chance of the Red Skull making an appearance in this movie unless Baron Zemo is just an alias for the newly revitalized Red Skull.

I'm looking forward to the Red Skull making a comeback in either Thor: Ragnarok or the Avengers: Infinity War but I'm more anxious to see Sin, Red Skull's daughter because her and Crossbones are supposed to be an infamous duo. Has anyone else heard any news about other casting calls.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get an image for Crossbones off of Instagram. Some websites are uptight when it comes to copying and pasting.


The Divisions in Captain America: Civil War

With the hype growing more and more about Captain America: Civil War, fans are wondering which side will all their heroes be on. Here's a plausible roster:

Pro: Iron Man/ Black Widow/ Ant-Man/ Maria Hill/ Sharon Carter/ Vision/ War Machine/ Hulk

Anti: Captain America/ Diamondback/ Cutthroat/ Nick Fury/ Falcon/ Winter Soldier/ Hawkeye/ Scarlet Witch

Neutral: Everett K Ross (Martin Freeman)/ Betty Ross/ Spider-Man/ Black Panther

Thunderbolts: Baron Zemo/ Red Hulk/ Crossbones

Leader: Samuel Philip Sterns gets his hands on the Extremis formula and makes himself as well as General Ross formidable opponents for the Avengers

Goliath: Erik Josten is a smuggler/ mercenary who has worked for Baron Zemo and has stolen a prototype suit from Cross Technologies that allows him to grow to tremendous heights

Swordsman: Werner von Strucker assumes the identity of Hawkeye's former mentor. Werner and his sister Andrea start an international incident in order reclaim the glory of HYDRA. Werner and his sister Andrea are killed by Zemo while under the guise of Citizen V in order to gain public approval

Baron Heinrich Zemo was killed during his occupation of Wakanda in WWII

Andrea von Strucker is killed by Baron Zemo

Mark Ruffalo recently commented during an interview that he wasn't going to be a part of the conflict. However, General Ross (William Hurt) has been confirmed as a member of Thunderbolts along with Baron Zemo and Crossbones. It would seem implausible if the Hulk wasn't included especially if the General becomes the Red Hulk.

What do u think? I will be making a list that will describe each character's role soon enough. Stay posted.


The Thunderbolts are coming!!! (Captain America: Civil War)

It has been recently brought to our attention Captain America: Civil War starts out with the Avengers being responsible for another international incident resulting in collateral damage. No doubt caused by Baron Zemo. With political pressure building up, a governing body of the entire world (possibly the UN) plans to install a system of accountability by ratifying the Superhuman Registration Act. The governing body wants the Avengers to work under them but some Avengers don't agree with the terms.

This opens a door for a new team of heroes who are actually villains...the Thunderbolts. Baron Helmut Zemo with his sadistic sidekick Crossbones will bring the pain (both physical and emotional). However, who better to keep these two rogues in line then General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross and Dr. Samuel Sterns. It is my firm hope that actor Martin Freeman will be playing Samuel Sterns aka Leader and he develops an Extremis/ Hulk blood cocktail for Ross thereby transforming him into the Red Hulk.

How awesome will it be to see Martin Freeman play the pontific Leader who entices the people to join his so called loving embrace while at the same time turning the public against the Avengers. This would actually be a great move because Leader could brainwash Sharon Carter aka Agent 13 into killing Captain America. It should have been Dr. Faustus but the Agent Carter TV show stole him. There is only one setback. Mark Ruffalo and Liv Tyler have made no mention of coming back as Bruce Banner and Betty Ross. I am hopeful that they will confirm their roles soon.

With the Leader and Red Hulk being introduced this will save the Hulk from having to make anymore sequels since Universal Studios is playing hardball. At the same time though, She-Hulk could always adopt Hulk's remaining rogues and start a franchise for herself with Marvel Studios.