Possible Plots for Marvel's Phase 3

Phase 3 of Marvel Films begins shortly after the release of Ant-Man. Some of us are already aware of Gunn's refusal to do a crossover with Whedon's Avengers for the Infinity War film. Some users are ok with this move while others like myself, feel utterly disappointed. My dream to see Robert Downey Jr. talking back to a wise cracking raccoon is now shattered. Is there anyone out there who shares my woe?

But I digress, there are three infinity stones left and with the announcement of Captain Marvel as well as the Inhumans being made into films, has got me wondering how they will make these films a moderate success. Some people are still skeptical as to how popular Ant-Man will be as a film since its just about a master thief who can shrink. As far as we know, there has been no mention of Ant-Man becoming Giant-Man and other worthwhile villains for this film have been ignored like Whirlwind, Egghead or Crossfire. Its a pity Iron Man couldn't be more involved with Ant-Man, there could have been a lot more growth for creativity.

As for Captain Marvel and the Inhumans, there will only be one constant and that is the Kree's involvement in their upbringings. Marvel's Agents of Shield are already starting to kick off the Kree's intervention in Earth's affairs which brings me to my speculations as to how some of Phase 3's movies will play out.

First off, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will more than likely dive into Drax's past as well as Starlord's. James Gunn stated in a previous interview that he is going to stray away from the idea of Starlord's actual father but this move doesn't make that much sense to me because Peter's middle name is his father's namesake: J'son or Jason. Plus J'Son aka Mr. Knife becomes an adversary of the GOTG because Starlord refuses to accept his responsibilities as the eventual monarch of Spartoi which is primarily the reason why Yondu was sent to fetch Peter in 1988.

Drax's past however, has got me a little confused especially with Ronan's involvement. I'm just hoping Moondragon will be introduced along with the Mind Gem but the gem can be in the form of the Cosmic Control Rod. Certain members of the GOTG were involved in the Annihilation Wave story arc and since its pretty clear that Marvel is nitpicking characters or story lines from the Fantastic Four as well as the Silver Surfer then why not focus on Annihilus. Annihilus' invasion and his Cosmic Control Rod (Mind Gem) can be the main threat of GOTG2. With the Cosmic Control Rod, Annihilus can bend the inhabitants of Negative Zone to his will and eventually the entire galaxy.

As for Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, I thought about what story lines would make her interesting enough to watch at the theaters then it hits me...the Kree-Skrull war and the Secret Invasion. The original Captain Marvel will probably pass on his Nega Bands to Carol Danvers before he dies. Carol is currently working for NASA on an interstellar project that will revolutionize space travel but the project is being observed by the Skrulls who are planning a secret invasion.

Meanwhile, the Kree have a traitor in their midst in the form of Yon-Rogg who is secretly working for the Skrulls. Rogg was given the task of assassinating Mar-Vell but he failed to retrieve the Nega Bands. Nega Bands are crucial because they are the only force that can cancel out the explosive but unpredictable force of the Nega Bomb. Mar-Vell learned that Supreme Intelligence intended to end the war between the Kree and Skrulls by releasing the bomb on the Skrulls home planet which would explain why the Skrulls need Danvers project to work if in the likely event they fail to stop the Nega Bomb's detonation.

The Inhumans plot line is simple enough. The main characters of the story will probably be Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Medusa and Crystal. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch travel the world in search of who they are until they are attacked by a Kree and his sentry. This attracts the attention of Medusa and Crystal who think the twins could be the answer to their prayers. Medusa then pleads with the twins to help her rescue her cousins from the High Evolutionary. The Evolutionary was given a sample of the Terrigen Mists from an unknown Inhuman but it can be written that the Inhuman was the Maximus the Mad Thinker.

Maximus is a purist who considers his cousins like Gorgon and Triton as throwbacks and condemns them by having them serve as slave labor for the Evolutionary. Maximus created the threat The High Evolutionary in order to distract everyone from his plot to take the throne from his brother Blackbolt for himself. What Maximus doesn't realize is the High Evolutionary intends to create a Counter Earth for his creations but this will require the destruction of the original Earth. The High Evolutionary will achieve this devious version of Noah's Arc by misusing the teleportation power of Lockjaw.

Lastly Avengers: Infinity War which will probably be followed by Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Maybe for the Infinity War film will have Thanos going toe to toe with the Grandmaster and the Collector who intend to obtain the Infinity Stones before the Mad Titan does. At the end of the Infinity War, Thanos is defeated but not broken. The war has given Thanos a new found clarity on the universe. Thanos has prophesized that a being of infinite power will give birth to a new universe. Thanos then starts the Church of Universal Truth with his cohort the Magus. The Church basically begins a galactic conversion/ inquisition in order to pave the way for this all powerful being.

This can be the beginning of the GOTG 3. Nova Corps must contend with threat of the Church while the GOTG deal with the threat of Michael Korvac, a human who was effected by the power of the Infinity Gauntlet. Adam Warlock is perhaps the only person who can reestablish Korvac's humanity but he has been captured by the Enclave. The Enclave found Warlock's body after the Infinity War and experiment on him. Adam remains complacent during the experimentations because of Ayesha, Adam's female counterpart.

Rhomann Dey (John C Reilly) who has been studying the history and power of the Infinity Stones, learns that Adam Warlock is still alive on Earth and Adam's soul gem maybe the only way to stop Korvac from destroying the galaxy. Dey goes to Earth to rescue Adam but he is fatally wounded by Zorr and Nebula. Dey indoctrinates Richard Rider into the Nova Corps and Rider makes it his solemn duty to avenge Dey. All of our heroes are spread thin throughout the galaxy and only Richard Rider can unite them.

Those are my speculations. What do u think?


No Avengers/ GOTG crossover???

James Gunn recently spoke to Screen Junkies, saying he wants to keep GOTG and Whedon's Avengers mutually exclusive from each other. If Gunn is gonna keep GOTG separate from the Avengers then why have the Infinity War movie or for that matter split it into two parts. Gamora, Drax and Yondu are members of the Infinity Watch. Each of them is entrusted with an Infinity Stone after the Infinity War is over and Thanos is vanquished.

Plus I wanted to see the witty repartee between GOTG and the Avengers. I mean can u imagine Rocket pissing everybody off on the Avengers. Widow trying to shoot Rocket, Hulk trying to smash Rocket, Groot and Drax, Rocket and Starlord arguing with Iron Man over whose plan is better. Somebody please just give James a fat check and have him as well as his recently inflated ego just shut up. Either James plays ball and does an Avengers/ GOTG crossover or fire him and find someone who will.


Marvel Films wants Pacino!!!

That's right. Scarface himself has recently met with Marvel Films. Al Pacino was seen entering a closed door meeting at Marvel Studios for a possible role in Marvel's Phase 3 slate. Of course, speculation may be all over the charts as to who Pacino maybe casted as. More than likely, he will have a role to play in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

I was thinking Pacino may be casted as Star Lord's father J'Son aka Mr. Knife but that might be a bit of a stretch. J'Son does eventually become a villain for the Guardians of the Galaxy but Pacino isn't exactly in tip top condition for going toe to toe with Drax or Groot even with the latest advancements of CGI.

Another possibility for Mr. Pacino which seems more than likely is the Collector's older brother: The Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is an evil manipulator and a devious gamesman who lost possession of the Mind Gem to Thanos. All the more reason to star Moondragon in GOTG 2.

My only other suggestion as to who Al might be playing is Michael Korvac. Korvac was a slave to the Badoon who eventually got the upper hand on his captors and became an all powerful being of cosmic energy. Korvac's confrontation with the Guardians is what brought them into contact with the Avengers for the first time.

However, there are other Phase 3 films with roles that Al may fill in for. It would have been cool to see Al Pacino play Ulysses Klaw but Andy Serkis already landed that role. Which Marvel character do u think Pacino would be perfect for the Phase 3 film slate?


Will Smith as Deadshot has me worried

Before any of users start getting worked up about this blog, let me make it perfectly clear that this is not a racial issue for me, its a comic book character's origin that I have an issue with. Ostrander who is the director of the Suicide Squad movie recently spoke to CBR about the film and his response “To the general public, Deadshot as a character is not well known, so they wouldn’t really notice any difference."That comment has got me worried.

A lot of us know Deadshot came from a broken home with an abusive father who would beat Floyd's mother and he accidently shot his older brother when they tried to kill their monster of a father. Since that point on, Deadshot has been on a destructive path with a death wish. Eventually, that changed when Floyd learned that he had a daughter. He has a reason to live again.

My problem is: will Ostrander's changes towards Lawton's origin be too much of a "crowd pleaser"? For me, this kinda feels like what they did with the Mandarin or Bane or even Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot. Almost every minority, whether they be religious or racial, has dealt with some form of persecution or discrimination. The top 5 minorities that are highly regarded today and often politically correct are blacks, Latins, Asians, Middle Easterns, and Jewish.

For the Mandarin, I really didn't understand why they had Ben Kingsley play a Middle Eastern terrorist with a Chinese title or why Tony was captured by a Middle Eastern terrorist cell. From a contemporary standpoint, it makes sense that Tony would be captured by terrorists since we are still in a conflict with certain countries in the Middle East but Tony's actual origin starts in China when he was captured by a Communist group who wanted Tony to build weapons for them.

Personally, the first Iron Man movie would have been more compelling if he was captured by the North Koreans who are secretly working with a Chinese benefactor like the Mandarin. As for Bane, with all due respect towards Tom Hardy (great actor), why couldn't Nolan hire Javier Bardem to play Bane. How does Bane go from being a Cuban to being a Brit who is being held prisoner somewhere in India. Realistically, British Imperialism in India ended long before Bruce was ever born.

Finally, Johnny Storm being black and his sister still being white. I have gone over their origins a couple of times and I don't see the dynamic of changing Johnny's ethnicity. African Americans or anyone else who is black have dealt with persecution and discrimination but the Storm family has never had to deal with this issue throughout their entire life. More than likely, the Fantastic Four reboot will say Sue Storm was adopted by the Storm family.

Coming back to Will Smith being Deadshot, Floyd is a Southerner who eventually made his way to Gotham. I suppose Ostrander will keep Floyd's Southern origin the same except for his ethnicity but personally, some of us come from broken homes regardless of race so why consider the dynamic of making Floyd black. Probably the only racial remark I would make is that the name "Floyd" is not a name that any black person would consider for their child. However, a name like Benjamin, Thomas, Eric or David would be more than likely considered.

Will Smith has always played the bad ass/ pretty boy. If he had landed the role of Eric Needham or Derrick Coe aka Black Spider or Benjamin Turner/ Thomas Blake in some Bronze Tiger/ Catman crossover then that role would be perfect for him. Though I think the real challenge for Will Smith's acting career would be playing Black Manta because Manta is evil in the most devious ways even though he has a son who is the new Aqualad. What do you think?


Could Jason Bard be Onomatopoeia?

The recent issue of Batman Eternal gave some of us a glimpse into the life of Jason Bard. It turns out Jason was wronged by a vigilante when he was a kid and he has had a deep rooted hatred for "cape crusaders" since then. Onomatopoeia has a similar back story where his brother Jerry was murdered by a vigilante and has since then hunted down crime fighters like Batman and Green Arrow. Onomatopoeia's infamy has expanded because of Kevin Smith's run with the Batman. Onomatopoeia has plagued Batman's life since Batman Cacophony which is then followed by Batman Widening Gyre. At the of the Gyre, Onomatopoeia murders Silver St. Cloud right in front of Batman and Kevin Smith leaves us on a cliffhanger.

"Silent Bob" had made an announcement that the final chapter between Onomatopoeia and Batman would be dubbed Batman: Bellicosity. However, Smith made this statement back in 2012 and it was supposed to be released for the Summer of 2013. Almost three years have gone by and no movement has been made, only procrastinations. I have tweeted Kevin Smith over a dozen times about what's the ETA on Batman Bellicosity and still no response. Not even a snarky remark.

One can't just turn Batman's world upside down by the killing the woman he loves and making him admit to an embarrassing revelation and not finish it off. I have wanted to know who Onomatopoeia really is and perhaps the writers of Batman Eternal are setting Jason Bard up as Onomatopoeia. I don't have much of a problem with this because Jason Bard has really only been a pretty boy who pops up from time to time to help the Bat Family but this revamp might actually give him some notoriety.

On a personal note: What I can't understand is why Kevin Smith gets upset when the producers of "Arrow" want to introduce his vigilante hunter Onomatopoeia to the show? Smith has been putting off Bellicosity for some unknown reason and he hasn't given Onomatopoeia his climatic finish. Due to Kevin's uproar, the producers of Arrow had to introduce a watered down rendition of Onomatopoeia who they dubbed Mr. Blank. This is just sad for the producers of Arrow. Having to answer to Silent Bob when he is truly silent on this particular topic. Whenever I watch Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats or Jay and Silent Bob strike back, I can't help but feel a little upset at Kevin.


Del Toro & Justice League Dark!!!

Del Toro recently spoke with Collider about his plans for another Pacific Rim film. After I heard that, I felt like Kenan Thompson from Kenan and Kel "Why???" However, there was some good news. Del Toro reported that he has finished his script for "Dark Universe" which is primarily based on Justice League Dark. The main characters for Justice League Dark are John Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Black Orchid, Deadman, Phantom Stranger, Madame Xanadu, Zauriel, Andrew Bennett, Doctor Mist, Frankenstein, June Moon, Nightmare Nurse, Pandora and Tim Hunter.

As for the villains of this impending film, it remains undetermined. Judging from which heroes and villains that Del Toro decides to go with, can be the only way to determine what the story line is going to be. Personally, I would reserve most of the iconic rogues like Anton Arcane for spin offs. If "Dark Universe" becomes a big box office success then it can be followed by a prequel like Demon Knights and a sequel like Justice League.

The spin offs that can follow could be a remake of Swamp Thing and Constantine as well as a Zatanna movie. For Dark Universe, I would have Tannarak, Sin Eater, Tala, Asmodel and Traumiel as the lead villains. Basically the plot will revolve around the Phantom Stranger and Pandora who were condemned for the crimes against the heavens but now Tannarak and Tala intend to usher in a new world (Dark Universe) for the Homo Magi and bring an end to Homo Sapiens.

Who do u think should be in each spin off? For me its the villains that draw my attention to the movie.

Demon Knights: Mordru/ Morgan Le Fay/ Klarion & Teekel/ Mordred

Swamp Thing: Anton Arcane/ William Arcane/ Jason Woodrue/ Blackbriar Thorn

Zatanna: Brother Night/ Jonah Hook/ Sensei/ Nimue Ravensong/ Oscar Hampel

Constantine: Nick Necro/ Nergal/ Rosacarnis/ Papa Midnite

Justice League Dark: Felix Faust/ Demons Three/ Dr. Destiny


More hints on Arkham Knight?

The latest trailer for Arkham Knight gives us another hint on who the Arkham Knight might be. Scarecrow has given the Arkham Knight explicit orders to keep Batman out of Ace Chemicals at all cost. The Scarecrow promises the Arkham Knight that he will have his chance to exact his vengeance on the Batman.

Its possible that the Arkham Knight is Damian Wayne due to the fact that Talia and Ra's al Ghul had access to unusual advancements in technology that involved growth acceleration. Perhaps Damian was conceived after that night that Talia and Bruce had shared in Metropolis. Now, Damian holds Batman responsible for his mother's death. More than likely, Talia's body was lost to the explosions that the Joker set off in the Monarch Theater and Ra's al Ghul was resurrected in order to manipulate Damian.

I kinda doubt that Arkham Knight would be Jason Todd even though his Red Hood character is being introduced in the game. The Joker is dead so Jason would have no reason to hold a grudge against Bruce unless he and Talia became lovers before the events of Arkham City. In that situation, it would be the same as Damian's: Batman failed to save Talia and now Jason wants revenge. Then again the Arkham Knight could also be Thomas Wayne Jr, Bruce's estranged but psychotic little brother.

Some people are leaning toward the idea that the Arkham Knight is a descendant of the Arkham family. Its plausible but cliche. As I look back at Batman's rogue gallery, Lock-Up and Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong aka General could also be the Arkham Knight in disguise since they have a military background. What I'm wondering is if Hush will play a role in the Arkham Knight's upbringing as well as the Scarecrow. Could it be possible that the Arkham Knight has some bearing on Azrael's prophecy or could he be a disgraced member of the Order of St. Dumas. What do you think?

As a side note: Does anyone have any comment on what's going on with Kevin Smith's Batman: Bellicosity? I wrote a blog about it but I got no feedback.


What's going on with Batman: Bellicosity

Can anyone tell me what's the hold up with Kevin Smith's follow up to Widening Gyre? The announcement for Batman: Bellicosity was made back in 2012 and was supposed to be released for the Summer of 2013. Almost three years have gone by and no movement has been made since then. WTF!!! I have tweeted Kevin Smith over a dozen times about what's the ETA on Batman Bellicosity and still no response. Not even a snarky remark.

U can't just turn Batman's world upside down by the killing the woman he loves and making him admit to an embarrassing revelation and not finish it off. I need closure dammit. I want to know who Onomatopoeia really is. What exactly happened to his "brother" Jerry that drove Onomatopoeia on this dark path to target masked vigilantes? Does his family really know who he is? Does Batman ever get justice for Silver St. Cloud or does someone else take him out? Joker and Deadshot still have a score to settle with Onomatopoeia.

What I can't understand is why Kevin gets upset when the producers of "Arrow" want to introduce his vigilante hunter Onomatopoeia to the show if he isn't going to give Ono his due in the comic series that he has been putting off. Due to Kevin's uproar, the producers of Arrow had to introduce a watered down rendition of Onomatopoeia who they dubbed Mr. Blank. This is just sad for the producers of Arrow. Having to answer to Silent Bob when he is truly silent on this particular topic. Whenever I watch Clerks, Dogma, Mallrats or Jay and Silent Bob strike back, I can't help but feel a little upset at Kevin.

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A great follow-up for Batman: Assault on Arkham

With the Throne of Atlantis coming up in January and Justice League: Gods and Monsters being based off of Injustice: Gods Among Us, I'm curious if Batman vs Robin is going to be any good or not. Son of Batman failed at meeting my expectations even with Deathstroke being involved. It turns out Batman vs Robin will introduce the Court of Owls but they won't be playing a crucial role in the movie.

I think the DC animators should focus on making follow ups for Batman: Assault on Arkham. For instance, one follow up can take place between Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. A group of so called "political agitators" are trapped in Arkham City because of Hugo Strange and Amanda Waller must send in the Suicide Squad to extract them.

Deadshot and Boomerang are forced to work with Waller again but this time she has leverage over them. Waller has Deathstroke kidnap Deadshot's daughter and Boomerang's son in order to gain their compliance. Killer Frost decides to work with the Suicide Squad again because she has become romantically involved with Owen Mercer aka Boomerang Jr.

The team would primarily be Deathstroke, Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, Boomerang, Copperhead, and Killer Frost. The Suicide Squad enter Arkham City and get into bloody conflicts with the various gang factions in Arkham City. Eventually, Deadshot and Boomerang realize they have been set up. Deathstroke never really kidnapped the kids. Boomerang Jr. and Deadshot's daughter were among the "political agitators" who were taken prisoner by the Tyger guards. Waller wants to tie up loose ends by having Frost, Deadshot and Boomerang killed for the botched mission at Arkham years ago.

In the end, Deathstroke, Copperhead and Bronze Tiger manage to get the hostages out and leave Deadshot at the mercy of Hugo Strange. Boomerang and Jack Drake kill each other during an altercation. As for Frost and Boomerang Jr, they escape Arkham City and live out their psychotic version of a happy ending. Batman, Nightwing and Red Robin would play a big role in this as well.

As for the follow up between Arkham City and Arkham Knight, the animators could elaborate on Azrael's prophecy about gates of hell opening in Gotham. Perhaps Hush, Killer Moth, the Black Glove, the Court of Owls and the League of Assassins could get involved in a really big way. It seems pretty clear that Arkham Knight is going to focus on a different story line which doesn't involve Azrael's prophecy.


Has Marvel films bought back most heroes?

As Dr. Strange undergoes pre-production, I can't help but wonder if Marvel films bought back the rights to Ghost Rider and Blade. I'm curious because the Midnight Sons was basically comprised of Blade, Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider. Kinda like the supernatural version of the Avengers but not as popular like the Defenders which surprises even me. I think it would be awesome if Dr. Strange's film actually takes off at the box office because the sequels can reintroduce Blade and portray Ghost Rider properly.

If you had Dr. Strange and Blade in a movie, they could introduce Varnae, the first vampire as well as Dr. Strange's estranged brother who becomes a vampire. Plus they can bring back Deacon Frost and Dracula in a whole new way. As for Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange, the writers could dive into the history of the Ghost Riders throughout time and maybe have chaotic family reunion between Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch.

Speaking of Ghost Rider, you know what would be a great movie...the Hulk vs Ghost Rider. Picture this: Ghost Rider's origins take place at Quentin Carnival where he makes his deal with Mephisto then the Ringmaster, who is one of the Hulk's foes, is also working for the devil and manages to take control of the Hulk. The Hulk unknowingly kills a few innocent people because of the Ringmaster and Ghost Rider is summoned to punish the Hulk but in the end, they decide to work together and put an end to devilish corruption at Quentin Carnival. To make it even more interesting, I would have Rob Zombie direct the movie. In fact, Rob Zombie should direct a Ghost Rider trilogy in order to do Ghost Rider just right.