Possible plot for GOTG 2 (Part 2)

Let us fast forward to J'son's coronation where a big fiasco takes place because everything doesn't go according to plan. The Guardians are divided up during the chaos. Gamora and Rhonnan Dey end up captured by J'son and Nebula. Thanos has "forgiven" Nebula for her betrayal in the sense that Thanos has installed a small explosive charge in her body which will go off if she double crosses him again. J'son and Nebula have the M'Krann crystal and are making their way to Thanos' sanctuary.

Rocket and Pip escape on the Milano while Peter and Drax are immobilized by the Ravagers. Starfox contacted Yondu and agreed to pay him triple for what Peter was worth originally. Drax was just along for the ride. Peter and Drax arrive on Titan, one of Jupiter's moons. Starfox introduces himself to Peter and notices Drax behind him. Starfox is incidentally responsible for Drax's tragic rebirth.

After Starfox had learned that he was going to be a father, he heard rumors of an Infinity Stone being somewhere in the Sahara Desert. Starfox searches for the stone but his search alerts Thanos. By this time, Thanos and Ronan have already started working together. The Dark Aester lands in a desolate section of the Sahara where Drax and his family were unfortunately camping at.

Drax was originally named Arthur Douglas and Arthur was the first to be interrogated as to where the Infinity stone is. Arthur had no idea what Thanos was talking about so Thanos proceeded by having Ronan restrain Arthur while he tortured and murdered Arthur's wife Yvette and his daughter Heather. Arthur watched in horror as his world was ripped apart. Arthur gathered enough strength to subdue Ronan then he attacked Thanos. With a blast from his hand, Thanos set Arthur ablaze.

Thanos and Ronan then retreated to the Dark Aester and gave up their search for now. Starfox sensed that there was still life in Arthur and his daughter Heather. Starfox took Arthur and Heather to Titan and when Mentor learned of what happened, Mentor decreed that no Eternal was ever to go back to Earth. Mentor recreated Arthur's body but his mind was too far gone from the suffering that he had witnessed. Mentor subliminally created a new identity for Arthur.

Arthur became Drax the Destroyer. Mentor tried his best to reeducate Drax and keep his mind focused but Drax/Arthur was still having memory lapses of what had happened on Earth. Mentor finally confided in Drax that Ronan and Thanos did murder his family but it wasn't on Earth. At the same time, Mentor did not mention that his daughter Heather was still alive. Her body was reconstructed but she was in a catatonic state. Mentor couldn't allow Drax's rage to pollute Mentor's efforts to rehabilitate her. Drax is then finally introduced to Heather aka Moondragon.

Meanwhile, Pip and Rocket finally reach a desolate planet where Korvac and Bill have followed the Collector to. A fight between Bill and the Collector ensues but its Pip and Rocket's ingenuity that steal the Aether from the Collector. Pip gives the Aether to Korvac and the Collector scoffs at Korvac's allies. They failed to realize that Korvac is an Elder of the Universe just like the Collector. Mikal Korvac is the Corrupter. Pip and Bill are shocked by Korvac's deception but Korvac admits that he never lied about how he felt for Karina.

Bill tries to get the Aether back from Korvac but Korvac lands a heavy blow on Bill thanks to the power of the Aether and the Tessaract. Rocket and Pip grab Bill and drag him to the Milano with the Collector not to far behind. It turns out this planet is exactly where Korvac wants to be at. Korvac must find the Black Vortex, a gateway that leads to the Heart of the Universe.

Thanos feels the presence of two Infinity Stones that have been joined. Thanos orders J'son and Nebula to meet him on the planet where Korvac is. During midway, Rhonnan Dey breaks himself and Gamora free from their bonds. Rhonnan gets into a confrontation with Zorr, the Lumphoid responsible for the murder of his family. Rhonnan tells Gamora to get to an escape pod while he provides cover.

Gamora escapes but the confrontation between Zorr and Rhonnan causes the ship to lose compression. J'son activates a cut off switch and the cock pit is jettisoned from the rest of the ship. Nebula watches as Zorr, her true father, fades into the vastness of space with his enemy and the ship.

Korvac makes it to the Black Vortex where he comes in contact with Howard the Duck. Howard informs Korvac that he has seen the Heart of the Universe and warns Korvac that he may or may not like what he sees. Korvac disregards Howard's warning and pierces through the Black Vortex with the power of the Tessaract and the Aether. Korvac enters and is awed by the beauty of the Heart of the Universe. Korvac is then attacked by Akhenaten, a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt that was given the Power Cosmic and made out to be the guardian of the HOTU. Korvac battles the cosmic pharaoh but his powers are just not enough against the guardian.

At the same time, Mentor has refused to let the Eternals get involved with Thanos' affairs. Peter, the Ravagers, Drax, Moondragon and Starfox (who disobeys Mentor) decide to take the fight to Thanos instead. The Ravagers ship comes into contact with the Milano. Rocket recovered Gamora's escape pod and the Guardians are ready for an epic battle.

Thanos and his underlings arrive and witnesses the fight between Korvac and Akhennaten. Thanos uses the M'Krann crystal to enhance his own powers and takes on cosmic pharaoh while J'son and Nebula go after Korvac. Korvac finally touches the HOTU. He begins to see brief images of how his universe was created. Korvac is then approached by Stan Lee who goes by the name Exelsior. Korvac is maddened by the idea that it was Exelsior who wrote Korvac's story as well as every other being in the Galaxy. Therefore, it was Exelsior who dictated Karina's suffering and her eventual death.

Korvac refuses to let his choices be dictated by a cosmic artist/ storyteller. He will create a universe free from Exelsior that only Karina and he will inhabit and anyone else who wants to be free. Thanos kills Akhenaten but then looses the M'Krann crystal when Korvac bursts out of the Black Vortex. Korvac now has three of the Infinity Stones at his command. Korvac begins to convert his body into another Big Bang which will give birth to a new universe.

Moondragon decides that she is the only one who could enter Korvac's universe and perhaps talk some sense into him. Thanos agrees that Moondragon's plan may work but he doesn't intend to lose the Infinity Stones again. Moondragon and the Ravagers head toward Korvac while the Guardians and Thanos' forces have it out. Korvac considers the Ravagers' ship as a threat so he consumes them with his power cosmic but he senses something special with Moondragon.

In the end, Moondragon convinces Korvac that what he is doing is wrong. Korvac decides to let the Infinity Stones consume him into a cosmic implosion. Drax is about to kill Thanos when the Tessaract falls right into the mad tyrant's grasp. Thanos teleports away and claims the Aether and the M'Krann crystal for himself. Moondragon embraces Drax as father and daughter. Moondragon looks up at the stars with pity. Moondragon was able to learn what Korvac learned from Exelsior. Drax asks what's wrong but Moondragon replies "Nothing...nothing at all." Exelsior speaks to Moondragon mentally and says "Hey, I didn't write that" to which Moondragon replies with a smile "I know."

The epilogue will be the Ravagers end up in the 31st century where Yondu meets the new Guardians of the Galaxy


Possible plot for GOTG 2

The movie should start off on Asgard. Someone has managed to enter Odin's Vault without setting off the Destroyer. Fortunately, there were guards who were secretly stationed and were assigned to safeguard the Tessaract. The guards surprise the intruder from behind but they hesitate when they notice that the intruder looks like Thor. They notice that intruder has the Tessaract in his possession. The guards tell him to return the Tessaract and intruder reveals himself as Beta Ray Bill.

The guards are then sneak attacked by Pip the Troll. Bill and Pip disarm the guards but the Destroyer is alerted to disturbance outside. Pip grabs the Tessaract and both he and Bill transport back to their base of operations. Pip and Bill were once exhibits in the Collector's emporium until they were freed by Karina's explosive sacrifice. Now, Pip and Bill work for Mikal Korvac, the former curator of the Collector's emporium.

Korvac and the other exhibits loved Karina for her heartfelt compassion towards them. Korvac intends to use the Tessaract as a diving rod to find the Collector and take back the Aether (the reality gem). Korvac wants to create his own reality where he and Karina can finally be together forever. However, Korvac will need the Orb to have the edge he needs to stand up against the Collector or anyone who gets in his way.

However, Bill and Pip have bad news to relay. With the death of Ronan, the peace treaty between the Kree and Xandar has been deemed null and void. Now, Xandar needs to ready themselves for the coming war with the Kree. The Xandarians are then approached by J'son of Spartoi. J'son agrees to aid Xandar if they return the Orb to him during his coronation. The Orb is actually a sacred object to the Shiar Empire known only as the M'Krann Crystal.

J'son intends to quell the civil feud between the Shiar and Spartoi by presenting the M'Krann crystal to Lilandra as his divine rite to rule. Nova Prime agrees to J'son's terms because a union between the Shiar and Spartoi will ensure that Xandar has strength in numbers. Unfortunately, J'son isn't who he says he is. It turns J'son is actually Jaxon Dey, the evil brother of Rhonnan Dey.

Thanos had learned about Ronan's death and how a mere human was able to weild the power of the M'Krann crystal. Thanos is shocked by the family resemblance. Peter Quill is Starfox's son and Starfox is Thanos' twin brother. Fortunately for Thanos, Starfox has been forbidden by his father Mentor, to never leave Titan again. Starfox kept in contact with Peter's mother via telecommunication and he was the one who sent Yondu to retrieve Peter.

Thanos hires Jaxon Dey to impersonate Starfox with a holographic mask but under the alias J'son. The mask is also an insurance policy for Thanos. If Jaxon Dey plans to betray Thanos like Ronan did then the mask will detonate. The coronation for J'son is just a ruse for Thanos to get his hands on the M'Krann crystal. Thanos can't let the Eternals know of his activities or Mentor will end state of isolation that he has decreed which is why Thanos uses underlings to do his work.

Korvac figures the best way to get the M'Krann crystal is to placate to Gamora's need to protect the galaxy. Gamora and Drax are angered by Xandar's decision to give up the M'Krann crystal to another warlord like J'son. Korvac transports Pip to the Milano and discusses a plan to steal the M'Krann crystal during the coronation. At first, Peter and Rocket are against the idea of getting on the Nova Corps' bad side again but when Peter looks at a vid of J'son on Xandar and sees the familiar facial characteristics, he reluctantly agrees to go along with Pip's plan especially if it means to be reunited with his father.


Possible casting for Dr. Strange (2016 film)

I recently wrote a plot about the upcoming Dr. Strange movie and I have come up with a few ideas of who should make an appearance.

Guardians of the Sanctum Santorum: Dr. Stephen Strange, Ancient One, Wong, Scarlet Witch, Adam Warlock and eventually Clea while Baron Mordo is cast out

Dark Dimension: Dormammu, Umar, Magus the Pagan (Baron Mordo) and Ayesha (Clea Kismet)

The Church of Universal Truth: Lord Templar (Jonathan Tremont) and Black Knight (Both Dane Whitman and Agustine du Lac)

Umar pretends to be loyal to her brother Dormammu but she has her own plans in motion. She manipulates her daughter Clea into becoming Adam Warlock's predestined lover Ayesha. Umar intends to nurture their offspring who will end Dormammu's reign in the Dark Dimension and take over the Earthly realm. Baron Mordo is able to disguise his loyalty to Dormammu by assuming the identity of Magus the Pagan. Scarlet Witch approaches the Ancient One in order to receive consul on how to control her powers. Wanda and her brother have split up for the time being in order to find themselves. Pietro will find his place in life when he meets Crystal of the Inhumans.

As a personal note I made a list of villains for Captain America 3 and I will make a list for Dr. Strange as well.


Possible plot for Dr. Strange (2016 movie)

The film should start off in 1828 when India was under the rule of the East Indian Trading Company. For sometime, countless yet unexplained accidents have claimed the lives of several British officers at Shaniwar Wada Fort in the Pune Providence because Lord William Bentinck, the Governor-General of India at the time, has been forcing the idea of Westernization on the Hindu community.

Bentinck refuses to submit to the superstition that has been plaguing his soldiers or the bloody retribution brought by the inhabitants that strongly resisted the changes to their culture. Bentinck is then approached by Jonathan Tremont who represents a sect of the Church of England known only as the Triune Understanding. The Triune Understanding is infamous for their unorthodox methods of conversion and Tremont assures Bentinck that order will be restored.

A group of Hindu occultists react to Tremont's despicable treatment toward the providence by opening a gateway into the Dark Dimension through the use of the soul gem and a spell from the Darkhold. They intend to use Dormammu to exact their revenge on Tremont and Bentinck but the occultists fail to realize that Dormammu's evil is beyond their control. The Ancient One arrives and uses the power of Agmotto and the Vishanti to steal the soul gem before Dormammu can claim it.

In a fit of rage, Dormammu causes the entire fort to go ablaze before being sucked back into the Dark Dimension. During the fiery chaos, the Ancient One looses sight of the soul gem. Tremont gets a hold of the gem and brings it back to England in order to study it. Over the centuries, the Triune Understanding has evolved into the Church of Universal Truth and Tremont has transferred his soul into a new body while soul of his victim is transferred into his dying body.

As far as Tremont can tell, the soul gem not only allows the user to steal souls or inhabit another person's body but the soul gem acts as a repository of lives that have come into contact with the gem. Tremont intends to create the perfect being incapable of any flaws unlike himself. However, Tremont realizes he must rely on science in order to create the perfect body to harness the soul gem. Tremont approaches the Enclave, the science branch for SHIELD at the time and they create the perfect being. The Enclave however, didn't want their creation to be abused by Tremont's twisted machinations of perfection.

Tremont sends his operative the Black Knight to eliminate the Enclave scientists and claim his prize. The Enclave scientists use the power of the Tessaract to send the cocoon of their perfect being far from Tremont's reach. The cocoon eventually falls into the hands of the Collector and there it stays until the explosion at the Collector's emporium. The Enclave's creation awakens and the erratic presence of the soul gem alerts Tremont and Dormammu.

Tremont beckons the user of the soul gem to return to Earth and acknowledge his destiny. The creation hijacks a ship on Knowhere and heads to Earth. Tremont informs the Black Knight to prepare for the creation's arrival while Dormammu's followers to exact same thing. The creation's abrupt arrival in New York causes Stephen Strange to get into a car accident which in turn causes him to lose the surgical prowess in his hands. Wong and Scarlet Witch rescue the creation from the Black Knight and Magus the Pagan, who is a manifestation/ personification of Baron Mordo.

The Ancient One tries to console the creation by asking what he remembers. The creation recalls a group of men talking about how his birth will impact the world. One of the men called the creation "Adam". Adam then remembers a discussion between the Collector and a group of people. The Collector mentions the Infinity Stones but then the discussion became an argument between the Collector and his servant. The last thing Adam remembers is the screams of a woman in pain and then a flash of light which released him from the cocoon.

The Ancient One realizes that Dormammu and Tremont will attack the Sanctum Santorum with everything they got but the Ancient One is too weak. He must find a suitable Sorcerer Supreme. Unfortunately, Scarlet Witch is to unsure of herself and Wong is more of a follower and a teacher rather than a leader. It's at that moment that Wong mentions that Stephen Strange notice the fight between the opposing forces when Adam was rescued. The Ancient One feels that Stephen Strange maybe the next in line to be the Sorcerer Supreme.


Possible casting for Captain America 3: Civil War

The final installment for Captain America is going to be filled with so many familiar faces and more than likely, Marvel will start some media promotion to entice us to choose which side we will join in the upcoming Civil War. Some of my fellow users have suggested the following teams:

Iron Man team: Iron Man, War Machine, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Vision & Hawkeye.Captain America team: Captain America, Falcon, Sharon Carter, Black Widow & Winter Soldier & Black Panther.Skeleton Crew: ?

The Skeleton Crew was basically a ragtag group of those loyal to Red Skull. It hasn't been revealed who the villains are but there is a strong possibility that actor Daniel Bruhl will be casted as Baron Helmut Zemo. For Zemo, I picture him adopting the guise of the Ghost and Spymaster thus making a formidable opponent for Cap or Iron Man but at the same time he can inflict mental torture on Cap for the disgrace that Cap visited on his grandfather Heinrich Zemo.

I want the Red Skull to come back as much as anyone but I think its best to save him for the Infinity War movie and the same goes for his daughter Sin. The other remaining villains could be MODOK who is actually arnim zola with the digital alias of George Tarlatan and of course, Crossbones. Its a pity Frank Grillo signed on for the final movie. I wish the Russo brothers would get Stone Cold Steve Austin to play Rumlow.

The other three villains would be mergers of existing characters. For instance, Techno or Fixer, who was Zemo's tech support on the Thunderbolts, will have the Machinesmith's origin. Metallo and controller will be another merger. Zemo can go under mentallo's name as a giveaway alias. I say give away because the surname flumm is a town in lower saxony Germany where zemo can say he is from and marvin can be the name that his father took on when he entered the country.

This just leaves Madame Hydra. Now, her character has already appeared in the Wolverine movie but under alias of Viper. However, the title of Madame Hydra can be passed onto another and the perfect candidate would Diamondback, one of Cap's conflicted love interests.

Diamondback has an unfortunate history with Crossbones when she was young and this event has left her scarred. However, with mentallo the controller being the mental manipulator that he is, he can cause Diamondback to repress those memories and have her adopt the persona of Madame Hydra as per Zemo's orders. Diamondback's brother Cutthroat would also have his fifteen minutes of fame by trying to save his sister, helping her remember who she is and take on crossbones who ravaged his sister.

Lmk if there is anyone else that u think should be included in this movie or if the proposed characters that I mentioned require some fine tuning. Check out my other blog about the plot for Captain America: Civil War in order to get the gist of how the casting works.


Possible Plot for Captain America 3: Civil War

The plot for this movie would probably start off with a trip to the past. Heinrich Zemo who is a supposed loyalist to the Red Skull has been mining the vibranium ores in the Wakanda region in order to make himself a force greater to be reckoned with than the Red Skull. The Black Panther and Captain America team up to stop Zemo and their efforts cause a cave in which kills Zemo.

We then enter the present date and things are looking grim for Stark Enterprises. The world knows that Tony is responsible for the technological menace known as Ultron and even though the Avenegrs have put an end to Ultron, the people will want Tony to answer for it. Tony has lost the faith of everyone who trusted him including Pepper. Maria Hill seems to be the only one understands why Tony did what he did.

Pepper attends a conference on Wall Street to address the stockholders' concerns with Stark Enterprises but without Tony. Happy Hogan comforts Pepper that she will find a way to reassure the confidence of the stockholders in Stark Enterprises. During the conference, Happy notices something peculiar moving towards Pepper. Happy intercedes and warns Pepper. The apparition then impales Happy with a sword.

Suddenly, the windows of the boardroom explode and HYDRA enforcers surround everybody. The doors to the boardroom open up and Madame Hydra (Diamondback) comes walking in declaring that HYDRA will answer the people's cry for justice towards Stark Enterprises and all other companies that construct weapons of mass destruction. It is at that moment that apparition make his presence his known. The apparition is Baron Zemo but in the guise of Ghost the Spymaster who also vouches the bloody retribution that HYDRA will exact.

Tony watches in horror as his friend lies dying in Pepper's arms. Later that day, President Ellis decides that the United States must take certain steps to ensure an end to these threats whether they be domestic, foreign or superhuman. The first thing Ellis does is have SHIELD reinstated with Nick Fury back in charge and the Superhuman Registration Act is under way. Tony decides to save face by acknowledging Congress' concerns and volunteers to be the leading proponent for the act's legislation.

Cap of course, is outraged by Tony's decision thus giving him one more reason to disapprove of Tony's motives. Meanwhile, Zemo and his Skeleton Crew continue to feed the fire that will bring about the Civil War. Zemo's base of operations is an abandoned AIM facility where MODOK continues conditioning Madame Hydra and her splinter group in order to keep them compliant with Zemo's plan to divide and conquer. Zemo is counting on Captain America as being the opposition to the Superhuman Registration Act thereby causing the people to turn against the First Avenger who fought for peace and freedom.

What do u think so far? Do u think this would be a great premise to how Captain America: Civil War should start off?


Scarlet Witch: A Threat to Dr. Strange or the Avengers?

With the introduction of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver in The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, we can only speculate the outcome of what will happen to the twins. There is a possibility that the twins maybe separated after the Ultron catastrophe. Quicksilver may end up aiding the Inhumans during their fight with Kree, fall in love with Crystal and learn his origin from the High Evolutionary.

As for Wanda, she knows that her powers are chaotic and unpredictable thus making her mentally unstable. She may choose to seek outside help without her brother (who has a short fuse) in order to control her powers which would lead her to the Ancient One. Most movie goers won't know this but Wanda's abilities were corrupted by the malevolence of Chthon, the author of the Darkhold, who cursed Wanda when she was born.

Why Chthon chose not to corrupt Quicksilver as well is beyond me. Maybe Chthon predicted that Quicksilver's rash nature of over-protecting his sister would inevitably drive her way and down a dark path. Far-fetched I know. The Ancient One has a knack for bringing in lost causes and molding them into guardians but at the same time, Scarlet may prove to be a difficult case since she has been touched by evil.

Which begs the question: Would Scarlet be more of a threat to the Avengers or to Dr. Strange? With the Infinity War coming up, Thanos and maybe the Red Skull would be the main villains to take the stage which might leave very little room for Scarlet and mental breakdown during Avengers Disassembled. What do u think?


The Mandarin for Captain America 3?

As some of us may know, Robert Downey Jr is pretty sure or considering leaving Marvel Studios behind after the Infinity War movie. Kinda like Hugh Jackman will be done with Wolverine after the last Wolverine movie. Everybody wants closure but it leaves little room for anything else that could have been done which brings me to my point about the Mandarin.

A few people like myself have seen the Marvel short "All Hail the King" and the Manga movie "Iron Man: Rise of Technovore". Ezekiel Stane has been introduced to the MCU but not the way we had hoped. As for the Mandarin, Trevor Slattery who was played by Ben Kingsley was kidnapped by minions who serve the actual Mandarin.

This Marvel short was made to appease audience members like myself who were disappointed by the direction the Mandarin was given in Iron Man 3. At the same time, the short was kinda of a tease in order to give hope that actual Mandarin will appear in another Iron Man sequel but with Downey's eventual departure and no sign of a continuation for Iron Man, where does that leave the Mandarin or other Iron Man rogues?

I suppose the remaining Iron Man villains like the Ghost, Madame Masque or Spymaster can be utilized in Agents of SHIELD but it seems like such a waste of what could have been. But for the Mandarin, do u think it would be redundant for the Russo Brothers to include this Chinese warlord in their final installment of Captain America or would it be a benefit for the impact of the movie?


Who and what to expect for GOTG 2?

With the surprising success of the Guardians of the Galaxy, several users are guessing what's going to happen next. More than likely, Gamora will convince her new found friends to search for and obtain the remaining Infinity Stones before Thanos does. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the Eternals, Moondragon and Nova (Richard Rider).

The way I would start off is the treaty between the Kree and Xandar has been declared null and void after the death of Ronan. Xandar decides to build an alliance with the Shi'ar Empire by giving the Shi'ar the power gem. It turns out the power gem is the M'Krann crystal which is considered sacred to the Shi'ar. Xandar will present the M'Krann crystal at the coronation/ wedding of Lilandra of the Shi'ar and J'son of Spartoi.

The GOTG decide they must steal the power gem. They know this will bring them into conflict with the Nova Corps again but they can't allow the power gem to fall into the wrong hands. Nebula and her band of pirates known as the Starjammers as well as the GOTG crash the coronation wedding.

Meanwhile, Thanos is slowly getting his hands on the Infinity Stones. First off, Blastaar who could be introduced as a Rock Troll like Ulik, manages to infiltrate Odin's vault and steals Tesseract. Thanos has also gained the reluctant loyalty of Annihilus who desires the return of his cosmic control rod which is actually the mind gem. Annihilus is kinda like Gollum from LOTR or Larfleeze from DC. Annihilus covets the cosmic control rod and he would know the power that the other Infinity Stones exhibit.

Annihilus would act as Thanos' intergalactic bloodhound while at the same time serving as his general over the Annihilation Wave (a replacement army for the Chiaturi). Annihilus was unable to capture the Collector who had two Infinity Stones in his possession. One of which is the Aether, the reality gem and the other was the soul gem which was locked away in Adam Warlock's cocoon.

As for J'son, he would act as Thanos' servant who would pretend to be Starlord's father. Thanos wants J'son to get his hands on the power gem during the coronation wedding and manipulate the GOTG into helping him steal the remaining Infinity Stones. Starlord will eventually learn that Starfox, Thanos' brother, is his actual father and Starlord is half Eternal which would explain why he was able to harness the power of the M'Krann crystal. Drax will also learn about his past because the Eternals managed to salvage the body of Drax's daughter aka Moondragon.

The only other character that should make appearance is Richard Rider aka Nova. John C. Reilly's character will be killed off by Zorr, Nebula's actual father. Zorr and John C. Reilly will die and Richard Rider accepts the responsibilities of the Nova Corps and makes it his personal mission to capture Nebula. At the same time, Gamora still tries to reach out to Nebula and convince of a better way to live.

So many other characters could join the party. Who else do u think would make an impact?


Who to expect for Thor: Ragnarok?

The original cast from the previous Thor movies will reprise their roles but we may have to face the sad fact that Odin who is played by Anthony Hopkins may not survive this final installment of the Thunder God and Thor will have to reluctantly accept his role as the All Father of Asgard. This could also mean some of our favorite characters might meet a grizzly end as well.

A lot of users have been disappointed by the lack of Thor enemies that could have been used in the last two films. Personally, I was left with a loss of words for the direction that Malekith was given. His dialogue was so wooden. He really didn't display any sadistic or psychotic personality traits. Thor: Ragnarok is the Thunder God's last chance to really cut loose and make that hammer swing but who is tough enough to go toe to toe with Thor. Here's a few guesses:

  • Loki: Loki as a villain is a possibility since he has Odin imprisoned somewhere in bowels of Asgard. However, his cameo appearance in Age of Ultron along with Heimdall has me second guessing his role in Thor: Ragnarok. Is it possible that Loki may have inadvertently unleashed an ancient evil that Odin was keeping in check.
  • Cul Borson aka the Serpent: In the actual legend of Ragnarok, Thor is fated to fight the Serpent who encompasses the entire world. Cul Borson is the black sheep of the family that Odin has kept locked away like so many other secrets that Odin has withheld from his family. Sin, Red Skull's daughter, is the one who frees Cul from his prison and becomes Skadi, Cul's second in command. However, Sin's involvement in MCU maybe a stretch since the original Red Skull has yet to make an appearance. Plus with Al Pacino talking to Marvel Studios, "The Godfather" veteran maybe playing the accursed brother of the All Father.
  • Surtur: Surtur is the fiery giant from Muspell who wields a blazing sword. Surtur is involved the actual legend of Ragnarok and is fated to bring about the end of the Nine Worlds.
  • Grey Gargoyle: Grey Gargoyle was one of the few villains who were chosen by Cul to be a part of his Worthy. The Grey Gargoyle's origin could be intertwined with the Rock Trolls like Ulik who terrorize Asgard.
  • Hel: Hel is the supposed daughter of Loki and the embodiment of Death in Asgard's underworld. Its possible that Hel may make an appearance in the Infinity War movie as the avatar of Death who Thanos wishes "to court".
  • Karnilla: Karnilla is the High Priestess of the Norns and keeper of the Norn Stones. Karnilla develops a hatred for Thor and Loki due their involvement with the death of her lover Balder. Balder's death is what brought about Ragnarok to begin with. However, Balder has never been introduced as one of Odin's sons in the MCU and it was Balder who decided to take up the responsibilities of the All Father since Thor refused. Without Balder, there maybe no need for Karnilla.
  • King Cobra: Hail Cobra!!! King Cobra is actually a member of the Sons of the Serpent and the Serpent Society. No relation to GI Joe. King Cobra uses an artifact called the Serpent Crown in order to wield the powers of the snake-like Egyptian god Set. Its possible that Cul Borson has been known by many names throughout many cultures and Set could be one of them.
  • Sphinx: Even though Sphinx is a foe of Nova, Sphinx covets the Ka Stone and the Ka Stone could be introduced as the Time Gem which in turn can undo some of the damage brought on by Ragnarok. The Ka Stone could be the center piece of the Serpent's Crown.

Lmk what u think.