Women Warriors

They are beautiful. They are strong. They kick ass. And they'll beat the living day lights out of you if you disrespect them. These are the ladies of comics that are awesome.

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Posted by kenshiroo

Nice List!! ^__^

Posted by RavenT2
Thanks a lot! This is one my favorite lists.
Posted by NightFang

Great list.

Posted by moviegeek17

great list! Thundra and black widow are awesome choices!

Posted by RavenT2
Posted by RavenT2
Posted by AgeofHurricane

This list is BADASS! i love it.

Posted by intothetempest

Really great list, especially in terms of the first three placings, three of my favourite heroines. Plus, I LOVE some of the other characters on here, this is really well done

Posted by StormyWeather

i luv what u said about Rogue!!