Why I Think Bane is an Amazing Choice for "The Dark Knight Rises"

After talking with family and friends about the pick of Bane for the next movie, I realize that a lot of people are surprised at the pick. So, while I know most people already think this is a good idea, I thought I would post my thoughts as to why I think this is a good idea.
First off, when Bane burst on to the scene in the comics, he proved himself more than just a strongman or the villain of the month. He showed that he's a criminal mastermind. I mean, he found out Batman's secret identity and, because of the following attack, will forever be known as "the man who broke the Bat." That alone means that he will be quite the opponent for Bats.
From there, Bane kinda broke into that wall that some Batman villains seem to go through of being villain to anti-hero (other who have done that being Riddler and Catwoman). Bane even teamed up with Batman in some cases and proved to be a valuable ally. In terms of the movie, it makes me wonder if he will stay a villain. Whether he does or does not, it can be any worse than his first movie appearance where he was nothing more than a strong idiot. But I digress.
One of the things I like most about Bane in the comics is, though a villain and even that is debatable, he has a code all on his own but isn't above getting dirty.
All in all, I'm very excited for this pick, and also excited to see how Tom Hardy does in the role. I loved "The Dark Knight" and I'm anxiously waiting to see if Nolan can top himself with "The Dark Knight Rises."
What about you, my fellow Comicviners? What do you think of the choice? I look forward reading or hearing to your thoughts and your opinions on this subject. Comments are not only welcome, they are encouraged.

Posted by Grubich

I hope he figures out Batman's identity, actually breaks his back, and saying his phrase from when he 1st did in the comics.

Posted by RavenT2
Well... Nolan did say that this is the last of the series.
Posted by Degalon

Of course, looking at EVERY OTHER depiction of bane outside of the actual comics (The animated series was probably the best version.  The Batman, and Batman and Robin version, plus all the games versions of Bane all sucked), he'll probably just be some thug with a drug addiction and all Bats has to do is cut the cord, and he'll shrivel down to a scrawny addict...again.
I'm terrified that they will do EXACTLY that.  Though I hold out a faint hope that they instead focus on the fact that he's a tactical mastermind, which is the REASON he broke the bat, not his venom.  The Venoms just a bonus, not his main feature..the guy was created as an evil Doc Savage, why dont they ever focus on his smarts?  Not to mention it isnt the Venom that makes him big.  He's ALREADY massive, the venom just puts him at superhuman levels.
Oh well, crossing my fingers and hope they dont screw him over...again.

Posted by RavenT2
I think Nolan might make him more believable than in the "Batman & Robin" movie. I mean, he even has Bane's portrayal in the animated series to live up to.
Posted by StrelBo

i think bane was a fantastic choice for the next film, but i dont really think tom hardy is big enough to portray the sheer size and brutallity of the charecter, perhaps nolan should have gone for someone a bit more intimidating like nathan jones

Posted by RavenT2
I definitely agree about Nathan Jones. He would have been awesome. But they could do something similar to how Vinnie Jones was done in X-Men: The Last Stand.
Posted by .Spider-man.

Bane breaks Batman's back. Bruce then moves to take in an apprentice. So next we get 3 Nightwing movies. XP

Posted by Telcalipoca

wait.. bane is the next villain in the movie?

Posted by StrelBo

yeah man keep up lols :P

Posted by StrelBo
true true,
Posted by darth_fletcher

i loved bane in comics when he first appeared and lets face it...cant be worse than batman and robin movie version !!!

Posted by HaloKing343

Rises isn't going to be nearly as good as its predecessor. I just feel it. But I hope it turns out wonderful and I have faith in the project. I still think Bane is an odd pick but Nolan got a great actor for the role, so that's good.

Posted by MrErbac

Why are people saying this puny 5'9'' guy can pull off Bane's physique. Obviously you don't get it. Bane is a foot taller than this half-pint and Bane is 200 pounds heavier. This guy can put on 50 pounds of muscle and put on shoe lifts and he'll still be too small. Nathan Jones (The Protector, Troy) has the perfect look and physique for Bane, look at him in the beginning of Troy. That's Bane.