I'm kinda into pokemon and i saw this on this guy called 'Shaymin's blog an i thought what the heck, it might be fun!

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It's embarassing...

I never read the comics but i watched the show and it was pretty damn good in my opinion, the monsters were scary and

the girls were cute so it was up my street.
Plus my all time favourite is TEEN TITANS which is what hooked me on comics.

Gotta make a mention to static shock!

2 Actually

 Well for 1, it'd be Harley Quinn, she knows how to pull a good prank and we'd probably be able to leave the Hotel without paying cuz of a stunt she'd pull.

Another would be Zatanna, she can entertain me and conjour up money, good weather and infact just about anything; why stop at money when she could give me powers of my own!!!

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Quite a lot's happened really.....

1.The second Terra being killed; it's confusing enough without adding another Terra.
2.Black Adam giving up his powers
3.Jade died. I know she's not all that important but she was part of the Outsiders, which I love, and it really broke up the team
4.The Question died. Again, he's not very important but he is so cool (and so is Montoya)
5. Grace Choi and Anissa Pierce (Thunder) revealing to be having a relationship with eachother
6.Indigo was Braniac 8.
7. Raven came back as a Teen Titan.
8.Trigon's BACK! He almost killed Cyborg!
9.BumbleBee and the Herald joining the Doom Patrol and how bumblebee shrank and Mal lost his horn and voice
10.Linda Danvers gave up the identity of Supergirl
11.Duela dent died. Once again, not a big character but meant a lot to me.
12. Lilith Clay died; see 11, 4, 3 (she was like the first hero to join the teen titans after the original 5!!!!(If you care enough too check out the lilith clay page and look at the forums)

Sorry I'm rambling on a bit, but here I go again.

13. Jericho reborn

By the way, incase you hadn't noticed; Teen Titans and Outsiders Mean the world to me in the way of comics.

14.Pantha killed, see 11, 4, 3

15. Wildebeast died, ditto

16. Triplicate girl lost her triplicates and became Una

17. Harley Quinn good for once!


Ok i'm done...phew! oh wait 1 more

18.Lilith and Kole came back as zombies!

Done now; PM me if you agree.

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