Posted by tonis

@Raven0207: awesome covers buddy, you went for the gold with em. Plus you got some sugar in the middle :)

(love those 'cat eyes')

Posted by Raven0207
@tonis: Glad you like them. I'm just glad I can draw with little to no pain now. Hope you had a blast at DC !
Posted by DavidR
Glad to see you are getting a hand workout with your art. Really like the lines, that's one of the classics for sure as a cover. Your MJ is sweeet!
Hope you have time now that you are feeling better. New Crank is up with Hulk vs Modok for a battle Royale, as I mentioned I probably will miss this one but would love to see you art on there. ; P
Posted by M.S. Feather
@Raven0207: Excellent choice!  I'd say Amazing Fantasy #15 and Action Comics #1 are the most iconic and recognizable firsts to me personally, so it's cool to see your take on one of them.
Nice job on Mary Jane's "Jackpot" panel too. ;D