With Cameron's AVATAR now out...

...and seeing such a good response from the screening, it is only going to get volumized as it goes into wide release.  Now that there is a near-100% chance of this film being a huge hit, and after District 9's success, can we PLEASE have a HALO movie??? Now that James Cameron has broken numerous barriers AGAIN after a 10 year hiatus, namely being in the fields of technology and economics (sources beleive the film cost 300 mill to make), don't you think its time to release Halo to the big screen? What with all of the mini-videos being made, the numerous examples of Spartan MJOLNIR suits people make in their garages, and the new technology available, you'd think that they would be pushing for a good script and a start filming date.  The market is obviously there for Sci-Fi films (the most recent Star Trek film being one of the nowcouple of hits made just this year).  What do you guys think?  Will AVATAR help get the ball rolling a little faster on the Halo film, which has been stuck in development hell for years (which has been blamed on being difficult to write the story. BS, i say. the books are right there. read them, numb nuts)?

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