Modern Warfare 2: Your Take?

Everyone made it out to be this huge deal, but its not, as far as i can see.  Dont get me wrong its still a good game, I just dont see what all the EXTRA hype was about.  The multiplayer is pretty fun, I'll admit though ^^  Your thoughts on the game?


With Cameron's AVATAR now out...

...and seeing such a good response from the screening, it is only going to get volumized as it goes into wide release.  Now that there is a near-100% chance of this film being a huge hit, and after District 9's success, can we PLEASE have a HALO movie??? Now that James Cameron has broken numerous barriers AGAIN after a 10 year hiatus, namely being in the fields of technology and economics (sources beleive the film cost 300 mill to make), don't you think its time to release Halo to the big screen? What with all of the mini-videos being made, the numerous examples of Spartan MJOLNIR suits people make in their garages, and the new technology available, you'd think that they would be pushing for a good script and a start filming date.  The market is obviously there for Sci-Fi films (the most recent Star Trek film being one of the nowcouple of hits made just this year).  What do you guys think?  Will AVATAR help get the ball rolling a little faster on the Halo film, which has been stuck in development hell for years (which has been blamed on being difficult to write the story. BS, i say. the books are right there. read them, numb nuts)?

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Make your own (for good or evil)!

Though im sure someone has already done this, im not about to go through 700-some odd posts to see.  Think of this as an attempt at a resurrection of a dead topic. 
If you could create your own team, from either universe (but not intermingled) who would be in it, what would thier style of missions be (x-force compared to x-men), and where would they be based.  Max 8 members.  just to mix it up, it doesnt have to be a good team, can be a team of villians too.  To further mix it up, villians and heroes can work together, an idea that works on paper but probably wouldnt last long in an actual story/rl. Doesnt have to be all mutant, all w/e, just has to be all from the same universe(Marvel, DC, etc.) and time line.  If you want alternate reality heroes, you gotta use heroes from the same reality, otherwise youd have teams of 8 of the same character just from diff. realities, which would be boring, for us and for the team members. I mean who wants to hang around 7 other thems? If you want, you can name your team, and describe each members role on the team if you want as well.
For the record, Transformers and G.I. Joe counts as being in the Marvel universe, as do any other comics that follow those esample's example.
1) Wolverine 
2) Moon Knight 
3) Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
4) Deadpool 
5) Warpath 
6) Punisher 
7) Juggernaut 
8) Snake Eyes 













Their missions would be in the style of X-Force, doing things all black-ops and stuff.  I'd probably station them somewhere like Montana or somewhere somewhat central in the states yet secluded so that they would remain inconspicuous (sp?). No name yet...


ok, GO!

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People holding up buffet lines.

   Ok people, lets get think about this for a minute.  When you are at an establishment that serves food in a buffet or cafeteria style, most people like to browse. They like to stand IN LINE and look at ALL the different foods before making a decision. WHY???? If you're at a buffet you KNOW you're going back up! just pick somethin and go! As the comedian John Pinette says, "Grab and move! Grab and move!"  What do you have to browse for??? And at cafeterias they have things called MENU'S posted (usually) at the beginning of the line so you can decide THEN what you want! If you dont know in either cases then DONT GET IN LINE! Do a fly by!  For those of you who dont know how to, its simple: DONT get in line. walk along the outskirts of the line and glance at the choices, then make up your mind and get to the back of the line.  Is it that hard???  Speedway's another place like that. Stay out of line until you know what you want. If you get up there and when they ask you what you want dont say you dont know.  That just makes you sound like a retard! I've known what i want on my sandwich since i was like 5!!!  
and you people holding up buffet lines: dont try to put your food all nice and fancy on your plate, you waste more time! its a buffet! pile that stuff on there! Buffet's are like unofficial eating games.  Usually when you go (and dont say its not true cuz your lying to yourself) you try to see how much you can eat and how much more you can eat than your buddies, am i right? So why worry about presentation? Grab the food and get outta my way!!!  lol 
Whats the Vine's thoughts on this?

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There's been a lot of stuff going on in the news about militias for years.  Some say they are crazed wackos, others that they are just preparing in case they are needed.  What are your opinions?  Would you join one and why or why not?  I would if it came to the point of needing to.


Vigilantism: should we?

Should we as a society become more involved in stopping crime like those who have answered the call in the comics we read?  The cops can  only do so much, and only arrive after something has happened (normally).  For instance, the girl who was raped for two hours by ten guys right outside of her high school.  There were apparently 10 other people just standing around doing nothing though they knew it was happening, and the cops as well as the school authorities didnt even bother to do regular checks of the premises!!!  Its becoming inicreasingly clear we live in a crazy violent and dangerous country.  That being known and said, should we begin to look out for each other and stop being bystanders? If not for your fellow citizen, then for your own safety down the road?  I dont mean go around killing people who steal or something like that, but actually assisting in detaining a criminal until police can arrive?  My personal vote is yes, but we as a society have become too mob-minded, not doing what should be done because no one else around us is.  Just FYI, there's always more peopple around than the actual criminals.

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What the heck???

I have been waiting for over a year since the announcment of a sequal to The Boondock Saints to be released, and now that it has been, they arent going to show it in my area?????? WTF%$#!!!! i saved the last few dollars from my last paycheck to go see it and now they arent even showing it around me??? what the hell? Anyone else have this problem?

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