Ravager4's New 52 Lineup

If I were to have done DC's New 52, this is how I would have done it. Included here are 52 titles, where I denote the characters included in each one. ("Starring" means they are the main character/s of the title and are featured in just about all issues. "Featured" means the character is a supporting or guest character of varying frequency, maybe frequently appearing, or maybe only appearing every so often). None of those would be set in stone, of course, and some appearances could happen not listed, but this is just what you could expect. I've also included some clarifying descriptions and/or taglines on some of them, just for some added flare.

List items

Posted by Joygirl

Awesome! Love how much thought you put into each one.

Posted by wildvine

Great line up. Just feels like something is missing.

Moderator Online
Posted by Ravager4

@wildvine: What's that?

Posted by lykopis

For a DC n00b, this is awesome for me to refer to. Nice. :)

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Few nitpicks but not bad overall

Posted by andrewtheking

this makes me want do do a new one of mine

Posted by MasterDetective

Are Green Arrow and The Question good comics? can someone tell me?

Posted by Darkpanther

@masterdetective: green arrow got pretty good when jeff lemire took over, before that i wouldn't recommend

Posted by Guru_Crack

Very interesting idea, really enjoyed browsing through.