My Top Ships For Rose Wilson

Just a brief list on some of my favorite pairings for my favorite character in comics. This is all referring to the pre-reboot DC universe, as I couldn't give less of a crap about New 52 Rose.

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Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

What about TIM DRAKE. She kissed him and tried to sleep with him...twice.

Blue Beetle..who saved her life from LOBO and fluttered with him when he joined the team.

Aquagirl...who was a "friend" in TITANS TOMORROW storyline AND a fighter in the Terror Titans Aquagirl, was an equal fighter in TERROR TITANS...and defeated her.

Cassandra Rose, violent family history, heroine-villainess-heroine, drugged by Deathstroked, and redeemed

Bombshell...who tried to frame her and still carries a grudge

Miss Martian...who always to be her conscience AND through a pie at her face.

Dick Grayson...who was her mentor for a while and freed her from her father's control.

Jericho...her long-lost once crazy older brother.

Edited by Ravager4

@AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge: These are just my top ones, not every single possible ship I can think of. Most of those ones you mentioned don't really do much for me, except maybe Cain... I'd have to think more on it.

Tim: the one time she came onto him she was drunk and desperate to stay on the team, he clearly rejected her, and I'm not really a fan of Tim anyway. (the other time was in a dumb annual with poor writing all around that made Rose look like a really creepy stalker/rapist... and I choose to ignore it existed.)

Blue Beetle: He just doesn't to anything for me as a character, and there are a lot more people I'd rather see her with than him.

Aquagirl: Again, doesn't do much. They never really interacted a lot or had any moments.

Static: See above.

Bombshell: This is a lot more pure hate than the clear sex/hate she has with Cassie.

Miss Martian: I always saw their relationship as more sisterly than anything.

Dick: Like above, he's more of an older brother figure to her.

Jericho: I'm just gonna leave this one alone...

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

I vote for Eddie, it sucks that he got stuck in the Friend Zone.

Posted by Ravager4

@Avenging-X-Bolt: he might not have, if he'd lived, but dc killed him off instead. I wrote a one shot fan-fic of Rose learning about his death, since it was never shown in the comics, if you haven't seen it.

Posted by dngn4774

I think she works well with everyone you've mentioned in your top 6 except Bart Allen. Kid Flash is nice and all but they should never be more than friends.

Posted by lifeofvibe

hmmmm no jason todd...

Posted by Ravager4

@lifeofvibe: No, no Jason. Never.

And why did you post the same thing four times?

Posted by lifeofvibe

@nico4ever: i wasnt trying to i think it has somthing to do with post data. you remind me of somebody that i used to know but im just not sure who...