Favorite Characters

A list of all the characters I like, in no specific order.

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@nico4ever Yay! Another John Stewart fan. He's the most underrated GL of 2814.

Posted by Joygirl

Squee, this list rules!

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@dngn4774: He's been my favorite GL since I was a kid. Grew up with him on JLU.

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@nico4ever: I know, whenever I read his panels I can't think of any other voice than Phil Lamarr's.

Posted by RageTH22

I know it say "In no particular order", but if Rose and Nico weren't at the top of the list?
I can't claim to know you as well as others can, but I'm pretty sure if they weren't, you would have heard my brain gears grinding from all the way over there. Lol.

Am I the only one who has ever wondered what "The Daily Show"'s John Stewart thinks of John Stewart?