Rose Wilson New 52 Feats

Just a special blog to keep track of all the badass things that Rose has done in the New 52 so far.

Owning a shark alien (two of which were giving Superboy trouble) and being a snarky badass while doing it.
Possible psionic powers, at least some form of telepathic speech.

Defeating and nearly killing Superboy.
Defeated Solstice off screen.
Defeated and would have killed Red Robin if not for Kid Flash's interference.

Defeated Fairchild before being cheap-shotted from behind.
Astounding show of acrobatics and some level of enhanced attributes to fall dozens if not hundreds of stories and land perfectly on the street below.
Evenly matched with Timber Wolf.
Leaps off a jet traveling at high speeds and lands perfectly atop a flying Windshear below, easily taking him out.
Withstands a direct blow from one of Thunder's blasts and is barely fazed.

Displays some level of super strength, backhanding a buffed up Fairchild clear across the graveyard and putting her down for the count (while at the same time dodging Superboy's heat vision).
Defeating and killing Superboy in a possible future.
In spite being vastly outnumbered, she and Warblade give the escaped Ravagers a severe challenge.

Once again vastly outnumbered, Rose and Warblade fight and defeat a swarm of N.O.W.H.E.R.E. troopers and butcher bots, surviving without a scratch.
Suffers a super strength cheap shot to the gut by Fairchild and only has the wind knocked out of her.
Shows off her power dampening ability, which severely weakens the effects of invulnerability, seemingly super strength, and possibly other physical super attributes. It enables her to draw blood from and hurt a Jericho-controlled Majestic with a single kick, as well as her and Slade to together beat him into unconsciousness (Majestic had previously tanked a nuke without suffering even a scratch).

Requires extra strength arm cuffs to keep her restrained.
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Damn! Rose is a tough lady!

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@Joygirl damn straight!
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My respect has been growing for this character ever since reading your fanfic. This is a nice compliment

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@vernierhawk001: That's good to hear :D

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