Reginald Hudlin Fan club Vice president Ryan Fraser Interview

In my last interview I was referred to Vice President of the Reginald Hudlin Fan club Ryan Fraser by President Nina Villano so I tracked him down for ya! Turns out it's the same Ryan Fraser which I interviewed some time last year for work on the Dread & Alive series, you can read our first interview here . He's here to talk about all things Reggie Hudlin in this comicvine exclusive!

Welcome back Ryan, It’s been awhile!

  (Laugh) Sure has


 Q) For those who may not have read our last interview Tell us a bit about yourself.

R) I’m just your average comic loving geek who also happens to be the translator for the Dread & Alive series; I run a very successful black superhero website World of Black Heroes in conjunction with being vice president of the Reginald Hudlin fan club. I also write weekly a column for Island and in between I somehow fit in being a full time Dad, I’m just a boring home body really. (Laugh)


 Whoa! Man! Where do you find the time to do all that?

(Laugh) It’s easier than it sounds....sometimes......especially if your enjoying what your doing (smile) 


Q) What is the Reginald Hudlin Fan club?

R) The Reginald Hudlin fan club is your one stop spot for all things relating to one of the great black men of our time, Reginald Hudlin. It spans his earliest works such as House party and Boomerang to his more recent foray into the world of writing comics. It’s the focal point for fans and friends to share their common interest of, love and support for Reggie himself.


Q) What makes it different than or similar to other fan clubs?

R) It’s similar in that like other fan clubs it’s a gathering of fans of a particular person.

It’s different in a number of ways chief among them is the collaboration between myself and president Nina Villano since we both have different approaches to Reggie. She has been his friend since they were kids so she has a more personal approach to things. Myself I’ve been a fan since House party hit the scene and I’ve read his entire Black Panther and Spiderman comic book stints, In fact there is nothing that he’s written for marvel comics which I have not read.

The other way in which it differs is the added touch that Reggie is a member of and communicates with us weekly. You really can’t get a better fan club than the personal input of the man himself.


Q) Tell us about the origins of the Reginald Hudlin fanclub.

R) The origins of the fan club came about before I was ever involved. It came about from dialogue between old friends Reggie and Nina and blossomed into the work of art you see now.


Q) Why are you a fan of Reginald Hudlin?

 R) I’m a fan of Reginald Hudlin because I enjoy his work and having spoken to him in the past I found him to be a very cool guy. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s an idol of mine (laugh)


Q) Why should we be fans of Reginald Hudlin?

 R) That’s an easy one. Apart from Dwayne McDuffie few other black men have the breadth of experience and work as this man. Reggie has done comedies in Boomerang and House party, animation in Bebe’s kids, motion comics with the Black Panther BET series. Television and commercial director and hes easily been the single most influential force to sweep through BET in the past seven years.



Q) What do you consider his greatest work? And/or accomplishment?

R) There are different degrees to Reggie’s accomplishments. It’s almost unprecedented that his Harvard film school thesis was being shopped around as a movie before he graduated. He accomplished what some film students never do; launch a successful directing career right out the gate. He also accomplished his childhood dream of writing his favorite characters Spiderman and Black Panther for marvel comics. Other accomplishments include the Black Panther motion comic with which he managed to do something that no one else involved with the Black Panther ever did; he got the panther in a standalone series on TV. Mind you it only aired in Australia but it was huge step for the panther. Bebe’s kid was also the first animated feature to have an entirely African-American main cast, nowadays it’s still NOT something you see very often. He won the 2006 Glyph fan award for “Who is the Black Panther” was nominated this year for the same category with “Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of our fathers”. In 2009 his Black Panther run was nominated for the “best male character category”. His Spiderman run won a prism award for highlighting the dangers of drug abuse.

While at BET he created 17 of the top 20 rated shows in the history of the network, couple that with being executive producer of THE BOONDOCKS, directing the pilot of the hit series EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS and being producer and director of THE BERNIE MAC SHOW and you start realizing Reginald Hudlin has many great accomplishments.

I could go on and on, to me all his works pretty much speak for themselves whether by winning or being nominated for various awards throughout his long career. As I said this is a great man who deserves more respect and recognition than he does.


Q) What’s your Favorite Reginald Hudlin piece of work?

A) I love the opening arc of his Black Panther run “Who is the black panther”. It will always have a special place in my heart because it brought the Black Panther back from comic book limbo after the priest run was cancelled and thrust him back into the spotlight.

I also have fond memories of Boomerang (laugh) it’s so outrageous and timeless. That scene with Eddie Murphy and Grace Jones in the restaurant is just unadulterated top notch laugh out load material (laugh)


Q) Reginald Hudlin has worked in comics for awhile, what do you think he’s most known for?

R) Hands down his run on Black Panther is his most popular work. It out shadows everything else he did with Marvel. His movie Boomerang has also aged well enough to still be included on just about every top ten list of black Romanic comedies in history.


Q) What were the highlights of his Black Panther Run?

R) The highlights of his run have to be the marriage of Black Panther to Storm. He also wrote the only Black Panther Annual in history of the character. Other highlights would be the streamlining of the royal family of wakanda and introducing the first female Black Panther in Shuri.


Q) He’s also written Spider-man, what did you think were the highlights on that book?

R) His run on spider-man was great melding of reality and fiction as it highlighted the dangers of drug abuse. You would need to read it to understand that Statement though (Smile)


Q) How is Reginald Hudlin different than other celebrities?

R) He’s friendly. With all the work I’ve done for my own website and others I’ve met quite a few celebrities and Reggie is like you or me. He’s a “everyman” someone who has no loft, doesn’t look down on you or thinks himself better than you. He’s probably the only celebrity who if you went on facebook and said hi, he would actually reply. I’ve met some top class A-holes in this business but Reggie is not one of them. Plus he’s a comic book geek like us (Laugh)


Q) As Vice President of the Reginald Hudlin fan club have you ever met him? What’s he like in real life?

R) Nope we haven’t met in the flesh just yet but we have communicated online.


  Q) The website is very visually pleasing with highlights on almost everything related to Reginald Hudlin, that’s allot of work, how much time does it take to keep that place running?

 R) (Laugh) More time than I would like to acknowledge (laugh) 

Q) (Laugh) c'mon I can keep a secret :)

R)  (Laugh) Seriously anywhere from six to Nine hours per day sometimes longer.... 

 Wow! That’s allot of work!

(laugh) it’s not work when your enjoying it as much as I do (laugh)


Q) Who would win in a fight between the Black Panther and Spiderman?

R) Black Panther of course! He is better trained and has gadgets to counter anything Web head can throw at him.


Q) One more thing before you go, the facebook page seems to focus more on the comic books than his movies whys that?

It may seem that way at first glance but in truth it’s a mix of both. The comics will always seem more focused and in your face because lets check the math. Reggie has written and directed Boomerang, House party, Serving Sarah, Ladies man, White Hype, whats that? 5 movies!? 6 episodes of Black Panther, 1 straight to DVD Bebe’s kids and directed at various points in TV shows. He wrote over 38 issues of Black Panther vol. 3, 7 issues of Black Panther vol.4, 8 issues of Spider-man…..There is more to cover in comics than anywhere else. When staked against each other his comic work will always superficially outweigh the movies but the directing credits are also on facebook. Those that are not will end up there eventually since the website comes first and information there is then incorporated to the facebook page. Additionally you simply have to click on the the photos section of our facebook page to see pictures of Reggie and his works besides comics.


Thanks Ryan, we hope to have you back with us soon!

Thanks man it’s always a pleasure and don't forget to check out :)

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