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 Well guys I'm back! Ive always prided myself with cutting against the grain with my blog and 2011 continues  that trend. Whether you love it or hate it Reginald Hudlin's Black Panther run has been the most influenced on shaping the black panther and his place in the marvel universe since Kirby's run way back when. Christopher priest may be a fan favorite but his run never had the ramifications of Hudlin's. But Reginald is more than just another comic writer, like Dwayne Mcduffie before him he's done animation, movies, tv commercials, tv series etc. This man deserves respect! So great news :) I tracked down Nina Villano the president of the Reginald Hudlin fanclub, stick around! and enjoy!

Q) Tell us a bit about yourself Nina.

A) Well, I’m a 50 year old Black woman with big ambitions. I believe the sky is the limit and my potential is limitless. I’m an open-minded, self motivated woman with morals and standards. I’m married and I have 1 son. I believe you have to go for what you want out of life and I’m not afraid to do that.
Q) What is the Reginald Hudlin Fan club?
A) The Reginald Hudlin Fan Club is a club that I founded and organized. It consists of friends, fans, and people who all share the same common denominator, "WE LOVE REGGIE" 
Q) What makes it different than or similar to other fan clubs?

A) I believe this fan club is different. Most fan clubs are done solely by admires of the celebrity. I happen to be blessed to actually have and get Reggie’s input. Reggie is well aware of his fan club. He visits it often and he even takes the time to respond. He takes time to show his appreciation and that just makes us love him more.
Q) Tell us about the origins of the Reginald Hudlin fanclub.
A) The origin of the Reggie Hudlin Fan Club is quite simple (I laugh) it is the outcome of a Facebook conversation that Reggie and I was having.
Q) Why are you a fan of Reginald Hudlin?
  A) I'm a fan because I knew Reggie before he was famous. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him from the very start and maturing into one hell of a man of many talents. I love his movies and I’m learning more and more about his comics. Im also impressed that he has surpassed more than what I thought he was capable of.
Q) Why should we be fans of Reginald Hudlin?
  A) I think the world should be a fan of Reggie Hudlin. He has contributed so much to the entertainment industry. So much that the world doesn’t even know about, it’s for this reason that I got the passion to start this fan club.
Q) What do you consider his greats work? And/or accomplishment?
A) I believe Reggie's greatest work and accomplishments would start with the simple fact that he is a Black man from E. St. Louis IL who graduated from Harvard. I would then have to say that his work as President of Entertainment at BET was outstanding. He took BET to an entirely different level and for just that alone he should be commended.
Q) What’s your Favorite Reginald Hudlin piece of work?
A) My personal favorite is his movie House Party and his comic Birth of a Nation
Q) Reginald Hudlin has worked in comics for awhile, what do you think he’s most know for?
A) Yes he has however; I think he is most known for his movies and the writing of his comic The Black Panther
Q) What were the highlights of his Black Panther Run?
  A)Reggie and Ryan are going to kill me for this. I wish I could answer this question giving it the justice it deserves but I can't. The comic part of Reggie's work is still new for me. Thanks to a remarkable Vice President of the Reggie Hudlin Fan Club the comic section stays accurate and up to date.His name is Ryan Fraser and he is priceless.

Q) He’s also written Spider-man, what did you think were the highlights on that book?
A) Spiderman, I guess you got me again. This is definitely a question that I won’t tackle for simply not having the knowledge and not being ashamed to tell you. I can, however, tell you that Ryan Fraser could answer these last two questions with ease
Q) How is Reginald Hudlin different than other celebrities?

A) I know Reggie is different because I know he is rooted and grounded. Reggie has never forgotten where he comes from and he has remained humble all the years I’ve known him. I know that Reggie stands for something. He has morals and values that I admire.
Q) Since you run the Reginald Hudlin fan club have you ever met him? What’s he like in real life?

A) Met Reggie? I’ve known Reggie since I was 14 years old. We went to high school together. In real life Reggie is just like you and me. He loves his family, his work, his fans and he really loves the Funkadelics!
Q) Your website is very visually pleasing with highlights on almost everything related to Reginald Hudlin, that’s allot of work, how much time does it take to keep that place running?
  A) It takes more time than I could’ve ever imagined. If it wasn’t for Ryan there is no way I would’ve been able to get and keep it up to the standards in which it has reached. I believe I’ve been blessed with the best Vice President a fan club President could ever hope for.
Q) Where do you get the information?
A) Ryan and I do allot of research, we use the knowledge that I personally have on Reggie and Reggie himself has been there every time we have needed his info.
 Q) What do you think of The Black Panther? Spider-man?
  A) I’m very proud of The Black Panther. This is Reggie's baby right now and the reason his fan club even exist. The Black Panther will always hold a special place in my heart. I think I’m just as proud as Spiderman but for different reasons. I know that one of Reggie's dreams was to write for Marvel Comics. Spiderman fulfilled that dream for him and I will admit it was nice to say "Thats my friend Reggie who is writing the famous Spiderman!
Finish these statements for us:
  Q) Nina Villano is
A) Tanacious and Masterminded

Q) Reginald Hudlin is
A) Brilliant

Q) Oprah is
A) A Life Changer
Thanks for your time Nina and Good luck on the Fan club.
No,thank you Rasta Hero. The pleasure has been all mine.  

  Be sure to check out the Reginald Hudlin fanclub on Facebook and The the worldwideweb
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