Interview with Dread and Alive series Translator Ryan Fraser

Here is my  Interview with super cool Dread and Alive series Translator Ryan Fraser.  Hope you like it!




Q: Thanks for making time to do this interview, it’s an honor.

A:   Actually the honor is mine, I never dreamed I would one day be interviewed for working on a comicbook, never in a million years (laugh)

Q: Ha Ha, so tell us a little about your self and what you do on the series.

A: Hmm, it’s more fitting to ask what I don’t do (laugh) officially I’m the translator of the series. Meaning I take English and turn it into the native Jamaican language of Patois/Creole. I also run a facebook fan group with over 1000 strong members. I also help moderate the Dread and Alive facebook page. Me and Nich bounce ideas off each other and collaborate on a slew of things I can’t talk about yet (smile).

Q: Cool! Sounds great, so how did you land this “dream job” as it were? It’s every fans dream but so few actually live to see it to fruition?

A: (laugh) it’s a funny story, I used to write for wikipedia, comic related stuff like Green Lantern, X-men etc and I saw an ad in the newspaper one Sunday in 2009 and I was hooked instantly because frankly I wasn’t even aware their were any Jamaican superheroes. So one thing lead to another and I made some stuff for Nicholas Da Silva, he liked it, we started talking and the rest is history…..

Q: Sounds like a dream man! (lol) so tell us a bit about Nicholas Da Silva .

A: Man! Nich is the coolest guy in comics besides Geof Johns, Stan Lee, Joss Whedon and Grant Morrison hands down! He’s a mentor, friend, boss and brother all wrapped up in one.

Q: Perhaps I can interview him next?

A: You never know…..I’m sure he would love to do an interview with you.

Q: So what comics are you reading now besides your own?

A: Well first it’s not “my own” its Nicholas Da Silva’s Dread and Alive series. It’s his, I’m just a third wheel (laugh). Right now? Man there are so many great books out right now! Green Lantern by Geof Johns, Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison, Joss whedons’s Buffy season 8, Craig and Yost’ X-force, Red Robin, Batgirl, Dark Avengers and Dark Wolverine are great! Doomwar is also kicking ass right now….hmmm hope I didn’t leave anyone out there (scratches head)

Q: That’s quite the list! And that’s most of the greats right now, but c’mon pick a favorite! Which is just a must read right now?

A: Man you gonna get me put on blast (laugh) Anything I say will set some fanboys off (laugh)

Q: No they won’t, just in your humble opinion, what’s the best read right now?

A: Can I say Dread and Alive by Nicholas Dasilva? (smile)

Q: (laugh) naw from your monthly pull list we want the juice!?

A: ok fine, Green Lantern by Geof Johns, blackest night crushed everything else thus far, sorry Siege, sorry Necrosha…..

Q: Great! You mentioned Necrosha….are you an X-men fan?

A: Huge X-men fan but…..not loving the X-books right now. Don’t get me wrong I love how integrated the marvel U is right now because the mutants are no longer just herded at Westchester, they have engaged the dark avengers, storm is married to Panther, the x-men are now running around fighting doom in Wakanda etc. It’s great that mutants are no longer shoe horned into a niche. Hell! Right now a bunch of X-men are off in the galaxy adventuring as well. It’s a great time to be an X-man fan. I’m just a fan of a certain style of writing like Joss and Grant so for me I browse but I don't buy.

Q: I see you know your X-Men stories (smile) nice to know you’re a real comic fan.

A: Through and through, though not a rabid fanboy though (laugh)

He asks about where the interview will be placed etc. I tell him comicvine and he starts laughing.

Q: What’s so funny about Comicvine?

A: Funny? Hell no! I love that place, it’s the best comic site on the net. Lists, forums, trivia and didn’t they implement a new leveling up system?

Q: Indeed! Never thought you would know the vine though, I’m kinda shocked!

A: As I said I’m a comic fan first and foremost and comicvine is the coolest comic site around.

Q: Maybe you just know bits and pieces about the vine, prove you’re a real fan, name two staff members and one mod.

A: You’re kidding right? G-Man and Batgirl Babs….mods? Aztek the lost and xerox-kitty, thats Xerox with an X (laugh) as I said, I digs the vine! (laugh)

Q: Fair enough. Tell us a bit more about the series you’re attached to.

A: It is created and conceived by Nicholas Da Silva who runs ZOOLOOK. It’s his brainchild, It’s meant to teach people to respect all living things Humans, Animals and mother Earth.

Q: what sets it apart from other independent comics?

A: A number of things, for one the art, Rodney Buchemi does a bang up job consistently on the art, your not gonna find many independents or even every mainstream with visuals this good. The Story is woven carefully into Jamaican mythology and real world happenings. And did we mention the comic stars the only Jamaican superhero that has ever had his own series? (laugh)

Another thing would be that a portion of the proceeds will go to the HELP foundation. If memory serves correct they get around 30% of all digital sales and another % from the print sales of Issue #1. 

Q: Cool, charity, Tell us about

A: Help is a non profit organization which helps build libraries, teaches reading and buys books for the less fortunate.

Q: Sounds like a good cause

A: it is

Q: So now that you’ve had your name inside a comic book what’s next for you?

A: not sure really, I’m just taking things one day at a time.

Q: Any projects of your own in the works?

A: A few…but nothing to talk about right now, for now I’m just busy working away on Nicholas Da Silva’s Dread and Alive and learning the ropes.

Q: Great! So before you go, where can we get the Dread and Alive series to purchase?

A: well it’s available on IPod, at Wowio online and in stores Now! If it’s not at your store you can talk to Haven Distributors and they will hook you up with a copy.

Q: Thanks for your time Ryan

A: Thanks man it was great doing an interview instead of reading one (laugh) big up to  Comicvine the greatest Comicbook related website on the web!! 

Q: So there you have it guys Comic Fan working in comics, the dream story and remember to pick up your Copy of Dread and Alive              now!   Happy questing to all!


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Posted by Slayer_Angella

congrats on the interview Rasta hero, this dude sounds cool! I'll def continue following this series in the future.

Posted by Asymmetrical

ha! I was mentioned, go me!
also, this was a great interview, I too was pretty unaware of Jamaican comics, interesting stuff

Posted by Rasta_hero
@aztek the lost:  Thanks! It was a really great interview with a really cool dude!
Posted by StormPanther

Great Interview!