Dread & Alive the lost tapes Interview 1

Here is an excerpt from the 1st interview about comic's first reggea Album "Dread & Alive- the lost tapes vol.1" with Sahra Indio

  • What was the experience like working on the very first comic book/music collaboration?
  • I am honored to be included on the first of The Lost Tapes: Compilation Series alongside some of the hardest hitting, conscious artists in reggae music.
  • This is history in the making, how do you feel being a part of that?
  • Everyday is a page in the book of life – herstory is in the making when I rise. Fusion, collaboration is the bridge toward the future and in that I feel in step with the new paradigm that is emerging as Nas poignantly, points out, “We’re All Distant Relatives”. So, we need to mix it up to reach the highest potential. 

Read the whole thing here along with exclusive art.

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