Powers and Racism

I always liked super heroes but never spent enough time on this thought, I simply liked. Up to now.

I know the best way to end racism is to "stop talking about it" (Morgan Freeman), but I'll just put the matter of my pride.

I want to say that the black characters are not seen as black, but by the skill they possess. All the superheroes are not matter the colour (purple, green, black, white, pink etc) are seen by its history and only that ... and this is very good.

dosen´t matter if an alien or a mutant, every comic fan, even the racist one, love´s it..


The Sentry, Thor and Marvel.

The Sentry, Thor and Marvel.

Let´s make him a Alien!
The yellow superman

I will not deny that I am among those who swell the ranks of the Sentry haters, but I think I never spent enough time to identify the reason for this.

It is true that the origin of the Sentry is not convincing, is simply one serum cannot do what he did with it, and it is equally true that he could not have the range of powers it has, including telepathy.

About all these facts is the one who shouts "I am a copy of Superman," he has an S at the waist by the love of God.

They need to say "He is better than Thor"

But that is no reason to hate a character, many characters today have come from good copies and has a menu of powers that do not make much sense.But considering all this, I yet have not seen the problem until I saw the movie Thor.

Even the hammer cannot be copyrighted

After seeing the movie, I realized the existence of the Sentry, Merchandizign, simple and cheap.

The truth is that Marvel can not register, as anyone cant, the name Thor, their histories, their past or their companies because they can not take a story that has thousands of years.

Thor is Older than Marvel

Thus, they can not, in any way, use Thor as DC's uses Superman, uniquely, and therefore the need to replace the Thor for something new, feasible and equally powerful.

What marvel did not realize is that Thor can be a problem related to the creation of items such as lunchboxes, t-shirts and other paraphernalia, but it can serve to leverage these products with other characters. I hope that Marvel stop trying overwritten Thor on screen and in comics and he returns to the big name in the Avengers.

He may not be unique Marvel´s but, seriously? He is the big name in Marvel, He is the one and only equivalent of superman and will ever be.

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Sexier Comics

Some may be offended by the fact that comics are using a lot of sexuality to sell its pages, but I have a different point of view (besides being a man of course).

Comics have grown up in a fantasy where humans, or not, have great skills and stand out over others. Each of the characters represented in comics has something that makes them different but, at the same time, we can relate to them in an intimate way, and so we identified with them.This is where sexuality enters into comics.

We are sexual beings, we have wishes and desires and this is represented in the comics to get us closer to the characters.In the case of female characters it gets even stronger.

As a male, I know that all women are born with a power that, like a mutant ability, remains latent until puberty. Since the powers of women begin to manifest themselves, they can cause many problems and discomfort for them. They begin to wonder at the changes in their body, begin to feel unable to socialize and small problems seem impossible to resolve. But on the other hand, we go through minor changes, just by watching all this. We see them flourish, and out of nothing, we created an irresistible desire to obey them and try to have them.

Women in turn realize this, and in time come to control that power, as a mutant that has a good time at the Xavier Institute for gifted student.Thus, the power of seduction is the most basic special ability of women, and in the case of female heroes in comics, who have spent years learning to use even more special abilities, can use seduction as a weapon of their arsenal, a true power worthy to be represented in the media that is expert in special skills.

i´ve based my post in this entry

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The Flash

The flash is my second fav character and therefore i like to think what would happen when (yes, when, not if, i have hope) i have his powers.

And that is when my mind hurts.

If i have the power to control velocity, my own and of others it gives me so much possibilities that i could pretty much do anything. Velocity is a physic property, it is simply HUGE. But that everyone knows...

What we all pretty much don´t know is how hard it must be to write in english being brazilian an flash story. He can move at ANY speed, he can be "there" and talk to you at the same time, and it is pretty much not important where "there" is.

How do you, as an writer, put a challenge to someone like this? Even superman has an vulnerability, but the flash, is conceptually unbeatable. If you put a villian that is not as fast as he is, he will be in jail in a blink.

Natural disasters? It is an earthquake? No? Easy...

What i see the writers do, is tonne up/down his powers to fit the story arc, what is comprehensible, but sad..


Hulk´s Tranformation

Some people don´t really understand how hulk "work" and how the change between Banner and Hulk work. Hulk is a complete different persona. Like Jekyll and Hyde, when one is in charge, he is in charge until he loses control. I will try to explain it:(sorry for my english)

In his early career, he was a new form of life living in a humam body, like a baby, and therefore could not control his emotions and banner also could not. The transformation goes wild, Angry > Hulk, Calm > Banner.


Banner was the first to understand this, and so, could stop himself from transforming. With this "advantage" over the hulk, he has now some degree of access to the Hulk´s powers without a fully transformation, but if he changes... the wheel is in hulks hands.

Banner was the first to understand his condition also, he is genius level, and started to think "where" he would go when hulk has the upperhand. This led to a "mind subspace" kind of thing, where they both exists simultaneously.


With time Hulk also learns how to "stay in charge", this was first perceived when the "hulk wants to be alone" catch frase goes out. He is very dumb, and by himself he sometimes cannot even speak rationally.

He also can access some of the banners intelligence, and that is why he is sometimes a dumb goliath and sometimes he is talking almost normally.

When hulk became the maestro, or in every other "future hulk" story line, the situation is completely reversed. Banner is old and therefore cannot control his emotions, the Hulk is essentially imortal and is in complete charge of things, he is the one who, from time to time, let the banner in or out.

When Banner is dying, hulk stop letting him out, 'couse when he does, banner will die of old age and Hulk with him....

Mind Subspace and WWHulk

This struggle between then stayed pretty much the same, but in some aspects they completely agreed or completely disagreed, and when that happens they both experience a completely new form of interaction.

When they disagree completely, they "mind battle". This is the weakest form of them, when one suppress the other to a degree that the transformation is "forbidden" and there is no access to each others "powers" until the matter is solved.

When they agree completely they become strong. That is the WWHulk form. They where both betrayed when the Illuminati send Hulk to space. Only the hulk could survive in that environment, but the hulk consulted Banner for that. When Hulk foundCaiera they both fell in love, when the Hulk showed Banner to her, she kissed banner and that was the first time they both love and where loved by the same person.

When she dies, he is angry, but not "normal" hulk angry. They where both in pain, both angry, both wanting revenge...They where one single mind wanting the same thing using the combined powers of then both in it´s full potential.


That is why Hulk has different degrees of intelligence and transformation, ´cause they are not the same person, and they do not agree every time. When reading a story, try to put yourself in Banner´s and then in Hulk´s side, you will get what Hulk/Banner is in front of you.


Hey everybody

Hi to all! I just love comics, besides the fact that i think i know about it a little to much.

I am Brazilian btw, so my english is ... not perfect...