Scott Lobdell on Cheshire, Outlook

I'm so excited that Scott Lobdell took some time to answer fans! And I respected his answer to whether or not Cheshire will appear. A lot of people do associate Kori and Dick, Jade and Roy, Jason and Bruce etc. so I think it would be good call to develop each character individually and make them good on their own. As long as he acknowledges that their history is important as well, I will pick it up because I do admire Roy(even as his own character) plus seeing him with Jason and Kori should be interesting.
On the flip side, since there isn't any plans for Cheshire in Outlaws, I wonder if she could fit into any other titles. Birds of Prey comes to mind. Seeing Poison Ivy on the team roster kinda makes me feel that Cheshire would've been a great fit in BoP. Perhaps she can still appear as a villain to the group and form an all new Ravens team. Could Cheshire be in Suicide Squad? I could see it!    
Only time will tell when she will appear again, but I am on the lookout!
"so like the cheshire cat, I'll just disappear"


To me Green Lantern was better than X-Men First Class

It really was! Visually Green Lantern was really appealing! But Thor was better than Green Lantern. I didn't get all the negative reviews on GL, it was really nice, Ryan Reynolds did better than I thought, he was funny and cute! I did not like Star Sapphire's actress, she seemed too flakey. All in all, I really enjoyed it!


Young Justice Targets Episode!

Looks like Cheshire will appear again and this time, she might end up teaming up with Red Arrow! On wikipedia, it says Red Arrow is trying to prevent one of the League of Assassins plans and makes an unlikely alliance with someone dangerous. Cheshire is working with the league of assassins in this show, so its most likely her! Can't wait to see this episode, if it is in fact true!