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      Hello there, and welcome to my Fantasy! Today I'll be taking an extra-special look at what COULD be Marvel's greatest venture into Animation for a mature audience, I give you..."Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Animated Series", a super-detailed mock-up of what a cartoon series based off of Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning's current "Guardians" book might look like. I haven't quite finished the entire season yet, so for now look at Part One, featuring an All-Star voice cast! PLEASE COMMENT!!! THANKS FOR READING!!!
PLOT: Still reeling from the aftermath of The Annihilation War, the most horrific battle the Universe has ever seen, a most-unusual squad of misfits must band together to face unknown evils - Led by the battle-hardened yet sarcastic Peter Quill AKA The Star-Lord, they are "The Most Dangerous Woman in The Universe" Gamora, "The Celestial Madonna" Mantis, Drax The Destroyer, "Protector of The Universe" Quasar, the mysterious Adam Warlock, "The Tree-Lord of Planet X" King Groot, and of course Rocket Raccoon...who needs no further explanation. Headquartered on the space-station known as Knowhere, which was built inside the remains of a dead Space God's skull, they are joined by Cosmo, the telepathic Russian canine who acts as Knowhere's Chief of Security. Keeping the Galaxy safe has never been so...Strange.


STAR-LORD AKA PETER QUILL - Nathan Fillion ("Firefly", "Serenity", "Wonder Woman")

GAMORA - Tricia Helfer ("Battlestar Galactica", "Green Lantern: First Flight")

MANTIS - Kristen Kruek ("Smallville")

DRAX THE DESTROYER - Vin Diesel ("Pitch Black", "The Iron Giant")

QUASAR AKA PHYLA-VELL - Kiera Knightly ("Pirates of The Caribbean")

ADAM WARLOCK - Clive Owen ("Sin City", "Children of Men")

KING GROOT - Leonard Nimoy ("Star Trek")

ROCKET RACCOON - John Di Maggio ("Futurama")

COSMO THE DOG - Robbie Coltrane ("Goldeneye", "Harry Potter")


1.) "Road To Knowhere Pt. 1" - The Guardians set-up shop on Knowhere, the space-station at the Edge of The Universe. Before Cosmo can finish showing the team around, alarms begin sounding: The Universal Church of Truth is attacking! The UCOT, a group of devout religious-fanatics that aim to either convert or kill, have ventured just outside Knowhere, attacking a supply-barge; apparently the drivers didn't want to turn their shipment over in the name of The Lord. As one team of Guardians springs into action to fight-off the invading fanatics, the team of Cosmo, Rocket, and Groot must survive each other's company. Meanwhile, Mantis begins having visions of a mysterious man trapped within an icy tomb...Along with his star-spangled shield.

2.) "Road To Knowhere Pt. 2" - The fight against The UCOT finds The Guardians seeking cover on the surface of a large asteroid, where they discover what appears to be a castle frozen in ice. Meanwhile, Mantis freaks-out back on Knowhere, claiming massive Temporal Disturbances across the entire Galaxy while the uneasy team-up of Cosmo, Rocket, and Groot must keep the peace at the space-station. Back on the asteroid, a stray laser-blast strikes a glacier causing it to rapidly melt, and just as the sinister Church-goers have The Guardians cornered, a familiar red, white, and blue shield cuts through the air, striking each of the fanatics down with precision. The Guardians turn to see a man garbed in blue-and-white, staggering as he says, "My name is Vance Astro - Major Victory of the 31st Century. WHEN AM I?!"

MAJOR VICTORY AKA VANCE ASTRO - Michael Rosenbaum ("Smallville", "Justice League Unlimited")

3.) "Road To Knowhere Pt. 3" - Returning to Knowhere with Vance Astro in-tow, The Guardians discover that a portion of Astro's home in the future, the 31st Century, was frozen in time and phased into the past, as is the case with multiple happenings across the Universe, as Mantis has determined; The Annihilation War was so devastating, it ripped holes in the Fabric of Space-Time Reality. Should they not be able to close the holes, the Universe would collapse into itself, obviously ending all life everywhere. Having re-grouped and come back for revenge, The Universal Chuch of Truth mounts a full-assault on Knowhere, which thanks to Astro's help, they fight-off. As the team stand united with their new member, we see within The Chuch's base of operations, where their Matriarch hovers over what looks like a cocoon, pulsating with energy. "Soon, my Lord...soon you will RISE!"

4.) "Going Nova" - Star-Lord assists Richard Rider, the space-cop known as Nova, transport a group of especially-dangerous Annihilation War-Criminals to the prison planet known as The Kyln; they're interrupted by Ravenous and his Seekers, out to settle old scores and retrieve their bretheren. Back on Knowhere, the rest of The Guardians focus on sealing a time-hole, when they're suddenly attacked by the mysterious Star-Hawk! Recognizing him as a teammate from his same timeline, Major Victory tries to reason with Star-Hawk, but only succeeds in angering him further. Nova and Star-Lord fight-off The Seekers with a wounded Ravenous vowing to destroy everything they hold dear, leaving the duo finish transporting the prisoners. Star-Hawk is eventually overpowered, and held captive until Peter gets there to question him. Once he's been debriefed, Star-Lord enters the interrogation room to find Star-Hawk...is now a WOMAN?!

NOVA AKA RICHARD RIDER - Matthew Fox ("Lost")

RAVENOUS - Kevin Michael Richardson ("Batman: The Brave & The Bold", "The Spectacular Spider-Man")

STAR-HAWK AKA STAKAAR & ALEETA - Kevin Conroy ("Batman: The Animated Series"), Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess")

5.) "Tales Of Hawks And Warlocks" - Face-to-face with Star-Hawk, who is for some reason now a striking blond woman, Peter Quill tries to get some answers. While the other Guardians eagerly await them, Adam Warlock shares his bizarre story with Quasar, who is in desperate need of a friend. Star-Hawk reveals that like Vance Astro, he/she's stuck phased in their time, but that's not the worst of it: Alternate Realities are begining to merge as well, which is why sometimes Star-Hawk appears as a man, sometimes a woman, and others both at once. When questioned about the attack, he/she claims they were trying to eliminate all "temporal oddities", such as Astro, in an attempt to repair the timeline before it was too late. Admitting to being crazed by the whole experience, they offered to help The Guardians now that he/she has calmed-down. After a vote of confidance from Major Victory, who also volunteers to take full responsibility for them, Star-Hawk is allowed on the team. Phyla and Adam grow closer, now sharing in their loss of a loved one: Heather Douglas, The Moondragon, who died during The Annihilation War. Drax overhears their discussion about his fallen Daughter, he reveals as Moondragon, and asks the duo if they'd like to help find his reluctantly-adopted companion who disappeared following the War: Cammi, the 10-year-old girl from Earth that followed Drax into space.


6.) "O Cammi, Where Art Thou? Pt. 1" - Venturing outside Knowhere (without permission) to find Cammi, the team of Drax, Quasar, and Adam Warlock board a shuttle to the last known whereabouts of the girl: Godthab Omega, a neutral Haven where Gamora claimed to have had dropped her off. Upon arrival, the team soon begin to notice something odd about the planet; despite it's neutral status, Godthab Omega was not without skirmishes, especially at the Pubs. But now it was totally harmonius, and completely peaceful...Too peaceful. Back at Knowhere, Star-Lord tries not to worry about the missing Guardians while he and the others repair a hole in space-time. Major Victory and Star-Hawk discuss their time together with the 31st Century-version of The Guardians, coming to an agreement that while it isn't historically correct for there to be a GotG in the modern time, perhaps now it's this team that will someday inspire THEM; a conundrum in time to be certain, but one that may actually work-out for the best. Returning to Godthab Omega, Adam Warlock uses a spell to reveal the source of the residents' happiness: Someone else had used their own source of magic to brainwash them. Just then, a powerful force knocks them down, screaming at the trio for trying to interfere: A glowing, golden man calling himself Glorian, Shaper of Worlds! Glorian claims to have the ability to alter Reality itself, and only wishes to bring peace to the Cosmos...By force, if necessary. Godthab Omega serves as the beginning, the example set by Glorian for the rest if the Universe to fall in line, or else. When Warlock calls him on his madness, Glorian decides to toy with them and sends a few mind-controlled soldiers to attack: Talos The Untamed, Stellaris The Celestial-Killer, and Devos The Devastator!

GLORIAN THE SHAPER OF WORLDS - James Callis ("Battlestar Galactica")

TALOS THE UNTAMED - Edward James Olmos ("Battlestar Galactica")

STELLARIS - Katie Sackhoff ("Battlestar Galactica")

DEVOS THE DEVASTATOR - Michael Hogan ("Battlestar Galactica")

7.) "O Cammi, Where Art Thou? Pt. 2" - The battle for Godthab Omega begins as Warlock, Drax, and Quasar take-on Devos, Talos, and Stellaris, with Glorian watching every move! The chaos threatens to consume the planet, prompting Warlock to demand Glorian put a stop to it. Challenging him to a duel of magic, Adam keeps the Shaper of Worlds busy while the others fight for their lives; against Drax's wishes, Quasar calls Gamora for help. Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon and Cosmo play a very tense game of poker aboard Knowhere, The Guardians largely trying to catch their breath. Gamora receives Quasar's distress-call, however, and assembles the others to help. Godthab Omega is now a full-fledged Warzone as Glorian's control on the populace weakens and they begin to panic; Adam Warlock and Glorian battle to a stand-still, while Drax and Quasar do their best to subdue the three mind-warped Warriors. Soon, the rest of The Guardians join them, more than evening the odds. Gamora goes to Warlock's rescue, disrupting Glorian's focus and allowing Adam to seize control and win the day. Before he can thank her, Gamora shoves Adam aside, commenting that there was a time he "...Didn't need saving", and that he wasn't the man she used to know. At all. Quasar apologizes to Drax for calling the team, as now they're expected to return to Knowhere and put-off Cammi's search for another time; all The Destroyer can go is glare, and walk away angry. As The Guardians take their leave of Godthab Omega, a young girl appears from the shadows, with a female pixie on her shoulder that says, "Skreet woulda clobbed 'em good, they try takin' Cammi away! Skreet would!" Cammi giggles, then replies, "I'm sure you would've Skreet, but someone ELSE would probably have something to say about it, too...Right?" And then behind her, a towering behemoth of a man stands, putting his hand on Cammi's other shoulder. "Indeed", his voice booms, "The Destroyer abandoned you, child. You belong to THANOS, now".

CAMMI - Ellen Page ("X-Men 3", "Juno")

SKREET THE CHAOS MITE - Lori Petty ("Tank Girl", "A League of Their Own")

THANOS THE MAD TITAN - Keith David ("Gargoyles", "Halo 3")

8.) "Contest Of Heralds" - Tensions rise aboard Knowhere as Star-Lord lectures the Godthab Omega trio about their hasty decision; he cites a responsibility to The Guardians, something they didn't even keep-up for a week before abandoning their post. Drax counters with his responsibility to Cammi, something he can no-longer ignore and says he'll continue using Knowhere's resources until he finds her. Before the argument can continue, Mantis alerts the team to a distress call: Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, has set his sights on a nearby planet full of intelligent life! Springing into action The Guardians scramble to see if they can make a difference, but as they arrive, The Guardians meet not one but four Heralds Of Galactus, commanding The Devourer's attention. Apparently, Stardust had led Galactus to this planet full of life, whereas The Silver Surfer would have tried finding one uninhabited. Away on an errand, Surfer was unable to return to his Master in time, so it was up to Stardust to search-out worlds to consume, and he could care less about other's lives. Terrax The Tamer arrived upon the scene to slay Stardust, hoping to take his place once again as Galactus' Herald. Surfer, in an attempt to persuade Galactus to another, lifeless planet has returned as well alongside The Firelord, just in case Stardust wants to get out of line. Hungry and tired of the bickering, Galactus demands the Heralds battle each other, the last man standing will remain as Galactus' one, true Herald. And so Terrax and Stardust square-off, as do Silver Surfer and Firelord; The Tamer overpowers the rookie Stardust, while Surfer defeats his friend Firelord in an excellent fight. Down to the wire, the remaining Heralds collide, Surfer eventually prevailing over a weakened but persistant Terrax. Galactus names The Silver Surfer his sole Herald, immediately demanding he lead him to worlds, but not before reminding him he now has no time for a life outside his duties; The Surfer belongs to Galactus, for he hungers more than ever since the Annihilation War. Witnessing the sacrifices Surfer made for the greater-good first-hand, Drax admits his responsibility as a Guardian, and Peter promises him they'll look for Cammi as soon as the Galaxy stops falling to pieces. Elsewhere, a cocoon begins to open...

GALACTUS - George Takei ("Star Trek", "Heroes")

STARDUST - Zachary Quinto ("Heroes", "Star Trek")

SILVER SURFER - Doug Jones ("Hellboy II: The Golden Army")

TERRAX THE TAMER - Michael Ironside ("Starship Troopers", "Total Recall")

THE FIRELORD - Peter Cullin ("The Transformers")

9.) "Negative Feelings" - Opening with a flashback to Peter Quill's more innocent days as the space-soaring Superhero, Star-Lord, we see the costumed adventurer rescuing an alien Princess from a band of space-pirates. Just as Star-Lord has the Princess in his embrace and is about to accept his reward, the firey skull of Annihilus consumes them, their flesh melting-away from their bones! Peter awakens from his nightmare to find Mantis hovering next to his bed, and all she says is, "There is trouble". Having discovered a space-time hole that breaches into the Negative Zone, The Guardians mobilize to seal it before possibly kick-starting another War. When they arrive at the tear, The Guardians find an attempted invasion led by Blastaar, held at bay by Kl'rt The Super-Skrull and his mate, Praxagora the star-powered living android! The Negative Zone Army threatens to overwhelm the heroes, as Blastaar's taunting of Peter begins to affect The Guardian's leader; he's reminded of those many, many people that perished during the Annihilation War, a great number of whom directly because of Peter Quill when he failed them. Gamora slaps the sense back into Peter, at least enough to where he can navigate the shuttle, but he's obviously still bothered. Super-Skrull and Praxagora get captured once Ravenous joins-up with Blastaar, so Rocket and Groot take it upon themselves to save them! Against all-odds, the gun-toting Raccoon and grumpy Ruler of Planet X free Kl'rt, who systematically destroys a small Army in his rage forcing Blastaar and Ravenous to flee, rescues Praxagora, and the unlikely quartet make their way to The Guardians' shuttle. Retreating back into the Negative Zone, Blastaar and his forces declare the War is not over, far from it, and their Lord Annihilus will live again! In a rare moment of gratitude, Super-Skrull relates the story of when, during the War, Annihilus destroyed his home planet where his only son Sarnogg was living, due in large part to his own failures. Kl'rt goes on to say that while guilt will always be felt over the deaths, it also must be used to fuel his fire, to drive him towards redemption and completing his mission: Guarding the Galaxy. Somewhere in the Universe, within The Universel Church of Truth's home base, something emerges from the cocoon, bringing The Matriarch to her knees in awe; "My Lord...!" she says, speechless. "Fear not," a mysterious voice returns, "The Magus has RISEN!!!"

KL'RT THE SUPER-SKRULL - Michael Clark Duncan ("Daredevil", "The Green Mile")

PRAXAGORA - Rosario Dawson ("Sin City", "Clerks 2")

BLASTAAR - Clancy Brown ("Superman: The Animated Series", "The Shawshank Redemption")

THE MAGUS - Alan Rickman ("Dogma", "Harry Potter")

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@Drafta: Oh, yes...OH YES!!!
@Lady Tlieso: Thanks! "Guardians" is like a monthly dose of cosmic crack; I'm so wonderfully addicted and totally loving it. A cartoon would possibly be too much goodness for my brain to handle...but I'm hoping there's an opportunity to test that, someday...
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@jloneblackheart: Haha, thank you! I know I'd buy six...