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As good as it gets.

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Looks great!

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Lot of people seems to like the Cable and Deadpool series, I personally think it was the begginig of Deadpool's downfall as a character.

The current series, the one from 2008, is quite funny, but the current writer can't give meaning to the character. In the end it's a funny comic, but it gets tiring, leaving Deadpool as nothing more than a bad pun.

My personal favorite is his firts run, way back on the 90's. Kelly's Deadpool is the real Deadpool.

But in the end, as one of our friends pointed out, it all depends on your taste.

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I like the oldschool Deadpool better. When Healing Factor didn't mean immortality and when writing a comics meant more than simply earning money.

The good old days...

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I think they will give him a after death series.

Yes, I believe Marvel is this crazy.

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@BlackArmor said:

He can't......but he will.....I hate Marvel....

You said everything...

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No matter what the costume looks like.

It needs to be based on the original and have the traditional colors, red and black.

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@Man of Lengend:

If does, it needs to be addressed, don't you think?

And because he is trapped, it doesn't necessarily means the curse lifted.

And those are the kind of explanations we lack more than it we should in the Marvel comics.

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Hello friend, nice insight on the subject. Agree on most points.

Anyway, I do not argue on the HOW because of something very simple.

If you have read the Deadpool series as long as me, you will remember that Thanos cursed him with immortality, the only way he found to keep Wade and Death apart.

So, anything they come up to kill Deadpool, without mentioning this fact, is wrong.

Thus, I do not comment on the how because it is all meaningless if the writer doesn't come up with a way to cancel this curse.

No serum, no decapitation, nothing will kill Deadpool.

Of course, writers often loves to "forget" some of this "unimportant" facts.

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Some of the followings might be a spoiler if you haven't read Deadpool 50.

For my surprise, I was enjoying a lot more than I expected the first part of DEAD.

It was fun seeing how Wade was using the other characters in order to achieve his goals.

But Daniel Way is the master of deception, and he pulled one of his schemes to make the story less interesting, so far.

I mean, TOMBSTONE?! There are thousand of villains much more suited to the role he is assuming.

Why the hell would he go trough all this trouble to kill Deadpool? They only brawled once and even that wasn't in Deadpool's main series.

T-ray, Kingpin, Kane and a load of heroes would be willing much more to kill the merc.

I can say sincerely Tombstone it was a bad excuse for someone trying to Kill wade.

They will come with some poor excuse of how Wade destroyed his empire, how he is in search for vengeance, but in the end, it's just bad writing.